Saturday, January 24, 2015

"Andy Fleming" list of CFMEU thug/friends gets bigger by the day.

Boy what a week so far. Did anyone catch Andy Fleming on the State Run and owned ABC 730 Report last night? Complete with his face blacked out and Islamic Prayer Rug in the background. For an Anarchist he sure as hell likes to work with the state to promote his lies. We will delve into that issue and punch a few holes in his statements later this week.

But besides being outed this week by Reclaim Australia for using some rather unsavory methods to defame them, he has had a good run. So lets again link Andy Fleming, @ndy Slackbastard, @ndy, to another hired thug from the CFMEU. Did we mention how Andy Fleming bragged about his links with them? Even claimed that 700 of them counter demonstrated at the Golden Dawn Rally in Brisbane last year. Of course the 730 report didnt bother to check if any of his claims are true. But lies is what this guy is all about. Moving on.

Say hello to the brave Street Fighting Marxist and Heroic CFMEU member Hoani D. 

Brave Hoani posted this last night on his chum "Andy Flemings" Face Book page, Slackbastard. Obviously inspired by "Andy Flemings" claims on the 730 Report last night. Or maybe he was one of the CFMEU thugs that assaulted Golden Dawn Rally Organizers at the Red Brick Hotel in Brisbane last year? Either way the 730 Report didn't mention that Andy Fleming was responsible for organizing that also.They also forgot to mention that the guys Standing with Golden Dawn were members of various unions and were demonstrating against State Corruption in Greece. More later.

CFMEU Maxist Street Fighter Hoani D, with his hard core pussy cat cover on his phone taking a selfie. Such the hipster. Look at those cold as steel street fighting eyes. All class.

Here is a better pic of Haoni D for future reference.

So what does Haoni D get up to when not posting on Slackbastard or stomping people in the streets with his working class boots? Well Violence, Violence, Violence of course. Oh and getting caught by the looks of it. Self confessed Marxist Street Fighter, CFMEU thug and all round wanker Haoni D. Please feel free to jump on the first flight out of this country. Please feel free to take your Marxist mates with you. You have no future here.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

"Andy Fleming", Just another WTF moment.

Well we are at a loss. Seems someone is better at keeping an eye on these deranged Anarchist than us. We tip our hat.

A reader stumbled across the following video on a Face Book page set up by Civic Nationalists in response to the Orwellian War on Terror. Apparently there is one thing Andy Flemming and his alias @ndy Slackbastard hate more than the evil fash, its these guys. 
The below video was removed by Blogger, so please watch the new one at the bottom of the page.

Now this video along with Sherman Burgess claims, rang a bell with us. It also reminded us of the attempted stitch up on Reclaim and Australia First on Andy Flemming's Anarchist Blog Slackbastard. Below is screen shot from his article on January 16 this year.

As we all know Andy Flemming is a pro at making shit stick. But if you watched the video above you will notice how "The Great Aussie Patriot" also claims to have "moles" passing info onto him and the Reclaim Group. If this is true, again we tip our hat.  

Spy versus Spy as it would appear.  Both groups like working with ASIO and the Federal Police to fight their enemy.  One group is pro Islam, destroy the state at any cost, the other not. 

That may come as shock to some of these Civic Patriots/Nationalists but its true. Good old Andy Flemming and his friends have often bragged about handing over so called intel concerning White or Right wing groups in Australia to the same people Reclaim does, Here

On January 10 this year, Andy Flemming's Face Book page Slackbastard, made the following warning to his Anarchists and Antifa friends " Fake Nazi account treat accordingly". So it certainly was with a huge smile on our face when we read the following screenshots today on the Reclaim Newcastle FB page. 

I dont think it could be anymore clearer, do you?

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Antifa Thug and Stand Over Man Luke Collier Hits the Headlines.

Well folks remember Luke? Do we all recall Luke from the Golden Dawn Rally held in Brisbane back in May 2014.? At the time we had no idea who he was, what we did know was that he was involved in at least two assaults on the day and one theft of private property. He was also involved in the violent attack of an elderly Greek Australian and members of the Australia First Party at the Red Brick Hotel in Brisbane the night following the Rally. Many of us are still waiting for charges to be laid on that assault,  that saw the elderly Greek man hospitalized.

Above Luke Collier Posing with a Flag he just stole from a member of the Australia First Party.
Luke Collier pictured assaulting a member of Australia First before stealing a flag. 

Luke, who while standing with about 150 CFMEU members behind him, approach one individual separated from his comrades. At this point  the Brave "Luke Collier" comes out with what has to be the most ridiculous statement from the red filth on the day,  "you think your real fucking tough". Obviously tougher than this filthy petty crim and woman beater. More on this prick HERE

So what else does Luke get up to when he isn't standing tall with his mates waving anti-fa flags and the Hammer and Sickle? Well read on friends.


CFMEU official Luke Collier facing Barangaroo site ban over criminal past.


ONE of the union officials named and shamed in the Royal Commission for intimidating Fair Work inspectors and calling them “f ... ing grubs” could be banned from the Barangaroo construction site because he failed to disclose his criminal past. An application has been lodged with the Fair Work Commission to revoke the right of entry permit of Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union organiser Luke Collier. Fair Work Building and Construction director Nigel Hadgkiss yesterday said Mr Collier had applied for the permit to enter building sites without revealing convictions for causing injury and reckless damage and theft. “In my view a right of entry permit is a privilege which should not be abused or obtained through deceit,” he said. Mr Collier was one of a group of union organisers the Royal Commission into Trade Union Governance and Corruption heard had subjected building inspectors at the Barangaroo casino hotel site to repeated intimidation and abuse. Officials were branded a “f ... king dog”, a “f ... king grub” and “lower than a paedophile”.

A female inspector was called a “f ... ing slut” as 40 building workers surrounded her and a male colleague. 

Mr Collier was named as one of the union organisers at the site together with CFMEU enforcer Darren Greenfield, who the commission heard had made a death threat to a whistle blower. Also present as the intimidation took place was CFMEU NSW branch secretary Brian Parker, who ­allegedly had sex in a building site shed with prostitutes supplied by notorious underworld figure George Alex. 

Mr Collier applied for an entry permit to building sites as a union organiser in 2013. “Through the course of FWBC investigations, the agency became aware of allegations that Mr Collier had a criminal history,” Mr Hadgkiss said. It then applied for his permit to be revoked because he did not reveal his criminal history when he applied for it. 

The FWBC said that in 2003 Mr Collier was convicted of recklessly causing injury and criminal damage, which resulted in Victorian magistrates imposing a community based order on him. In 2005 he was found to have failed to comply with that order. In 2007, the FWBC said Mr Collier was convicted in the Heidelberg Magistrate’s Court in Victoria of theft and going equipped to steal

“Right of entry permit holders hold a great responsibility,” Mr Hadgkiss said. “FWBC contends a person who omits or fails to disclose details of their criminal past on their application is not a fit and proper person under the Fair Work Act. “FWBC has resorted to taking this action as it is of great concern to me that someone in a position of authority made a false declaration regarding their criminal background, especially considering the nature of Mr Collier’s convictions.” A spokeswoman for the CFMEU said: “It is a matter before the tribunal and therefore it is inappropriate that we make any comment.” 

What can we say that hasn't been said so many times before? His time and that of many others will come soon enough. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Are we all having fun yet? Part Three of the Pussy Cat Empire.

Yes I know there is some serious stuff going on in the world, but you have to have some fun. They are a pathetic bunch, the more I learn about them the more I wonder why I bother. 
Paul Daniele, Dave Fregon, David Saxton.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Paris Terrorist Attack.

Proud moment for Australian Antifa and Anarchists, as the terrorists they so love and support gun down State Agents, Racist Oppressors and filthy Capitalist Dogs. They will no doubt lament the accidental murder of the anti racists and pacifists durring the same attack.  That will no doubt infuriate them. But other wise expect to see Australian Antifa out there supporting Islam at the next demo

 See also

So how is that Multiculturalism working out for you in Australia? 

ISIL, just a bunch of blokes with a cause. 


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

More Pussy Cats from the Antifa Cat Empire.

James Pollard, Jonathan Nokes, Brendan McGlowin, Jeff Baertsch, John Zart, Tom Robinson, Benjamin Gettler.

Monday, January 05, 2015

Accused Sex Offender and Antifa Hero, BEN DEBNEY


Here we have a veteran Anarchist and "Anti Racist" Ben Debney. A symptom of the Anarchist Rape Culture Debney was made persona non grata by the leadership at the MAC after a fall out with leadership and multiple accusations of rape/harassment of female members. He has been named and shamed on anarchist blogs alongside names like child molester Thomas Bernal (IWW) and a Melbourne Anarchist who goes by the name of Moo Kau online. 


Although his past has been checkered by these allegations of rape and harassment for over a decade he was heavily involved with the Melbourne Anarchist Club/Antifa activism and organizing and had a close working relationship with @ndy "Slackbastard" Fleming helping him with his blog and facebook page during the early times when @ndy was contemplating giving it up due to lack of interest. If it were not for the likes of Ben Debney, Slackbastard would not exist. Anarchy, no means yes. And so the plot thickens...

Nice work from the team at Anti Antifa. 

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Pussygate 2015.

The investigation into the Australian antifa Cat Empire continues.
Rafael Taylor, Mark Leahman, Leighh Milwardd, Vince Mcathy, Jordon Clarke, Ben Debney, Tristan Bunner.