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Israeli Terrorism Against America

Fredrick Toben and Stephen Lendman with Mathaba Go Live on Censorship

Must listen to event!

On Saturday April 3, Mathaba Go Live will be hosting a live online event to discuss censorship and the need for free independent media, with Mathaba Analyst and advocate for human rights and freedoms, Stephen Lendman, as well as Dr Fredrick Toben, recently imprisoned multiple times for `thought crimes` for daring to question the `six million` holocaust official version.

The public are invited to join in the one hour event, which starts at 13.00 GMT on Saturday April 3rd, or 8.00am U.S. Eastern Standard time, or 11.30pm South Australian time.

The discussion will be on censorship of the media and the dangers to freedom that this presents, an area of great concern to Mathaba as an independent news agency advocating human rights and freedoms.

In Australia, censorship is approaching levels comparable to China, with Google recently having criticised the country for setting dangerous precedents that could negatively impact upon other countries such as the USA.

In Australia, the Human Rights Commission, instead of upholding human rights and focusing on real human rights abuses within the country, chose to support the jailing of Dr Toben, of German origin, a gentleman who has never harmed anyone, on the basis that his website which is critical of the official Holocaust version, be shut down.

Mathaba believes that socialists, democrats, anarchists, nationalists, freedom strugglers, human rights champions, and advocates of human progress no matter what their political persuasion, left, right, or centre, and people of all faiths, should unite in opposing limits upon the freedom of expression on the

There are already safeguards in place for content that may be offensive, to be only visible after passing warnings to viewers who agree to view that content, and there are many other safeguards available to parents to ensure that minors are protected from viewing unsuitable content for children.

We contend that the Internet is more like the extension of the mind, and that restriction of human thought, is an extreme oppression and dictatorship. We contend that the
print media, is very different, in that printed copies lie around in public for years, and that the need for society to decide what is acceptable to be in print of the national press, does not apply to the Internet.

No matter your view, we invite you to question the panelists, and post your comments during the live show. Comments will be moderated and appear at various times during the show, but we will publish all comments during the show that are written in polite tone of respect.

We hope you will also participate if, like us, you are concerned about the worrisome developments in Australia that threaten the Internet, freedom of thought and expression, and which would only force free thinkers to host their
web sites elsewhere.

So that you do not miss the event, we recommend that you sign up for an email reminder (addresses are NOT retained or used again) on the page below, which is also where you will be able to view, and participate in the live event:

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Creativity Alliance New South Wales Merchandise

Now that's how you sell stuff. Good work lads.

No conspiracy here!

Jewish Groups At The Forefront of “Immigration Reform”

MidWest Free Press

Now that President Obama’s Health Care Agenda has been shoved down the throats of the American people, immigration reform is likely the next big controversy. It has been reported that Jewish Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and the Neo-con patsy Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) have already drafted a comprehensive immigration bill.

Frustrated with the time it has taken for this issue to re-enter the spotlight, illegal alien activist groups held a massive march on Washington this past Sunday. As noted in the article below, many Jewish groups were involved with the rally:

Jewish Groups Join March for Immigration Reform

American Jewish groups were among 200,000 protesters in Washington demanding comprehensive immigration reform in the United States.

Under the banner of We Were Strangers Too the Jewish Campaign for Immigration Reform, Jewish groups including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism were among the marchers on March 21 from the Hillel International offices in Chinatown joining the protesters on the National Mall.

The rally was organized by Reform Immigration for America Campaign, a coalition of immigrants’ rights groups that want to make immigration reform a top priority for lawmakers in 2010. The cause was put on the back burner as U.S. lawmakers tackled the health care debate.

HIAS and the American Jewish Committee have voiced their support for the Refugee Protection Act of 2010 introduced earlier this month by U.S. Sens. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) and Carl Levin (Jew) (D-Mich.). The legislation is aimed at improving protections and rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

The “We Were Strangers Too” campaign is organized by the HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society) and endorsed by many of the largest Jewish organizations in America. Check out the HIAS homepage here. A hysterically cheesy promotional video of the campaign was released by the Jewish Council on Urban Affairs. Check out their website here, and notice their propaganda about “social justice” (i.e. social communism). Be sure to read about their history and mission. What is even more startling is their “Achievements” Page. The typical Jewish communist involvement in racial agitation is extremely prevalent throughout their activities.

It is important for you to start noticing these similar patterns in Jewish behavior. Once you become familiar with their goals and rhetoric, it is ridiculously easy to spot their activities. As I’ve said before, I can literally see a TV program, movie, or news report and immediately predict whether a Jew is involved; just based on the subject matter, their attempt at persuasion, and the predictable wording of it all. Do you really believe it’s some huge coincidence that so many Jewish groups agitate on behalf of minority communities? It is insufficient for you to only focus on the superficial aspects of immigration activism. Without the historical Jewish organizational efforts within these movements, most minority groups would not have the power they have today. You must always look to the root of the problem.

Below is a video of protesters trying to interrupt and silence the reporting of Roy Beck of NumbersUSA. It is reported that much of this protesting was organized by the SEIU (Service Employees International Union). In fact, you can see “SEIU” written on the shirt of the whistle-blower in the video. SEIU is a labor union run by the leftist Jew Andy Stern. Stern was found to be the most frequent visitor to the White House following the release of visitation records. Glenn Beck has done a wealth of reporting on SEIU’s communist activities. Be sure to also watch the short video of Stern below.

This is the reality of political discourse in our society today. Anyone who voices a legitimate argument against massive immigration is not met with debate. Instead they are shouted down, attacked, or discredited with accusations of being a “racist.” Roy beck, who gives a great presentation in this video, predominantly talks about the economic consequences of massive immigration. Apparently if you care about America’s economic future you must be a bigot.

This type of behavior has always been characteristic of the Left. Their arguments are never based in rationality, so intimidation and propaganda become the norm. The biggest problem is that modern conservatives are still concerned with “playing by the rules.” They actually think that if you just give people the facts then the “truth will win.” Unfortunately the Left has never cared about the truth, nor are they intent on playing by the rules; which is why they have gained such a stronghold in American life.

Meanwhile the BNP say the above and the APP say..

The proof is there for all to see. In fact the amount of proof is staggering. They the enemy don't even bother hiding their crimes or their connections anymore. The State of Israel and its Sayanim do as they wish.

Young and keen or just serial pest?

His real name is N******* C*** and he lives in Western Australia and he opens entire new vistas of meaning to the term political dilettante.

He comes from a reasonably well off Middle Class family, y’know, ‘his daddy’s rich and his mama’s good lookin’ type of thing. He has a guaranteed job for life, if there can be such a thing today, working in the family business so he doesn’t have the spectre of living on the street hanging over him. He has a comfy safety net. He has the obligatory Southern Cross stars tattooed on his upper arm. He likes to drink and party hard. He fancies himself as a ‘Southern Cross Soldier’ despite his nerdy looks and scrawny physique.

He has flirted with everything from Civic Nationalism, through National Anarchism to National Bolshevism and now he seems to be dipping a toe into the Christian Zionist pond with the Australian Protectionist Party.

On the Australian New Nation Forum he was posting under the name ‘OZ’ and managed to eventually get himself banned for his persistent divisive and contrary attitude to all other members. His strategy (if he ever had one) of divide and conquer was apparent to some. He was a grenade lobber. Rolling incendiary comments into Forum threads and basically just thinking out loud. Much of his stuff reads like a stream of (un)consciousness.

Youthful exuberance is one thing but scatterbrained confusion is another. His virtually pubescent lack of impulse control is really quite inexcusable. He is not Fourteen any more, he is Twenty Two years old!

Okay, so he’s still relatively young and needs to learn a lot and should probably, on one level, be pitied, but he simply refuses to even exercise any self discipline let alone accept the counsel of older and wiser heads. Believe us, we know several who have tried and failed to talk some sense into him.

So we bet many of you reading this are thinking ‘So what? Who cares? He’s hanging with Dazza and the boys over at A.P.P. now, so why not let him cause chaos and confusion for THEM? After all, there’s no love lost between WLT and A.P.P.’

Well, the point is this. No good can ever come of having wild cards (jokers) like this circulating in the wider Nationalist scene. As he swiftly makes and sheds friends and acquaintances he will naturally sow confusion, doubt, despondency and poor morale which tends to spread rapidly in the Nationalist loop.

He has been caught out blatantly lying several times. He was at one time simultaneously in contact with the leaders of at least three Nationalist groups expressing totally different views to each of them. This only came to light when one became curious about this strange young man and started comparing notes with the others. Two other groups were approached following the cold shoulders from these and he failed yet again to insinuate himself into the trust of his new found ‘friends’.

But he is nothing if not, almost desperately, persistent. He is still currently active in his pursuits and is posting as ‘Libertarian’ on the Australian Protectionist Party’s ‘Australian Identity Forums’. Judging by his recent comments on a thread that floated the idea of starting an A.P.P. ‘youth wing’ (how original. Not.) he has not learned a thing. He has changed his tune once again and is now bagging National Socialists despite having been a former fan of Strasserism. He’ll be volunteering to fly to Tel Aviv and grow oranges on the A.P.P. Kibbutz at this rate.

Really, he is simply too much.

In keeping with Whitelaw Towers’ policy of only ‘outing’ Red Scum and White Traitors we have resisted publishing his file as we deem him, at this stage, to be more of a nuisance rather than a real threat but if any genuine White Nationalists out there are concerned that he might be a danger to them or their group then just drop us a line and we’ll talk about it.

I bet I can find 5000 people who hate antifa

Here is a nice find on Facebook. "I bet I can find 5000 people who hates antifa" HERE

I bet he can, but we will give him a plug anyway. Here is how they have described their group.

actions speaks louder than words!

Communism has killed 110 million people, there is therefore 110 million reasons to fight back against communism and anarchism. Millions and millions have been enslaved under Communism, millions of women have been raped during communism.

Today persecuted people around the world, because they love their people and theirs country, cowardly attacks that try to scare people into silence. AntiAntifa doing an important job on the street, not for money or fame, and usually they do not receive the appreciation they really deserve.

14! The fight continues.

They have a rather good collection of links and plenty of pics. Enjoy.

The Bolton Case. Punches another hole in @ndy & FDB

For some strange reason (nobody told us) Whitelaw Towers missed this one from late last year. Okay, so it’s a little late perhaps but better late than never.

The following comes from the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority Report on a complaint lodged by Mr. Kerry Bolton against Radio New Zealand and its ‘Ideas’ program.

Complaint under section 8(1B)(b)(i) of the Broadcasting Act 1989

Sunday with Chris Laidlaw – host interviewed sociologist about anti-Semitic fringe groups in New Zealand that were seeking to deny or downplay the extent of the Holocaust – interviewee made statements about an individual who he said was a Holocaust denier – allegedly inaccurate.


Standard 5 (accuracy) – item was a factual programme – interviewee made statements of fact that were material to topic under discussion – accusations extremely serious – broadcaster did not make reasonable efforts to assess the veracity of the accusations – upheld by majority.

Taken in a longer term historical context Mr. Bolton is perhaps the worst choice for targeting with their peculiar form of harassment that the FDB group ever made. His credentials as a ‘Neo-Nazi’ or ‘Fascist’ are, well, dodgy to say the least. That he is, broadly speaking, an eccentric, is quite clear. As an apparent dilettante of what is generically referred to as The Occult, he has certainly dabbled in various ‘Black Arts’ but his politics are similarly somewhat obscure and there is ample room for him to out-manoeuvre his adversaries with plausible deniability on such subject matter as Racialism.

The FDB goons were always grasping at smoke with someone like Mr. Bolton and his rather eclectic as well as esoteric tastes, so why their knee jerk reactionary approach? Were these so-called AntiFa activists primarily enraged purely because they believe that THEY have the monopoly on eccentric Intellectuals and Academics?

We suppose though that when one’s main area of literary expertise lies, as it does with FDB, in puerile teasing and lowbrow attempts at humour rather than one of intellectually rigorous research and study then Mr. Bolton’s rather colourful character was irresistible to these notorious keyboard clowns.

Strangely, inexplicably perhaps (or not) in the footnotes section of the New Zealand Broadcasting Standards Authority Report which made findings in favour of the complainant there is a link to the Criminal ‘Fight Dem Back’ group’s website and their smear piece on Mr. Bolton thusly;

[18] Dr. Hamilton contended that there were a number of references in the media and on the internet that attested to the fact that Mr. Bolton was closely associated with Toben's Institute. As an example, Dr Hamilton referred to the Waikato students' magazine Nexus which he said ran a collection of quotes from Mr. Bolton, including quotes from texts he published on the Adelaide Institute’s website. Dr. Hamilton also stated that, in 2006, Mr. Bolton's connections with the Adelaide Institute were the subject of a lengthy article on the “Fightdemback Website” called “Kerry and the Holocaust deniers”.1 The article discussed the Adelaide Institute, Holocaust denial and Mr Bolton’s material on the Institute’s website. He said the site specialised in analysing the far right in Australia.

One is left wondering if, in the face of such negative findings, it is wise for a government instrumentality to seemingly persist in referencing utterly discredited and indeed criminal entities as ‘sources’.

‘Dr.’ Hamilton, as it turns out, is a real ‘piece of work’ in fine AntiFa tradition. His name is Scott Hamilton and, according to his ‘Metapedia’ entry he is a Trotskyist Communist, a Zionist and a serial cyber stalker/bully. Phew! With impeccable credentials such as those he should be a member of FDB himself, if he isn’t already.

So, essentially, there is really nothing overly remarkable about the characters or details in this case. We have a Government Media outlet in a ‘Western Democracy’ (Read: Left Wing hive) broadcasting a program written, produced and presented by Left Wing Jews who, under the pretence of the title ‘The Holocaust in Popular Culture’ waste no time in extending the parameters of the terms of reference for the subject matter to character assassination and gutter level political smear while referencing other Left Wing Jews as ‘experts’ and ‘sources’.

In radio speak, it’s a phase locked loop, total control of the input and output signal.

Tune in, turn on and… obey…

No need to overcomplicate matters with time wasted on checking facts or indulging in contrary opinion or right of reply. Just keep that old Holocaust steamroller movin’ on down the highway.

Only the result is unusual in that the finding was in favour of the victim of Red harassment, a rare occurrence indeed.

Monday, March 29, 2010

@ndy blows it again!

Seems things just go from bad to worse for Bnai Brith's boy @ndy. Looks like the NZed Press Council agree that Anarchist @ndy is nothing but a disinformation agent..


Council Meeting MARCH 2010

1. Kerry Bolton complains that an article in The Press, on 5 December 2009, entitled A Right muddle was inaccurate and biased.

2. The complaint is upheld.

The Press stands by its claim that Dr Bolton has been a member of the National Alliance. The evidence which it has provided is the ANZAC Declaration referred to in paragraph 10. Dr Bolton’s position is that using the “slack bastard.anachobase” website as a reliable source is laughable. On the other hand, he does not offer any explanation as to how he became to be shown as a signatory to the declaration on that website. There is a disputed factual issue at the heart of this issue and as such the Council cannot uphold it. However, the Council observes that The Press may have been unwise to rely on this particular website.

Go on folks go have a good read. Here

Eureka Youth League Founded


The initiative of a few young nationalists, members of the Australia First Party, has called into being the Eureka Youth League (EYL).

They have discussed the project with other non party young people interested in building a patriotic youth organization and brought them into the nascent structure. They have liaised with the Australia First Party for particular legal and other assistance in forming the EYL and have incorporated it as an association.

The Eureka Youth League is planned to develop as the voice of Australian youth in the struggle to preserve their heritage and identity as Australians, to impart that heritage and articulate the quality of that unique identity and to provide a fraternal environment for young people in the globalised parody of Australia that has no place for them.

This initiative is sure to be rewarded, but the EYL will not have a smooth ride. It can only incite by its very principles and policies the frenzied opposition of the anti Australians of all varieties. It is in the struggle on our native soil, not on some distant battlefield, that shall test this generation of Australian youth. We are reminded of the words of Henry Lawson:

'Twas of such stuff the men were made who saw our nation born,
And such as Lalor were the men who Ied their footsteps on;
And of such men there'll many be, and of such leaders some,
In the roll-up of Australians on some dark day yet to come.

Eureka (A Fragment), 1889

Melbourne, March 29 2010

Murder South African style.

This is simply disgusting...

A Pretoria schoolgirl who stayed at home with an ear infection was stabbed to death and had her hands chopped off, reports Beeld newspaper.

The father of the 17-year-old Anika Smit found her naked body at their home at Theresa Park in northern Pretoria on Monday afternoon when he returned from work.

“When I saw the overturned chairs in the dining room, I knew something was wrong. I called her, but she did not answer,” said Johan Smit, 54.

Moments later he found his daughter’s body in her bedroom.

“She was lying on the floor, without clothes. Both her hands were cut off and gone, they must have taken it with them.”

“The police told me she was stabbed six times in the neck. They are investigating the possibility that she was raped,” said Smit.

Police spokesman Constable William Mahlaole said a post mortem would be conducted to find out if she was raped.

Smith lived alone with his daughter, who was a Grade 11 pupil at Hoƫrskool Gerrit Maritz in Pretoria.

This happened just days after Julius Malema (ANCYL) sang” Shoot the boers, they are rapists”

“It is our understanding that the Youth League claims this song should be seen within a political context and that it has no physical or emotional affect on whites or Afrikaners,” Roets said.

AfriForum was therefore providing the list of victims to show that singing the song may have consequences. “This is not a game of cowboys and crooks. People are being murdered while Julius Malema is singing and sipping champagne.”

South Africa is in a state of siege with regards to crime with more than 18 000 murders a year. Just consider the following on farm attacks: From 1991 until March 2010 there were 2538 farm attacks in which 1396 people died.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

The (sub) Genius That Is Darrin .J. Hodges

A suitable case for treatment…

From the Australian Protectionist Party's 'Australian Identity Forums':
Hero Member
Karma: +239/-27
Posts: 3186
Re: Ethnic Nationalism... not "white nationalism".
« Reply #20 on: March 26, 2010, 10:56:08 PM »

“I will add that it also wasn't Jews running down the Kingsway smashing and bashing everything in their path in December 2005 and it also wasn't Jews gang-raping teenaged girls in western Sydney. The other thing that amuses me is the idea that the existence of Israel is somehow the cause of the Islamic Jihad - such thinking is really the result of people consuming the confected arab propaganda designed to tickle the ears of (generally leftwing) useful idiots in the west - yet these same people are unable to explain what the Arabs were doing in Tours in 732AD.”

How can one possibly hope to reason with a creature who spouts such 'logic'? The short answer is you can not. They are the words of a delusional one track mind. Like Homer Simpson, our Dazzles can only maintain the one train of thought at any given time. This microcephalic moron, this punctilious pinhead who adheres to his woefully simplistic ideology with virtually savant-like obsessiveness, blocking out true reason with the intellectual equivalent of a solar eclipse, he bleats his mantra with metronomic precision. "Zionism goooood. Islam baaaaad."

While this true ‘useful idiot’ parrots the hateful dogma of his masters in the sick Middle Eastern Death Cult known generically as Judaism and sneers at so-called wacky ‘Anti-Semitic’ Conspiracy Theories which expose the truth behind Global Finance he still manages, with no apparent sense of irony, to promote his own utterly absurd Conspiracy Theory that it is the Islamic Arabs who are contriving the Anti-Zionist propaganda utilised by so-called ‘Neo-Nazi Skinheads’!?!?!!!!

Hodges, as we White Nationalists all know, is one seriously twisted unit, possibly suffering substantial brain damage resulting from a severe case of adult Chicken Pox, but this latest ‘revelation’ of his truly takes the biscuit. He is quite clearly mentally deranged and possibly clinically insane.

Someone should also inform his fellow members of the A.P.P. brains trust that this shrill Islamaphobia of theirs is actually the true ‘Anti-Semitism’ and NOT the rhetoric of the Anti-Zionist so-called ‘Neo-Nazi Skinheads’.

Arabs are a Semitic people. Fact.

Arabs originated in the Middle East. Fact.

Jews are largely comprised, racially, of Ashkenazim who are a melange of Mongolic, Tartaric and Turkic tribes originating in part of what is modern day Kazakhstan, formerly known as Khazaria, roughly bounded by the Black, Caspian and Aral Seas, who officially converted to Judaism, by decree of their King (Kagan) Bulan, in the year 861AD and after blending with various Eastern European peoples over the centuries, particularly Hungarians and Slavs, as they wandered, Gypsy-like, into Europe, now speak a bastardised form of German/Hebrew known as Yiddish. These people are NOT ‘Semitic’. Fact.

The Sephardim, who mostly settled in the Iberian peninsula and the adjoining region, are Semitic but comprise no more than ten percent of modern day Jews. Fact.

An explanatory note:

Whitelaw Towers recognises the very real threat of Islamic Terrorism and acknowledge the expansionist nature of the Global Islamic Caliphate and its long term plan to subjugate all who walk the Earth. We know their vile religion is based on violence and hatred and that child abuse, misogyny, cruelty to animals and general brutality are enshrined in their holy books.

However, we will not be distracted or mesmerised by the mere symptomatic features of the crisis facing White Humanity. We refuse to let the J_Ws get away with having the Muslims run decoy for them in the ‘great game’ of Politics. We will resist to the end the urge to take our eye off the ball.

The Muslims are running interference for the J_Ws. Fact.

The Muslims are the symptom. The J_Ws are the disease. Fact.

A final word for the ‘useful idiots’ of the Australian Protectionist Party…

Read some History. Study some Geography. Research some Anthropology.

Get a clue.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Good News Story of the Day. White Pride Day 2010 NZed style!

Once again our Kiwi Brothers and Sisters get out there and get the job done. Congratulations guys.

Wake The Hell Up! The Dynamics of the Jewish Elite (updated)

Who's Who in the Zionist Zoo at A.P.P.?

Click on image.

Say hello to the Australian Protectionist Party's newest member/supporter. It's about time we all had a long hard look at any person or persons who support the A.P.P.

No more excuses as far as I am concerned.

Australian New Nation Boat Report 2010

Visit Australian New Nation Here

Here's boat number 29 for 2010 -

Another asylum (invader) boat intercepted


A boat carrying asylum seekers
(invaders) has been intercepted in waters north-west of Australia.

The boat was stopped west of the Ashmore Islands last night.

The Federal Government says
94 passengers (invaders) and three crew members are on board.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island for health and security checks.

Three other boats that have been detected in recent days are also on their way to the island's detention centre.

The Government says
the centre has space for just over 80 more people (invaders).


That takes the tally to 29 boats carrying 1,409 invaders and 70 smugglers that have illegally entered Australian waters up to yesterday in just 83 days of 2010. This number is already over half of the invaders that came to our shores during the entire year of 2009 and we are not yet three months into 2010. How many do you think will come this year?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Surprise @ndy plays spin doctor again.

It's funny you know, sitting back and watching how the Israel First people on the Right interact with the Zionist Left.

Whitelaw Towers made a statement last year (HERE) explaining that we would no longer post comments at Slackbastard because Darrin Hodges was fraudulently using our name to post in the comments section.

About a week ago we found ourselves in a position where we just had to say something over at Australia's own State Run Anarchist site.

After stumbling across a story about how the "Anti Nazi" & "Anarchist Groups" in Scotland had been infiltrated by Scotland Yard, (HERE) we knew @ndy would have to jump into action. In fact we banked on it.

The exchange went like this.

The above reads.

"Ah yes @ndy you fraud. What about your connection with State Security. You are the expert so you have claimed. What about your partners in crime who once bragged about working with NSW Vic and WA State Police. Glad WLT tipped you off with this story. Whats wrong mate no one talking to you?"

You see folks we thought it was real funny that a Known Police informer and agent for the State could comment on Scotland Yard infiltrating the Left. Pot calling the Kettle black. But we also knew that after we published our article he would have to say something. It wasnt going to go away.

Above is the reply. As you can see, a very typical response. The reply from WLT attempts to stick to the facts. Here it is.

"So you are saying that your friends at FDB have never claimed to be working with the State Police. Be very careful @ndy you know we have the proof at WLT."

WLT was trying to do two things. One was to get a fix on @ndy's IP, the other was to show his Anarchist mates that this guy has some very strong connections to the State Police.

To put it simply, @ndy only attacks the Police or the State to gain trust from his dim witted Anarchist followers. We have said all along that he and his mates at FDB are spying on the Left AND the Right. They are using the Anti Nazi/Anti Racist gig as a cover.

Whitelaw Towers has shown again and again that @ndy and the core members of FDB continually bragged in the past of their connections with the Victorian and NSW Anti Terrorism Task Force. They constantly bragged about strong relations with NSW Police after Cronulla. Campbell Smith, @ndy's mate in Victoria, even bragged on Melbourne radio in 2008 that he and his fellow Anti-Fa unit had better info on NAZIs than ASIO and liaised often with The Authorities.

Fact is, Australian Anarchists and Anti-Fa groups running with @ndy constantly claim how they are in contact with State and Federal authorities. Supposedly so they can supply info on Right Wing groups in Australia. Searchlight anyone?

The Founding member of FDB Mathew Hernderson Hau even publicly claimed that he and @ndy planned on modeling Australian Anti Fa on the Searchlight model.

Donald Oorst, FDB Western Australian member, was even caught out supplying FALSE INFORMATION to the Western Australian State Security Services when JVT was on the run in WA. Apparently Donald thought it would be 'real cool' to use his connections in WA to get the QLD Police Force to knock on the door of a QLD W.N. Real funny stuff. To say the QLD Police do not like being sent on Wild Goose chases is an understatement. But we digress.

@ndy, still avoiding the questions, posts a link to a story about a WN in QLD. This has absolutely nothing to do with the question he has been asked. The FDB article he posted in full was possibly his way of saying back off?

The article above posted at Slackbastard. "anti racism campaigners (read @ndy) contacted them (the Police) to register concern" Oh will the real Anarchist please stand up? Bitching about State infiltration of the Anti Nazi movement yet posting a link to a story that shows you working with the State does sound a bit sus. Even if you are some drug fucked swampy in Melbourne.

But it gets better.

Above was the last comment that was made from anyone from WLT. We had indeed got what we were after. An I.P. outside of Melbourne Victoria and @ndy outing himself once again. We got the feeling that @ndy would rather us go away.

Enter Darrin Hodges. He just can't help himself. Of course @ndy would be well aware of Hodges' I.P. Hell we posted it up on WLT and we all know @ndy loves reading this blog.

Above, Australian Protectionist NSW spokesperson Darrin Hodges starts posting comments under our name. The Zionist right working with the Zionist Left. All bases covered. This brings into question many of the comments left on the Slackbastard site. In particular any comment in an article that concerns Australia First or White Nationalist in general.

Darrin Hodges knows that the media source their information from State Agents such as @ndy. Especially when it comes to Australia First or any other real White Nationalist org in this country.

Hodges will sit back and steal the log in name of a White Nationalist. He will then proceed to leak false information knowing @ndy is all to willing to help spread his poison and lies.

Say Hodges wishes to add a few Nazis or thugs to the AF membership list. Easy pretend to be a WN and just out them. The media come along ask for information on members of AF and our State agent @ndy hands over information he has collected. The media then ask for his source and all @ndy need do is point to claims made at Slackbastard.

All very convenient. Two groups from different sides of the political spectrum both working together to destroy a common enemy. An old trick that has been well used since the formation of Fight Dem Back.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

28 Radio Down Under Episode 6

Listen now HERE 828

Mass immigration kills Australian culture

Mass immigration kills Aussie culture, says demographer Bob Birrell


TRADITIONS based on heritage, sporting culture and common language are threatened by mass immigration, a leading demographer has warned.

Monash University population expert Dr Bob Birrell has said the huge influx of people with few or no English skills had created social problems in Melbourne suburbs such as Dandenong, Sunshine and Broadmeadows and most major cities were feeling the population strain, the Herald Sun reported.

"This is not a pretty picture," he said. "Social divisions are becoming more obvious and geographically concentrated and certain areas are being overlain by an ethnic identification."

Dr Birrell made the explosive comments in an article for Policy, a magazine published by the Centre for Independent Studies, a right-wing think tank.

In a plea to the Rudd Government to slash the current immigrant intake of 180,000 a year, Dr Birrell warned that the predicted population of 35 million by 2050 would be a disaster for urban living and the environment.

"One would have to wander deaf, dumb and blind through Australian capital cities to not notice how urban congestion has already reduced the quality of life," he said.

The intake dominated by people from non-English speaking backgrounds was transforming Australia, Dr Birrell said.

"We are losing core elements of what was once shared. Almost all could once aspire to a house and land ... and sharing a common language, sporting culture and heritage," he said.

But mass migration was creating ethnic enclaves in suburbs with cheap housing, and planning rules were forcing Australian-born "losers" and non-English speaking background migrants to live in congested neighbourhoods, "cheek by jowl".

Population target

Kevin Rudd has made it clear that he believes in a big Australia. In a recent speech he declared that migration was "good for our national security, good for our long-term prosperity, good in enhancing our role in the region and the world".

But the Federal Opposition and the Greens said questions needed to be asked about Australia's immigration plans.

Opposition immigration spokesman, Scott Morrison, told the ABC there should be an inquiry into how many people the nation can support.

"It's about what the carrying capacity is," he said. "We need to get that perspective from regional areas as well as metropolitan areas, where issues of congestion and housing affordability are major problems as well as public transport.

"What's more important, is the process for planning. For example, the states and territories have no input into questions of immigration and migration intakes but they're the ones at the end of the day that have to service the needs that are created by it."

Greens Leader Bob Brown said there should be an independent national inquiry into Australia's population target.

"So that politicians do have an idea of the carrying capacity of this country, its infrastructure, its ability to deal with those quite worrying projections of 35 million people by 2050," he said. "We've got to do better than just say well let it happen."

Other leading academics have also questioned the challenge that mass intake of migrants will pose.

In their book Australia's Immigration Revolution, Andrew Markus, James Jupp and Peter McDonald agrue that while immigration "offers ‘the most immediate and simplest short term measure to deal with labour and skills shortages" it also comes with serious questions about social cohesion.

Prior to the 1950s 80 per cent of immigrants came from the United Kingdom. Between the 50s and the 1960s migrants from continental Europe became the majority.

After the abolition of the White Australia policy in the early 1970s (it was abolished with the introduction of the Colombo plan in the 1950's without the Australian people having a say) the mixture of migration changed again. Today, the largest proportion of immigrants come from Asia and Oceania. China and India rival New Zealand and Britian as the biggest source of immigrants.


Here are some comments to the story -

Finally someone says something. Australia is not the Australia it used to be. There are areas in Sydney that I don't even feel comfortable in any more, I feel like an outsider in my own country.

I am a migrant and I do see the we don't need a BIG AUSTRALIAN population by 2050 and I don't want to see 35 million where our cities are already polluted and crowded. Before coming here, Australia is something quite different from ASIAN countries but now I realise this country an asian country with a 3rd world style of life. We lost Aussie value and few dodgy migrants never adopt/accept Australian way of life and also create ethnic problems. Australia needs to tighten immigration policy and maintain economy and prospertiy like SWEDEN. I think DICK SMITH is the man who is right for this issue and DS is next PM ???

He's stating the obvious, but will probably be howled down over his comments. The government wants to make up for lack of planning with welfare, health and pension payments by bringing in more migrants to pay for the aging population. What happens when these migrants age? Bring in even more migrants I guess. Kevin Rudd wants to reduce carbon emissions, there is only one certain way to achieve that, reduce the number of people.

Labor's policy of mass immigration is the main reason I will not be voting for Rudd at the next election. We are already running out of water and other resources and the Rudd way of fixing the problem is to dramatically increase our population.

I 100% agree unfortunately the "do gooders" are just going to say this is racism. Its these uneducated and usually biased "do gooders" that continue to ruin our sunburnt country.

It doesn't take a bloody degree to see this coming, move to the country where the real Australia still is. (Sadly mate they are here too, I see more and more non-White faces everyday out where I live and believe me I live out in Woop Woop.)

We are far from alone and our voice needs to be heard sooner rather than later!

Join Australian New Nation Forum HERE

Our Future?


Rajinder Singh joins the BNP - 16th March 2010
(Picture reproduced with the acknowledgements to the BNP)

Only the British National Party can save Britain from the terror of Islamist colonisation and protect the identity of the British people, said Sikh activist and the first ethnic member of the party, Rajinder Singh, today."

This was the statement of a Sikh gentleman, Rajinder Singh on receiving his 2010 membership card. The BNP have stated on their website that all media can reproduce this photograph as long as the media (which includes this website) credit them with the picture. The NF has no problem crediting the BNP with this picture. The NF disclaims having taken the picture, nor as the NF any pictures of ethnic members receiving their NF cards today - sorry if anyone is disappointed!

If the BNP wish the National Front (even though we are a proscribed organisation by the BNP) to reproduce photographs of any and all homosexual, lesbian, Jewish, freemason and mixed race members then of course as fellow patriots we would be only to happy to oblige, should they wish to send them in to prove their true principles, the NF would be more than grateful to the BNP. The NF will OF COURSE credit the BNP for these pictures. Credit where credit is due.

We do hope that visitors do not read any unwarranted sarcasm into this article.

Source UK NF

Reminds us of the Australian version of the BNP.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

9% Productions! Limited Edition 2009 Florida Hammerfest CD

Live cd showcasing the bands performing at the 2009 Florida Hammerfest, bands included- Rebel Hell, Deaths Head/Kilgore, Attack, Definite hate, 13 Knots, Caucazoids, Point Blank and Midtown Bootboys.

17 tracks capturing all the raw energy of one of the premiere annual US shows.

This is a professionally produced slimline cd limited to only 200 copies worldwide exclusive to 9% Productions.

$10 in Australia
$12 International
postage paid.

Hear a sample

And don't forget Hammerfest 2010 on the Gold Coast next month! More info HERE.

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A Whitelaw Towers Mission Statement

Due to certain recent events, particularly those involving the bitter fight between the Australian Protectionist Party and the Australia First Party, we have deemed it necessary to, yet again, state our purpose.

Our basic mission here is that of Watchman. We watch the enemies of the White Race, both those from outside our movement and importantly those within it, and report on what we have seen as soon as is practically possible right here on your computer screen where the entire world might access it. Unlike certain other elements we do not ‘make deals’ with perpetrators or ‘sit on’ any vital information, ever. We cannot be bought. We cannot be intimidated.

This mission of ours might also be described as that of the whistleblower for the White Nationalist Movement. When we become aware of disinformation, misinformation, infiltrators, lies, scams, false flag operations etc we shine the harsh light of truth on them and make the creatures responsible ‘famous’ on our site.

We are fiercely independent and will take no orders from anyone. We will not compromise our political integrity. Others have done this, diluting the principles of Nationalism, in a vain attempt to placate their critics and appease the very system they despise, merely to find themselves castigated as ‘Racists’ or ‘Haters’ or ‘Fascists’ or ‘neo-Nazis’ anyway.

We have a Zero Tolerance when it comes to the ZOG Controlled Media. You will never read an ‘interview’ with Victor Whitelaw. These fools who think they can ‘use’ the Media to further their cause are as stupid and despicable as the idiot who thinks he can dance with the Devil and then go home safely when the evening has ended.

There is no greater act of futility than to deliberately misrepresent yourself and get tied up for most of your time explaining who you are NOT. With Whitelaw Towers you see what you get and get what you see. There is no complaints department. We do not apologise and we rarely explain, except at times such as this, where the lies have become so intolerable something must be said.

Why are we so stubborn? Well, the two principle members of Whitelaw Towers have been victims of attacks from both the so-called Anti-Fa and the so called Nationalists. Our spirits have been tempered in the fire of political reality.

Also, make note, the Victor Whitelaw Project is a Fourteen Words approved initiative.

“We Must Secure An Existence For Our People And A Future For White Children”

There is nothing whatsoever in our mission statement that can honestly be construed as indicating we adhere to the tenets of any particular Political Party, Religion or Cult or that we favour Islam or any other organised Religion for that matter. In fact, as should be obvious to any long term reader of this site, we are concerned primarily for the wellbeing of one Race only, the White Race.

Yet our enemies claim we are supporters of terrorism, specifically Islamic Terrorism, because we strongly criticise Israel and the forces of J_W controlled Global Finance. Outrageous lies such as these can only gain traction if the recipients of the lies are intellectually lazy and pathetically credulous enough to take those claims on face value and do no research of their own. This leads us to treat all these people with equal contempt even though many might possibly be saved with the benefit of education on the subject. Sadly perhaps, we have neither the time nor resources to save these Lemmings from themselves.

There really is no adequate excuse for maintaining such a degree of wilful ignorance. The archives for this site and those of its predecessor ‘Victor Whitelaw’ are easily accessible and certainly not hidden from public scrutiny. Unlike some of our accusers we do not have regular ‘house cleaning’ of our archives and comments sections to cleanse our site of embarrassing or damning ‘evidence’. Some of our accusers have dumped entire sites and made huge efforts to expunge the caches of every shred of evidence that these sites ever existed. Why?

There can be no other reason than that these duplicitous creatures seek to start again under assumed identities and gain the power of plausible deniability for their real pasts. Reliant upon the fact that in Politics a few weeks can be a long time let alone years, they bank on their new recruits’ ignorance and lack of curiosity for what has gone before.

The A.P.P. like any other political organisation did not parachute out of a clear blue sky yesterday. It is led by people with real pasts and eminently provable histories. Whitelaw Towers, despite its obvious animosity with A.P.P., is not so simplistic as to condemn all in A.P.P. We know for a fact there are some good people there. We know many of them personally and still bump into them ‘face to face’ occasionally.

They tell us that we are naive and don’t understand ‘Politics’. They say we are too ‘honest’ and open and blunt and crude to succeed!? Yet we believe we succeed every day. We succeed every time we expose another fraud, another lie, another snake in the grass. The measure of our success is that we are still here and still upsetting people because we believe that the only people who get upset by our words are people who are either the sworn enemies of White Nationalism or people too stupid for us to care what they think.

They tell us that they must put on this pretence of distancing themselves from so-called ‘extremist elements’ such as so-called ‘Nutzis’ just to advance their own cause. They will even say to us that they, perhaps begrudgingly, respect us but cannot be seen in their sharp suits hanging around with tattooed ‘skinheads’ or other rough, ‘unmarketable’ types.

Another very tiresome and frustrating lie that is perpetrated by our enemies within A.P.P. is that Whitelaw Towers is the work of only one person and that this one person is, as a member of the Australia First Party, merely a talking head for Jim Saleam, a sock puppet conduit for A.F.P. policy. BULLSHIT!

It was also explained very recently to this particular writer by a very smartly dressed young man from A.P.P. in a nice suit, who holds down a very nice job, the simplistic ‘formula’ that leads to the beliefs of our sworn enemies within A.P.P.

It goes like this.

Jim Saleam runs the Australia First Party.

Jim Saleam is a ‘Leb’.

Leb = Muslim. Muslim = Terrorist.

Whitelaw Towers is run by a member of the Australia First Party.

Therefore Whitelaw Towers are Islamic Terrorists.

The truth be known, that is what one might term the ‘expurgated version’. There are several within A.P.P. who extrapolate this further and say;

Whitelaw Towers attack J_W’s and Israel.

Muslims also hate Jews.

The J_W’s kill Muslims.

Therefore Whitelaw Towers are the friends of Muslims (our sworn enemy) and the J_W’s are our friends because they kill Muslims.

The quite chilling nature of such a simplistic thought process is Orwellian and Animal Farm-like and should be obvious to all with an analytical and critical intellect.

Also, the very fact that the record needs to be set straight on this is sadly indicative of both the brazen dishonesty of the liars and the low level of intellectual rigour of the recipients. Another shocking indictment on the intelligence, or lack thereof, of the ‘true believers’ over at A.P.P. is that they seem utterly incapable of discerning the various styles of the writers on Whitelaw Towers.

We have two main regular contributors whose writing styles are like chalk and cheese. Then we have several other contributors who post the occasional article. One does not need to be a highly trained expert in linguistics nor a scholar of graphology to see the often quite stark differences in style, presentation, spelling, grammar, syntax, colloquialisms etc between our contributors…yet…our sworn enemies persist in claiming this is a one man band.

Ask yourself, gentle reader, why they might do this. What could their agenda be? Nothing, as Roosevelt stated, happens in Politics by accident. There is no such thing as coincidence in this vocation.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Israeli kiosk vendors at malls in U.S. disappearing


Israeli kiosk vendors at malls in U.S. disappearing
By Wayne Madsen

Online Journal Contributing Writer
Feb 19, 2010, 00:20

(WMR) -- Israeli mall kiosk vendors, identified by the National Security Agency (NSA) and U.S. counter-intelligence agencies as part of an Israeli intelligence-gathering operation in the United States, have started to abandon their kiosks in malls across the United States, according to information received by WMR.

In particular, kiosks that sell Israeli Dead Sea skin care products have recently been vacated by young Israeli nationals at the Arundel Mills Mall in Hanover, Maryland, and at malls in the Philadelphia area. The kiosks have been emptied of their products and have been vacated, according to our sources.

In the past, Israeli mall kiosks sold products ranging from toys to ear jewelry.

NSA security warned NSA employees that the Israeli-owned kiosk at the nearby Columbia, Maryland, mall should be avoided by NSA personnel as NSA intercepts determined the kiosks are affiliated with Israeli intelligence-gathering operations in the United States.

Previously published in the Wayne Madsen Report.

Copyright © 2010

People in Glass Houses…

The so-called ‘Australian’ Protectionist Party is the home of the dregs for good reason.

It was as ultimately essential as it was inevitable that these creatures would have to form their own ‘alternative’ party, an ‘alternative’ to real White Nationalism. Has nobody asked themselves what drives a group to be so shrill and spiteful in their condemnation of the Racial/Cultural integrity of real White Nationalists? Just like their role models at ‘Fight Dem Back’ they are driven by a genetic imperative because just like ‘FDB’ their leadership are mongrels and traitors.

Why does WLT make this claim? Well, so far, the credentials as ‘White’ Nationalists of all of the people in the A.P.P. leadership have failed to stand up to scrutiny. This is the key to why they have this vitriolic hatred of White Nationalists. The entire kerfuffle over the ‘Jewish question’/Zionist supporter matter is a deliberate smokescreen to divert attention from the sinister facts about their personal lives.

They have people who have no idea of their family tree so, therefore, cannot validate their Racial credentials, people married to Asians, people with Aboriginal sisters, people with Mulatto children, people who have assisted and actually billeted illegal immigrants, specifically Asians, and habitual Marijuana users. Ah! Yes ‘Mick’, didn’t you know that? On the hypocrisy side of things, the A.P.P. are a gift every bit as good as F.D.B. with one of their senior members having a friend who is a member of the Ian Stuart Fan Club. So…erm…what was all that again about despising so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’ and ‘White Power Skinhead’ types?

Listen to the TRUTH people. Don’t believe us? Think we’re making it up? Well, join the A.P.P. for yourself and go to their meetings and chat with their leaders. You might be in for some nasty little surprises. The so-called ‘Australian’ Protectionist Party is the damaged goods warehouse of Australian Politics led by down at heel, low rent Race Traitors. It's all cheap suits, room temperature I.Q.'s and mealy mouthed rhetoric.

It really is as plain and simple as that.

These creatures, if left free to recruit, if left free to disseminate their vicious lies, will lead the genuine but misguided people in their membership to a genetic cul de sac, a Multicultural, Racially blended Dystopia. Why? Because the leadership have already accepted, on the quiet, the ‘inevitability’ of Multiculturalism and have already participated in its most vile practices, namely Miscegenation and the decadent indulgence in drugs and other impulsive behaviour. Lacking any integrity whatsoever, they have obsequiously prostrated themselves and genuflected before the altar at the Synagogue of Satan and vowed to inculcate the cult of compromise, sowing the seeds of Racial/Cultural doom among the Goyim.

We recommend that people reading this who are still sceptical about our claims do not take OUR word for it. Study for yourself the strategy and tactics of the J_w. Research how they have, down through the ages of Human history, played their divide and rule game to the detriment of EVERY people on this Earth. Appearing at every point of the Socio-Political spectrum from lowly wandering Gypsies clipping coins and con artists pulling scams all the way to infiltrating the Christian Churches through their 'Conversos', creating Banks demanding usurious interest and insinuating themselves into the Royal Courts, whispering in the ears of Kings and Queens. Causing chaos and confusion wherever they had influence.But you see, from Chaos comes order, THEIR order. Tikkun Olam. 'Repairing' the World or remaking it in their image.

Study the relentlessly employed tactic of ‘Chutzpah’ whereby the perpetrator, the real villain, boldly accuses the victim of the very crime he is committing himself. See how they use false flag operations, straw man arguments, psychological warfare operations against any who dare to stand up to them.

THEN, stepping back to a perspective where you can perceive the bigger picture, look to how the A.P.P. and its clowns perfectly fit the profile of a false flag operation. See how the J_w, dealing with ‘compromised’ misfits has been easily able to manipulate the entire circus like a ringmaster.

Just as in mainstream politics where it is commonplace to ‘get the dirt’ on your allies as well as your enemies, the J_w has hand picked and groomed its Shabbos Goy to form The A.P.P. with most of the leadership probably being largely unaware they were even being so comprehensively owned and used.

You see, the very best false flag operations are those where the participants, at least most of them, think the operation was all THEIR idea. Just as the sad Arab stooges in the 911affair probably truly BELIEVED it was all being 'masterminded' by Muslim good ol' boys and it really was all for the glory of the coming Global Islamic Caliphate. Dopey pricks.

So how does one very quickly determine who was behind any particular stunt? Easy, and it's as surefire as an acid test for precious metals. There is a very old adage that goes 'Cuo Bono?' Who benefits? Well, the Arab World got absolutely SMASHED after 911 with open season being declared on Islam, so THEY did not benefit. The United States' Industrial Military Complex made Zillions on arms sales and the Israelis came out of it looking (at least to the blank generation of TelAvision addicts) like brave and noble 'victims' defending the West's interests in the Middle East.

Join the dots Folks.

Know thine enemy.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Kill all the Black People...

Johannesburg - ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema is facing a barrage of complaints to the police and chapter nine institutions over his latest racial outburst, after he led students in singing "kill the boer".

Freedom Front Plus leader and Deputy Agriculture Minister Pieter Mulder laid a criminal charge against Malema at the Brooklyn police station, Pretoria on Wednesday.

Mulder said the use of the slogan contravened section 16 of the Constitution.

"In terms of this section, no person may advocate hate which is based on the grounds of race, ethnicity, gender or religion and which incites action to cause harm to others.

"The FF Plus is convinced that Mr Malema, with this action, advocated and incited hatred which could cause harm to citizens and makes himself guilty of the advocating of hate speech, the FF Plus demands that the Saps investigates the case and take action," Mulder said in a statement.

'They are rapists'

He said Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa last week promised farmers the police force would try and reduce farm murders.

"Mr Malema's use of the hate speech slogan creates the opposite atmosphere," said Mulder.

Malema, according to the Sowetan, led students at the University of Johannesburg in a song with the words: "Shoot the boere [farmers], they are rapists".

He told students that former president Nelson Mandela had convinced blacks to forgive, but they should never forget what was done to them.

AfriForum Youth chairperson Ernst Roets said the organisation would submit a complaint to the Equality Court in Johannesburg.

Roets said it was not the first time Malema sang the song reminiscent of the late Peter Mokaba, a former ANC Youth League leader known for chanting the slogan, "kill the boer, kill the farmer" during the struggle against apartheid.

Malema sang it at his birthday celebrations in Polokwane last week, in a province where six farmers were murdered in the past month, Roets said.

"Julius Malema has become the biggest embarrassment of not only the youth, but also of the country.

"There is no way in which you can dismiss the song as something that simply has to be viewed in a political context and that doesn't have any real consequences," he said.

Complaint laid at SAHRC

The Afrikanerbond lodged a complaint with the SA Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

"It is clear that neither the ANCYL or the ANC have the political will or power to reign in Mr Malema and his daily tirades against everything we hold dear in South Africa," it said in a statement.

"We trust that the Human Rights Commission will act in a manner which will restore our faith in this institution, as well as in the promotion of human rights."

In the complaint, Afrikanerbond chief secretary Jan Bosman said there were about 750 to 850 attacks on farms each year, adding that last year alone 120 people were murdered on farms.

"Incitement to violence is a serious offence and with the current problem with rural safety, we simply do not need a politician such as Mr Malema to exacerbate the problem," he said.

Defined as hate speech

In 2007, the commission defined the slogan "kill the farmer, kill the boer" as hate speech.

The FF Plus lodged a complaint with the SAHRC after ANC members used the slogan during two public meetings in 2006.

Initially, the commission said the slogan did not constitute hate speech, but was an instance, although an undesirable one, of the right to freedom of expression.

However, the party successfully appealed against the finding.

Theunis Botha, acting chair of the Christian Democratic Alliance, said Malema's comments could not be ignored and dismissed as a joke.

"By the ANC not denouncing statements made by Malema, the joker has now effectively countered one of the rare occasions on which farm murders are condemned by the minister of police.

"While the slaughtering of farmers continues, we are again back to square one as far as the government's attitude to these farm murders are concerned."

Not a political matter

Mthethwa on Monday said farm murders should not be politicised. He said additional police and efficient tactics would be employed to mitigate farm and rural murders.

"Surely, if Mthethwa calls on politicians not to make politics of farm murders, the same should apply to ANC office bearers, such as Malema.

"By not banning Malema from the ANC, which is apparently, the only way to cut him to size, the country is done a great disservice," Botha said.

The ANC on Wednesday said it had not yet decided whether it would talk to Malema about his comments.


Big Brother takes a bold leap in the US.

Scary stuff folks.

Australian New Nation. The Invasion - Boat Report 2010

Join Australian New Nation HERE

Navy intercepts 21st asylum-seeker (invader) boat in 2010


A NAVY patrol boat has intercepted an asylum-seeker (invader) boat in waters off Australia's northwest coast.

The interception was announced just moments before Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was set to deliver a historic address to the federal parliament.

HMAS Armidale, operating under the control of Border Protection Command, intercepted the boat just after 8am (AEDT) today, north of the Ashmore Islands.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said initial indications suggested 46 passengers (invaders) and three crew were on board the vessel.

It is the 21st asylum-seeker (invader) boat to be intercepted in Australian waters this year and the third in less than a week.

The Rudd government has been under pressure to stem the flow of asylum-seekers (invaders)

People-smuggling is not currently a criminal offence in Indonesia, the main transit point for asylum-seekers (invaders) heading to Australia.

The latest group will be transferred to Christmas Island, where they will undergo security, identity and health checks.

Their reasons for travel will also be established.


The tally at 10/3/2010 69 days into 2010 was 21 boats carrying 1,064 invaders.

Here was boat 22 from 11/3/2010 -
to Australia and the latest interception comes in the wake of an announcement that Australia and Indonesia have signed off on a framework for greater co-operation on tackling people smuggling.

Australian navy rescues asylum seekers (invaders) off northern coast


Australia's immigration department says the navy has rescued a boat off the Northern Territory coast with 24 asylum seekers (invaders) on board.

Navy officers boarded the boat about 350 kilometres north west of Darwin at about 10 o'clock this morning.

The three crew on board told them the engine wasn't working, but the boat wasn't in danger of sinking.

An immigration department spokesman says the patrol boat is taking the asylum seekers (invaders) and crew to Christmas Island for identity, security and health checks.

It's the 22nd asylum seeker boat to be intercepted this year.

Transferred to Darwin

The immigration department has started transferring crew members from asylum seeker (invader) boats from Christmas Island to an immigration detention centre in Darwin.

Twelve crew members were transferred to Darwin on Wednesday.

That means a total of 58 crew members are being held in the centre, including 14 children who were working on the boats who are being detained in a separate section.

But the department says no decision has been made to transfer asylum seekers (invaders) to Darwin.

It says 1854 asylum seekers (invaders) are being held on Christmas Island, along with 18 crew.

The detention centre's capacity is 2040.

A department spokeswoman says an extra 400 bed compound on the island is due for completion by the end of March or early April.


The tally at 11/3/2010 70 days into 2010 was 22 boats carrying 1,088 invaders.

Here was boat 23 on 12/3/2010 -

Asylum seekers' (invader) boat rescued


Authorities have rescued another group of asylum seekers (invaders) in waters off Australia's north-west coast.

The boat carrying eight passengers (invaders) and four crew was first spotted from the air before HMAS Glenelg was called in to render assistance.

Navy personnel boarded the boat about 10pm yesterday, 200 nautical miles (370 kilometres) west of the Tiwi Islands.

It is the 23rd asylum seeker (invader) boat intercepted in Australian waters this year and the fifth in a week.

The group will be transferred to Christmas Island where they will undergo security, identity and health checks. Their reasons for travel will also be established.

HMAS Glenelg rescued another boat carrying 24 asylum seekers (invaders) and three crew 118 nautical miles north-west of the Tiwi Islands yesterday.


The tally at 12/3/2010 71 days into 2010 was 23 boats carrying 1,096 invaders.

Here was boat 24 from 14/3/2010 -

24th boat intercepted in Australian waters


A BOAT carrying 35 suspected asylum seekers (invaders) and two crew has been intercepted by border protection officers.

HMAS Albany discovered the boat floating northwest of Christmas Island on the evening of March 13.

It's the 24th illegal entry vessel to arrive in Australian waters this year.

Home Affairs Minister Brendan O'Connor said Australia is working proactively with its neighbours through bilateral co-operation to curb people smuggling.

The group will be taken to Christmas Island where they will undergo security, identity and health checks, and be asked about their reasons for travel.


The tally at 14/3/2010 73 days into 2010 was 24 boats carrying 1,131 invaders.