Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fight Dem Back Armed and Dangerous

Also a member of the Fight Dem Back Terrorism Team in New Zealand

Kaoos_AF and the RAAN

Yes we all remember Queensland's own member of Fight Dem Back old Kaoos_AF. He was heard to be heading down to Victoria to hook up with his Red Anarchist Action Network chums @ndy Moran AKA Slack Bastard.

What about his comrades in the US Chimx?

And lets not forget the girls scout group of the RAAN.

The RANK and VILE New Zealand

The RANK and VILE Sydney

Luke Bastard AKA Bull Shit Detector Victorian FDB

Yes folks say hello to Luke Bastard FDB’s Anarchist in Victoria. It has been noted of late that this guy and his friend @ndy Moran AKA Slack Bastard have decided it’s cool to name and shame White Nationalists. Hey they deserve it right. Well White Law Towers thought about this and have decided because of the posting of Australian WN pictures at FDB and at Slack Bastard we will do the same. This is the first of many you will see here. A few are older photos that once belonged to various Patriotic sites in Australia and New Zealand but have since gone down the memory hole.

It must also be noted that FDB and Slack Bastard have forced our hand with this so if you just happen to end up with your mug here please feel free to take it up with Mathew Henderson Hau and his mates at Fight Dem Back.

Bull Shit Detector Fight Dem Back

Luke Bastard and his Crusty Girl

Stay Tuned more to follow.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Look Out Look Out FDB is About.

With another election on the way we thought that we would repost this shining example of Mathew Henderson Hau antics leading up to an election. I bet the Greens are happy to have him aboard. Beware extremely violent with coarse language. PG.

Darp at Warp Factor 11

Old Victor had a spare hour or two so he decided to dig through the archives and uncover examples of Darp’s own dramatic and emotional expression. All the CAPITALS in the following extracts are Darp’s own doing and NOT Victor’s. Spittle splash guards on standby.

From 18th September 2004:

Darp being all “Bleeding Heart Lefty” and stuff…

“I am ready to fucking kill.””I have spent the better part of this week erecting Andrew Wilkie posters in people's front yards only to have EVERY FUCKING SINGLE ONE OF THEM ripped down sometime this evening.”Darp feelin’ all tough and manly…

“I personally racked up over fifty sites myself, most of them with multiple posters. It made me feel all tough, outdoorsy and Jamie Durie-ish in my wife-beater blue bonds singlet.”Darp revealing his “streetwise” tactics…

“Word is he isn't planning on distributing his own campaign posters as there is a major concern that they will be defaced en masse with "liar", "rodent" and Hitler moustaches.”

Darp being TOTALLY delusional and paranoid…

“What is really nefarious about this poster removal operation is the fact that it IS illegal. The local coppers have instructed me that anyone caught doing this can be detained and charged with trespassing and possibly with goods in custody. I've spent the evening reassuring and comforting (yes, Darp can be warm and comforting every now and again) a few victims of poster theft and I tells ya, if the aim of this operation was scare people and shake them up a bit, it worked like a suburban Tampa.”

Darp being TOTALLY delusional, paranoid AND disrespectful to our democratically elected leader…

All jocularity aside, this is a really low act but during a campaign such as this, it has to be expected. I'll have to stay hush-hush on our retaliatory strategy as I have it on very good authority that Honest Johnny HIMSELF has viewed this site in order to find the origin of the "I'd rather go to war" shirts. If you're reading this John, you're a cunt and I hate you and you look like
Penfold from Danger Mouse.”
Darp thrashing around wildly in his girlish rage and making impotent threats…

“To the Lib apparatchiks who ripped all my posters down, you have just started something that could very well fuck you over.”

Darp blurting out what WE have basically known all along but what the authorities (until now) have appeared happy to ignore…

“You've taken the campaign into Darp's area of expertise -
suburban terrorism.”
MORE piss and wind from everyone’s favourite barber’s cat…

“And this is just my "bark", god help you if you experience the Darp "bite".”

And from 19th September 2004. If THIS doesn’t convince you that Darp is not only severely emotionally and mentally unstable but is also an absolutely shameless LIAR (read the bit about shredding Kevlar. I am STILL laughing and clutching my sides at this one) then probably nothing will.

To be totally honest old Victor simply doesn’t know whether to pity this idiot or despise him. Either way, as far as Victor is concerned, the next quote is enough evidence by itself to have him fitted for a straightjacket and condemned to a rubber lined room…

“I was fairly angry when I posted my last entry as the showboating boxer boy pic suggests.At present, my anger rating is probably quadruple that of last night. I’ve just spent half an hour ripping a Kevlar-lined punching bag to shreds. I only just bought the cunt and now it’s fucked, something for Marvin and Oscar (the dogs) to chew on.Whilst going around replacing stolen posters I called by a big rental property where two Afghan refugee families reside.

They’d previously given us permission to stake out a few posters in their yard which fronts onto a busy main road. Those posters went MIA along with all the others but I thought I’d check with these people first if they wanted some more up. I planted my stakes and stuck one on with a staple before heading up to the front door to say Salaam.After the regulatory Salaam Aleykum’s the very shaken mother of one of the families told me what happened the night before.

She was awoken around midnight to the sound of rocks and other objects being pelted at her window. Loud incoherent abuse resonated around the property. She glanced briefly out the window and saw a group of five or six young men ripping the Wilkie posters out of the ground and causing a ruckus.She moved all her kids (a very timid autistic daughter amongst them) into the back part of the house and switched off all the lights. The abuse continued for ten minutes before the mob moved on.

The story gets worse people.Just as she was finishing up her account of the evening I hear “FUCK THE REFUGEES” and a 22-25 year-old bloke on a mountain bike rides by and rips down the Wilkie poster I was about to bolt in. I leapt off the front steps and gave chase.

By now my brain was exploding with a Maori psycho berserker rage of Jake the muss proportions. Everything under the sun from “come back here you fucking coward motherfucker piece of shit cunt I’ll have ya, I’ll fucken have ya, fucking racist cunt when I find you etc etc…” spewed from my mouth as I sprinted my arse off only to see this chicken shit prick ride off into the distance.With blood surging in my ears and white speckles appearing at the corner of my vision, I turned and headed back to the house only to see another dweeby guy on mountain bike. He takes one look at me and shits himself. The berserker rage kicks in again with a deafening rush, convincing me that I’m bleeding out the ears and shooting laser beams from my eyes. I have no clear memory of what was said here, which means I would have been screaming incoherently with a protruding tongue. I had no hope in hell of catching him in the flesh but I hope to be a nightly fixture in his nightmares for years to come.

Two more chaps on mountain bikes emerge from a side street and I flag them down for a ‘chat’. They play all nice, sweet and innocent and claim to merely be out for a late night cycle. One of the blokes I recognised from earlier on in the day as a member of a certain political party. I’ll study our video footage of Howard’s walk through Eastwood plaza very closely before I go public with the name of the party that this guy belonged to. You know how litigious these fuckers are.

They switched from amiable to aggro and nasty when I suggested they wait here until the police arrive so they can help with a small investigation. As there were two of them and the party offsider guy had a real “thug for hire” air about him, I backed off and let them cycle away.I returned to the house of my refugee mates to find everyone hiding in the back room with the lights off. The autistic daughter goes right manic when she is confronted by noise or aggression - she was in a very bad way.

Other members of the Wilkie campaign began arriving soon after to help calm everything down. The coppers soon followed and I must say, these two officers were a couple of top blokes. Genuinely none too pleased that racial violence like this was occurring on their turf and steadfastly determined to nail those responsible.We agreed to keep our posters out of their yard for the time being as it obviously just isn’t safe.

A few of us big tough lads offered to bunker down and stay the night as there didn’t appear to be any men in the house, just two mums and lots of very frightened kids.As I continued about my postering work, I thought back over the times in my life when I’ve “lost it” or “snapped”. Tonight was one of those nights - definitely in the top ten for Darp spack attacks.

The sickening thought that in Howard’s Australia, abominable acts of racial hatred such as the one I witnessed could happen repeatedly, one night after another – was too much for me.I did snap and god knows what I would have done to any of those pricks if they’d been on foot.

Yeah, yeah, two wrongs don’t make a right but I challenge anyone to witness the fear in the eyes of those poor kids and not feel a protective primeval urge to do something about it. As Michael Collins said, “When a man is standing on your neck, you’re allowed to break his legs.”I would have broken eye-sockets, rib cages, kneecaps and then some, such was my rabid bloodlust. When these genetic “Incredible Hulk” rages subside I usually find myself curled up in a ball crying my eyes out, such is in the intensity of emotion and the somewhat legitimate fear that one day, I may not be able to control it.

And bawl my eyes out I did.Everything came flooding out; the rage and futility I feel living in a country that has so much potential to make this world a better place, yet in recent times seems hell-bent on going in the opposite direction.This mafia-like clique of power hungry men who have a shown the willingness to lie, cheat, steal, bribe and sleaze their way into a continuance of the governmental status quo. Men who will shoot, bomb and bludgeon away at the basic natural egalitarian social psyche of the Australian people.

Howard’s boys have used every Machiavellian tool in the book to bring about a faux Orwellian social construct where many of us are simply not proud to be Australian anymore.And I kept bawling.The powerlessness of knowing that there are fellow human beings that area yadyadyyadyayayadyaaya….I’m going to stop now. I’m getting myself all worked up again and if I do that, I won’t sleep. I need a decent rest in order to get up tomorrow and continue the fight against neo-conservatism with renewed vigour. Despite my little mid-campaign spaz attack, I am far from beaten.”

Yeah! And then he woke up with a wet pillow and tennis elbow…

I mean REALLY!

“Rabid bloodlust” over a few missing posters and a couple of geeks on pushbikes?

Get treatment and get it NOW Darp or else get it once you go inside.

Mathew Henderson-Hau aka 'Darp's History Of Incitement

Let Whitelaw Towers take you back in time. Not to the deep and distant past but to a mere eighteen months or so ago when perennial ‘student’ and metro-sexual mummy’s boy Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW was openly soliciting for the murder of at least two White Nationalists.

We believe, in light of the events currently unfolding across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand, it is timely to revisit this heinous and, as yet, unpunished crime. The Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters have always denied involvement in violence, firearms and explosives. They have always denied any connections with Terrorist organisations despite the mountain of evidence, ironically mostly in their own words, to the contrary.

While promoting a false image of socially responsible, deeply concerned citizens and virtual choirboys they have flirted with some pretty nasty types including Class War, Black Bloc, One People’s Project, Searchlight, RAAN, Anti Defamation League, Jewish Defence League etc. All notoriously Criminal Terrorist groups, most of whom have several times been caught out stalking and threatening White Nationalists as well as arson, assault, theft, vandalism etc.

Here below is the post by ‘daphne’ on the comments page of Tim Blair’s Blog Site that originally initiated the maniacal and escalating series of responses from Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW.

Loewstein’s precious girlfriend is a rabid Jew-hating suicide-bomb loving anti-Zionist. I go after her because she deserves to be gone after. Like her boyfriend, she would throw her relatives in the ovens to bring herself five minutes of fame.
And yeah, hell, I see it my duty to bring Loewenstein down—to tear him apart—in any way I can. He is the lowest of low. He sides with the anti Semites against his fellow Jews and he wants the insurgents to win against our own soldiers in Iraq. He is a traitor, and this is war. I’d blow the Nazi-loving bitch away with my F88 Steyr as quick as look at her.
Posted by
daphne on 2006 05 19 at 02:30 AM • permalink

What ordinary person, what average Joe, with no experience of extreme Left Wing Anarchist terrorists, with no knowledge of the pretentious, toxic, bourgeois brat known as Mathew Henderson-Hau, could have ever predicted the vicious and calculated diatribe that was to follow? The sheer audacity and recklessness took even us by surprise.

Hi Daphne.

I’m curious as to why you only ever appear on threads which concern Ant Loewenstein?
On another thread you made a number of wacky statements which include a desire to blow away his missus with an F88 Steyr and that you spend all your time honing your weapon skills and hunting anti-Semites. If the latter statement is not (as I strongly suspect) online wankery and you are indeed capable of walking the talk, I have the perfect anti-Semite for you to hunt down
Carl Leonard Thompson is a former commando in the Australian army. He is a current firearms licence holder and has more kit packed away in his safe than the average West Virginian. Carl loves guns and guns love Carl! His knowledge of things that go bang probably rivals yours. In February this year, the Executive Council of Australian Jewry took Thompson to the Federal Court over his publication of an article in a One Nation newsletter which basically blamed “The Joos the Joos” for all the master race’s ills. ON didn’t contest the case and Thompson’s article was indeed found to be unlawful re the Racial Discrimination Act.
Thompson has been extensively involved with the Australian far-right and only last week he became the Aussie fuhrer of the National Socialist Movement. See here for the lowdown on that and here for an ADL briefing on what the NSM get up to in the US (they were the group responsible for the Toledo riots). They’re backed by trust fund baby,Bill White, ie these guys despite being utter fruitcakes actually have a fair bit of money to throw around to further their fruitcake activities, money that is starting to trickle down under. I present Thompson to you as he most certainly seems to be a more adequate match for someone of your calibre. Let’s face it, Ant Loewenstein, bless him, would probably need three full days to take apart and reassemble a steyr F88 (and that is with the instructions). Ant would also spend several days with a grenade just looking for the headphone jack.
It’s pretty pissweak to play tough guy against an amiable nebish, who, despite his progresive/lefty/unorthodox views on Israel and Zionism is nonetheless a Jew, a proud Jew. To repeatedly label him a “Jew hater” and make loaded comments regarding ovens and the like (AND bringing his missus into it) is just plain weak.
If you are that focused on bringing down Nazi scum, why not come take down some actual Nazis instead of issuing threats to non-Zionist Jews? You know where to find me sweetcheeks - fightdembackATgmailDOTcom
Posted by fightdemback on 2006 05 26 at 09:32 PM • permalink

Yeah ‘daphne’, why don’t you come and “take down” some “actual Nazis”? Are you folks who are reading this ‘getting’ ‘Darp’s’ message? There can be no claims of misinterpretation, misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the facts.

The message is as plain and clear as it is cold and calculated. Divert ‘daphnes’ attention from a Jewish ‘journalist’ and his wife and redirect that apparent rage and bloodlust toward so-called ‘Neo-Nazis’, focusing it primarily on Carl Thompson and Darrin Hodges.

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Imagine the roles were reversed and Whitelaw Towers, Thompson or Hodges had blatantly spruiked for the murder of ‘Darp’ or ‘Weezil’ or any of the other FDB maggots. Can you imagine the shit storm that would have erupted? The threats of litigation, the promises of writs would have been flying like a hail of bullets. FDB’s hypocrisy regarding this matter is breathtaking and quite sickening. How can they claim the moral high ground while openly perpetrating crimes like this for all to see?

You don’t run my life. I focus on whoever I want. And if it’s Ant-boy or his girlfriend—then you’re gonna have to deal with that. I’m not here to satify your personal criteria, so get used to it.

Errm ok. That’s me told.

I mean, rip into Loewenstein if that’s what floats your boat. All I’m saying is that there are plenty of Jew-hating nutters out there and you seem like an “up and at’em” type character who likes guns. Why not duke it out with a piece of Nazi trash who also likes guns? I woulda thought such a person would be a more satisfying opponent for you.

People like Loewenstein, Vincent and their idiot heroes need to be given hell and made accountable for their perversity at every opportunity.

Then I guess lambasting the dude on a website where 99.99999999999% of the regular viewers already hate his guts might not be the most valuable use of your time. I’ve got no idea what you’re doing outside of this to give Ant hell but may I offer a small piece of advice?

Threatening to shoot his girlfriend probably isn’t the way to go. You know, things could get messy and kinda ..’legal’. It aint a good look to talk about “holding people accountable”, whilst bragging about your firearm prowess and declared intentions to shoot the partner of someone you would like to hold accountable. Online wankery and posturing or not, it aint cool. Tell us, IS it merely posturing or should is there a genuine reason to fear you and your F88 Steyr?

I see the Australia First Sutherland Shire rep
Darrin Hodges(darrinh) posts here too. Check this specky pic of Darrin (far right, red shirt) hangin with his bootboy chums. Let’s zoom in to one of these boneheads. What’s that? Why it’s a swazi tat on his forearm!

If Carl Thompson aint your cup of tea Daphne, you can always have a crack at Darrin. Daz is
very proud of his stash of Hitler videos and describes himself as being into the purer form of facism.

Posted by fightdemback on 2006 05 27 at 05:09 AM • permalink

Call it goading, teasing, provocation whatever, what it ultimately equates to ‘legally’ as Darp likes to say, is INCITING someone, RECRUITING someone, SOLICITING someone who has bragged of the ability and intent to kill a political adversary, to MURDER White Nationalists whom he has nominated and provided details on.

It is so obvious and transparent that Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ of Eastwood NSW had the intent to murder by proxy through the ‘virtual’ online recruitment of a clearly unstable Lefty ‘Gun Nut’ that it beggars belief the Federal authorities, once alerted to this, and quoting their so-called ‘discretionary powers’, utterly refused to proceed with his arrest and charging.

At the very least his actions should be interpreted as grossly irresponsible and criminally reckless but we are convinced he actually had lethal intent in this exercise from the very beginning. It is also quite chilling to realise the full extent of the protection apparently afforded 'Darp' and his FDB gangsters by the State and should make all White Nationalists and Racial Patriots feel very uneasy and fear for the safety of their families and loved ones.

How safe can any decent, law abiding citizen be when the State appears to have given its imprimatur to a motley crew of Anarchist criminals, sexual perverts and other assorted sociopaths to conduct their criminal activities unmolested? Who is truly safe, even in their own home?

Ohh fightemback

Possessing a firearm in Australia is not generally legal as you know. And I am a law abiding citizen. I am trained and qualified to use several weapons but I’m not in the habit of shooting outside of my job.

This is cyberspace. We joke. We vent. This is a great venue for many things we would not normally say or do in reality. It is also a good way to express and exchange humour. But within cyberspace it isn’t a good idea to take anything too seriously.

You are right, you don’t know what I do for the cause in my real life. And it isn’t up for discussion. But be assured I do more than my share.

Posted by
daphne on 2006 05 27 at 06:58 AM • permalink

‘Daphne’ tries here to back peddle somewhat and claim it was all a big laugh, a jolly jape, a case of a frustrated, militantly radical Lefty letting off steam but ‘Darp’ is having nothing of it and continues to taunt and provoke. How dare he/she/it talk tough and not follow through? He wants action. He wants to see blood, White Men’s blood.

His original motivation for embarking in this exchange was simply to protect his ‘Fuck Buddy’ Antony Loewenstein by diverting ‘Daphne’s’ attention to what he considers more politically appropriate and viable targets, namely Carl Thomson and Darrin Hodges.

He probably could not believe his luck when he found a (apparently) gun toting Zionist lunatic who seemed willing to follow through on promises of murderous violence and had hopes of employing his usual tactic of manipulating a proxy to attack his enemy for him. His usual candidates are brutish Pacific Islander thugs who he ingratiates himself to with tales of his own Islander roots and then proceeds to utilise them as bullies. Sadly for him, these ham fisted savages are of little use for sophisticated ‘wet work’ such as political assassination. For that he needs a ‘mechanic’ possessed of some subtlety, dexterity and intelligence. ‘daphne’ must have appeared ideal for the task.

Oh geeez. File - save as.

What was mentalfloss’ ripper quote from earlier?
“Murder doesn’t advertise”.

This is cyberspace. We joke. We vent. This is a great venue for many things we would not normally say or do in reality. It is also a good way to express and exchange humour. But within cyberspace it isn’t a good idea to take anything too seriously.
Unfortunately, the law doesn’t see it that way. I HOPE you’re just being an assclown as you’re really taking a nasty turn down an avenue that will cause headaches all round, not the least for Tim who I’m 100% sure doesn’t agree with your particular brand of “humour”.
As for “your job” ...I’m sure your employer wouldn’t be too cool with you (even jokingly) making statemenets like “I’d shoot with my F88 Steyr as soon as look at her.”
Posted by
fightdemback on 2006 05 27 at 07:28 AM • permalink

For all his pseudo legal posturing and cleverly contrived verbal acrobatics designed to make him appear ‘reasonable’ and trying to ‘talk sense’ to a radical Lefty loose cannon, his real message is still there for all to see… “I DARE you to attack these ‘Neo-Nazis’ whose details I have provided you via internet links”… “Go on, DO it!” he is saying.

Remember, dear reader, even at this point he had NO IDEA whatsoever who he was corresponding with on this Internet Blog Site’s Comments Page and had no way of verifying, one way or the other, the veracity of ‘Daphne’s’ claims.

Also, remember one other thing. This vile and criminal creature known as ‘Darp’ is planning to become a practicing lawyer by the new year!

We shit you not…

Friday, November 02, 2007

Red Riding Hoods!

Yes folks it had to happen. At long last the people of Australia and New Zealand can see for themselves who truly is a threat to National Security. The warning signs have been there all along, but no authority would question them. Until now.

It would seem that the self proclaimed Anti racist groups such as “Fight Dem Back” not only hide Terrorists in their midst but also aid and abet them. How do they do this you may ask?

Since 2004 “Fight Dem Back” and certain journalists in Australia have lead the Federal and State Police on a wild goose chase. They have wasted the time and resources of our Counter Terrorist organizations by creating lies of International Nazi Cells and lurid stories of "Nazi Bomb Making Manuals". While authorities have been sent running in one direction the true terrorists have been working away with impunity.

White Law Towers has shown again and again that members of “Fight Dem Back” not only openly solicited murder as was the case with a certain QLD patriot but they also harbour some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most dangerous Anarchists. Since 2004 “Fight Dem Back” have been implicated in the use of an explosive device used to destroy a letter box of an elderly lady who’s son is a Nationalist in QLD. Members of “Fight Dem Back” in QLD also threatened to poison the Water Supply in Toowoomba. Another member from “Fight Dem Back” in QLD has also been implicated with the known Terrorist group Red Anarchist Action Network. This group who collected information on American Bases in QLD and other intell are known to run Military style training camps in the USA.

“Mathew Henderson Hau” founding member of “Fight Dem Back” has stated publicly that he supports groups such as “Class War” a known Terrorist group and has even gone as far as stating that he specializes in Urban Terrorism. Link this with another well known core member of “Fight Dem Back” “Anarchist @ndy” AKA “Andy Moran” from Victoria, a picture of what this group truly represents starts to develop.

The fact that “Fight Dem Back” also supports the Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand lends the average Australian to ask a few questions. We at White Law Towers would like to ask a few also. Like, exactly what does a group of Anarchist and Terrorists talk about with the Muslim community in Australia and New Zealand? What information do they swap? As we have already stated “Fight Dem Back” QLD member Kaoos AF was scouting US Bases and Government facilities in and around QLD. Who was he doing this for? Seeing as he was a member of “Fight Dem Back” and the Red Anarchist Action Network (RAAN) who might end up with any information he may have sourced? Last reports of Kaoos AF had him on his way to Melbourne. There he was planning to start up the RAAN with other members from “Fight Dem Back”
including @ndy AKA Andy Moran.

With the recent arrests of Left Wing Anarchists in New Zealand on terrorism charges one only has to look at the names of those arrested. “Veteran Wellington activist Valerie Morse is one of 12 people facing possible terrorist-related charges”. “Morse, 36, of Te Aro, faces three firearms charges, including possession of a military-style semi-automatic rifle, Molotov cocktails and ammunition.” A known associate of Valerie Morse just so happens to be the one and only Asher Goldman core member of “Fight Dem Back” and head honcho for this group in New Zealand.

“Asher Goldman” the Jewish representative for “Fight Dem Back” in Wellington New Zealand. has been implicated in the Anzac Day Dawn Service demonstration organized by Valerie Morse that ended in her arrest along with others.

A direct line of contact in New Zealand connecting those being held in detention pending Terrorism charges and “Fight Dem Back” cannot be established at this time. But one can assume this may happen very soon. “Six names remain suppressed, including that of a Wellington man who had not been able to tell his mother in Europe of the charges. Two are fighting lifting of name suppression in the High Court.”

For all the false and misleading lies that have come from “Fight Dem Back” since 2004 not one person has ever been arrested. But they have managed to woe the media with their Anti Racist propaganda. They have been and are still supported by journalists from one of Australia’s leading print media sources.

”Fight Dem Back” core member Andy Moran whose personal blog 'slackbastard' is unashamedly militant Anarchist. Links from his blog to other Anarchist sites praise the use of militant tactics and Terrorism. He has been involved in many violent protests in Melbourne yet constantly blames people he terms as Nazis or Fascists of violent acts. None of which have occurred in Australia. His subscribers often call for the murder of Australian Patriots because of his constant anti white anti social propaganda.

One can only hope that the Federal Police have heeded our warnings and bring these Anti Australian thugs to justice.

Valerie Morse. The loud mouthed 36 Year Old American (Jeezuz! A good match for 'Weezil') professional political agitator and flag burner. In 2004 the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs gifted her a $7500 grant to complete a 'masters thesis' entitled "Nuclear Insecurity:The Future of NZ/USA Relations And The Promotion Of Nuclear-free Policies".

'nuff said.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Another massive 'protest' from Fight Dem Back...

The Fight Dem Back Faggots' HUGE protest outside the Melbourne Knights F.C. must have really intimidated the management because they got to formally hand over their shitty little complaint in written form. What a PISS weak mob of wankers the Soccer community, or more accurately, their administration, must be to let limp wristed knob jockeys like these idiots put the bounce on them.
Where's a good crowd of pissed up Skinhead Soccer hooligans looking for some 'bovver' when you need 'em, eh? Ha! Ha! Ha!
Three, yep that's correct folks, count 'em...THREE FDB pencil necked geeks, turned up to 'protest' including the mighty 'man mountain' himself (Darp's word's not ours) Cam Smith aka CampSexWithMinor. The others present were a 'journo' and an aging Lefty faggot. Anthony Main is apparently the one in the black hoodie top with the 'Unite' logo.

Stay tuned. More details (and pics) to come as we confirm our facts are correct...

Monday, October 15, 2007

Kiwi Red Terrorists Rounded Up

News you will NOT see discussed on the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum

From the ABC Web Site:

Maori, green activists held in NZ anti-terrorism raids: report
Media reports say New Zealand police have arrested about 14 people in a series of anti-terrorist raids across the North Island, with Maori and environmental activists the main target.

A spokeswoman for Prime Minister Helen Clark directed all calls about the raids to the police but they would not immediately disclose the reason for the operation.

However, police detective inspector Harry Quinn confirmed specialist staff were continuing to search addresses looking for people, firearms and ammunition.

Fairfax Media said the arrests were the culmination of months of work by a police anti-terror unit which had hundreds of hours of recordings from bugged conversations, video surveillance, and tapped cellphone calls and texts.

It understood police had video of military-style training with live ammunition in camps deep in mountain ranges and expected to find machine guns and grenades during their raids.

Campaigners from various Maori sovereignty, environmental and 'peace' groups were implicated.

"These guys are serious. They are talking of killing people," a source was quoted as telling Fairfax.

It is understood police plan to charge up to 14 people with participating in a terrorist group under the Terrorism Suppression Act 2002.

NZ police arrest 17 in anti-terrorism raids
New Zealand police have arrested 17 people and seized a number of weapons during a series of anti-terrorism raids throughout the country.

More than 300 police were involved in the raids which were aimed at Maori and environmental activists rather than foreign groups.

The raids in Auckland, the Bay of Plenty region, Wellington, Palmerston North and Christchurch, marked the first time authorities had acted under the country's Terrorism Suppression Act.

Police targeted the mountainous region near Rotorua where it is believed guerilla-style training camps have been held.

The head of New Zealand's police, Howard Broad, says those arrested had taken part in military-style training camps.

"I believe the action we have taken is entirely in accordance with the law," he said.

"I believe this is domestically oriented. I don't have evidence that there is any international connection to this."

One of those arrested, leading Maori activist Tame Iti, has appeared in court on charges relating to the possession of semi-automatic weapons and petrol bombs.

His lawyer Annette Sykes says police should have established that they have enough evidence before invoking the anti-terrorism act.

"What is concerning is the speculation that seems to occur, that you can detain people on charges that may or may not be brought under a piece of legislation that may or may not be invoked, and that you should be held in custody while the police do their homework," she said.

"That's hardly a recipe to give confidence to our people, that human rights freedoms that we've all fought for aren't being looked after carefully in the situation."

A spokesman for the Maori party, Te Ururoa Flavell, says he is concerned about the effect of the raids on the local people.

"The operation was carried out in front of children, in front of families, armed offenders squad guns and so we're concerned about the impact it's had on the community," he said.

Hmmm! Wonder if Asher Goldman or his FDB mate ‘Raz’ are connected with any of these villains. One would expect so since they all move in the same circles. Our old mates ‘kaaos_af’, ‘Anarchist @ndy’ and ‘CampSexWithMinor’ would be fairly champing at the bit also to get in on all the black balaclava and Molotov cocktail action across the Tasman, eh?

This is an unprecedented round up of TERRORISTS in New Zealand and possibly Australia too and yet they are all LEFT WING TERRORISTS. So why do we only ever hear about those evil, wicked, Neo-Nazi, Fascist, Racist Haters being a danger to society? Well…I think you all know the answer to that one…

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Darp Review...

Whitelaw Towers thought it appropriate to put their own two bob's worth in on the current red hot Internet subject of Darp's sexuality. We will resist, for the time being at least, the temptation to post the rather hilarious photographs but reserve the right to do so in the fiuture... just for a laff ya know...
We heard an interesting interview on the ABC the other day with a QLD police officer in charge of the child protection unit talking about tracking, profiling and understanding paedophiles. He claimed to have interviewed about five thousand offenders over the years some of whom were actual child killers. He said there were mainly three types of paed.

The largest percentage were what he termed ‘opportunist’ that would commit child molestation only if and when the opportunity arose and when there is minimal risk of being caught, then there were the ‘latent’ types who viewed kiddie porn and thought about it a lot but would possibly never actually act on those impulses.

The smallest, but most lethally dangerous, group was the stereotypical ‘predatory’ child molester who would do anything to interfere with kiddies including abducting and even murdering. These are the desperately driven types who will insinuate themselves into organisations where they can access the kiddies or even cohabit with or marry women who have children so they can get at the kids.

It got us to thinking about the different categories of what we today call ‘Gays’. Using the paedophile types as a template we guessed on what we have heard, read and observed about their behaviour that they too would be split into latent, opportunistic and predatory with rather similar proportional divisions.

Our best guess is that Darp is what could be termed a latent who has actually crossed over to opportunistic. He is definitely a pathological egoist and what used to be called an Ambisexual which is now erroneously termed a Bisexual. Driven by a homoerotic fascination with physique through his immersion in body worshipping gym culture and an infantile masturbatory obsession with autoerotic stimulation it would seem he would indulge himself with animal, mineral or vegetable.

For example, a normal male if propositioned by another male will react with outrage, repulsion or even nausea. A modern so-called ‘Metrosexual’ male, conditioned to act like a peacock and to be ‘in touch with his feminine side’, such as Darp, will be flattered and even curious as well as being perfectly comfortable with this gross and unnatural behaviour.

He may even seek out, like Darp, situations such as queer events and venues, where his ego can be regularly boosted by compliments about his physique, his dress sense etc and even the odd grope from some amorous homo.

This dangerous flirtation though can just as easily tip over the edge into full blown sexual contact if the male in question keeps pushing his luck and this is what we believe has happened with our Darp. He now finds himself as a thirty something mamzer Jew boy slowly losing his youthful appearance with an omnivorous sexual diet living in the cloistered and dystopian world of law students, most of whom are Jews, struggling to remain attractive and relevant. This is the main engine that drives his hate.

And strangely, or perhaps not, this analysis brings us full circle back to what drives paedophiles to seek sexual contact with children. According to the aforementioned expert they look in the mirror and see an aging or unattractive person whom they loathe and crave for being a child again so they need to get their fix of young flesh to make them feel they are acceptable and attractive to, and as, a child again.

This is all pretty sick stuff and makes most of us squirm with discomfort and repulsion but to combat these freaks one has to understand them and how they work to prevent them sleazing into our trusted institutions and preying on our children.

We tend to agree with the evaluation that there is very little if any real distinction to be made between Homosexuals and Paedo-Predators. They are two sides of the same coin and are complimentary to and supportive of each other.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Remind us again who the real ‘haters’ are…

Ah! You can just kinda feel the warm glow of Humanity and Love and...erm...hypocrisy

This from the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Joined: 02 Oct 2006
Posts: 15

Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 7:42 pm
Post subject: HEY GUYS
“I'm sad to tell you folks that some New Zealanders were attacked here in was stabbed this month...i was upset because the kiwis are such a nice bunch and should not be exposed to this bullshit in my city!....there is now going to be a stand against gangs in vancouver....but I think its too late....gang wars are at real time high now....there was 5 shootings in one weekend......and they don't care who is in the way...i got into a fight the other night....they were trying to really hurt me....but thats how it is here....i'm use to it...
i could care less what that half breed BORLAND feels .... i wonder if he is ever going to listen to his other ethnic background and start living a real life....i mean how long does it take to realize that most 33 year olds don't attack like a stupid youth gangster....
Borland isn't even full white......he's got some Moari or something else...
i mean look at those lips he looks a little down syndrom to me

i think your communities should really do something NOW!!!!.....i'm not talking about waging war on gangs.....but educate your youth about how hard gang life really is.....and i don't understand why you even have gangs in New Zealand.....your such a small island...and you got some guys goin buckwild for no reason....the gov't listens to the have such a good country to live in....and look it the size of canada....
we have so many different Native Tribes that are so proud of their heritage that we do what we use to do way back in the day....FIGHT eachother.....and we have ethnic diversity.....immigrants ....and all trying to live in this country.....
we also have a big problem with poverty....a lot of homelessness...and thats a big one....thats where the red light district comes i could just keep going...anyhow....i don't understand what the point is for New Zealand to have gangs....but i guess America has such a huge influence on youhts.....50 cent.... i noticed a lot of youths wore that when i was there.....HEY KIDS IT DOESNT MEAN YOUR G-UNIT for fuck sakes....
anyhow thanks for letting me put my thoughts down here
Much love

Along comes Brian Stokes with his reply. Is he going to pick up Little Wolf for his ‘Racism’? Well…erm…nope.

political tar baby
Joined: 16 May 2005
Posts: 2089
Location: Born and bred in the briar patch
Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:42 pm
“jeez LW, sorry to hear about the strife in your neck o' the weeds.
If policing in your area isn't addressing the problem, perhaps there's a political way to get their attention. If the pollies won't pay attention, head to the media.”

Then Grrregg1 voices his concern:

Joined: 19 Oct 2006
Posts: 16
Posted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 9:57 pm
"half breed"
"isn't even full white......he's got some Moari or something else...
i mean look at those lips he looks a little down syndrom to me"
I don't know how old little wolf is or whether he's had too many blows to the head but ffs how is some of the stuff he says even close to being acceptable on a site that purports to uphold the notion of fighting race-hate. Indigenous people of this country have been fighting these kinds of Darwinistic notions forever so why doesn't someone from FDB who knows this little twat tell him to pull his head in?
All the best. gregg.

I can hazard guess. Perhaps it’s okay to say whatever you like when, after all, you’re only talking about a filthy, stinking, racist Nazi hater?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Everything You Wanted to Know and More.

Well it would seem with the latest news feeding in from WN’s all over Australia the Left/Anti Fa have suffered a huge blow from the National Anarchists at APEC. What reactions should we expect to see from this?

Well feed back from Australia’s leading Self Styled Anti Fa terrorist group FDB and the international terrorist group Rev Left may give you all some insight.

We will start with Mathew Henderson’s Hau group Fight Dem Back ……

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 9:38 am Post subject: Whats up with the Apec nazis

duck monsterRemember,remember, the fifth of November

“A fear of mine has come true, it seems, and aparently a large group of Nazis impersonating the anarchist traditional 'black hoodie' look has caused a bit of a scene at the APEC thing. Assholes. Anyone know whats going on?”

Posted: Sat Sep 08, 2007 6:02 pm Post subject:

“It was Welf Herfurth's mob. Minus Welf, apparently. Photos and further info to come later...”

Mmmm collecting info seems to be FDB’s game plan? Or maybe something more sinister?

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 1:32 am Post subject:
This_Is_Free_RedfernJoined: 27 May 2007Posts: 2Location: Redfern

“Wow i actually have something to contribute to this forum, being a feral i was at the apec protest i had one of the marshals from Alliance for Civil dis-obedience coordination give me a warning about them, apparently some of the marshals (i think she mentioned they were from the FBEU and MUA) had to be talked down from kicking every masked protester out of the march. but in the end the Douche-Canoes were surrounded by the anarchists who were getting sick and tired of being called fascists. but shit they would of had to off spent a motza on that banner. apart from them and one guy who just wanted to start a fight the only people who were arrested from what i herd were just people on the blacklist (witch makes there arrests illegal a far as i can tell as we didn't go into the declared zone) anyway suppose this is my first post”

What can FDB do to stop these evil people?

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2007 6:50 am Post subject:
@ndyJoined: 02 Aug 2005Posts: 804Location: Melbourne

“More news on their identities as it comes to hand.”

Now we all know that FDB members are also members of Rev Left. So a reasonable person could guess they all share info and tactics ok.

Take it away Rev Left

Tierra y Libertad
Posted: September 08, 2007 06:26 am

Libertarian CommunistGroup: Commie ClubPosts: 368Member No.: 20494Joined: February 26, 2007

“A group for Australian comrades to be aware of:
New Right Australia/New Zealand. Nothing but nazi trash under black flags.They showed up to the APEC protest and were confronted.”

Posted: September 09, 2007 01:57 pm

utopian anarchistGroup: Member*Posts: 334Member No.: 23745Joined: August 17, 2007

“we have got to watch out though as groups like the national anarchists and national bolsheviks are successfully bridging the gap between nationalism and anti capitalism which confuses many young anti capitalists. thus they can attract quite a bit of support unless of course we strangle this movement in its cradle.”

Now that sounds dangerous Spartan, what would you prefer “the young anti capitalist” to do? I know you and FDB would just like to name and shame them right? Hell we all know that FDB is a non-violent group? Ahh but not according to Asher core member, as White Law has shown recently from comments from FDB member Rollo.

Maybe if we look into Rev Left a bit harder and see what other options are on the table besides name and shame. What have they installed for anyone that is outed by either one of these groups?

FDB member Ghost of Eureka doesn’t mind dropping a few names. Rev Left.

Posted: September 09, 2007 02:16 pm

CompañeroGroup: MemberPosts: 21Member No.: 18961Joined: December 11, 2006

“This group was just launched the other week, they have a website and web forum and what not. Its probably not a coincidence that this group was launched not long after another australian neo nazi group called australia first started expelling its prominent members including the leader Jim Saleam (yes thats right the leader of a white supremicist group has an arabic surname ) Whats even funnier is that the president of Australia first Diana Teasdale admitted to having jewish heritage recentley.The new right and are lead by a guy called welf Herfurth who is a german business who was involved with the NPD in germany that immigrated to australia, he was involved with organising the "Sydney Forum" which is a sort of nationalist/facist forum that happens once every year in sydney in conjunction with Jim Saleam. If you want more info on Welf have a look at:

Oh dear info sharing how convenient. And a nice little plug for FDB. What other tactics will they share?

Posted: September 09, 2007 02:34 pm

CompañeroGroup: MemberPosts: 21Member No.: 18961Joined: December 11, 2006

“Edited due to no personal information rule, sorry mods.

“This post has been edited by ghostofeureka on Yesterday at 11:52 pm

Sorry Ghost of Eureka you have to be a little quicker old son. It is reasonable to suggest that Ghost of Eureka is also a member of FDB. Hell he doesn’t want us to know that he is posting peoples names that may end up being a victim of a violent crime. But these guys are not violent right? Read on from another one of Australians Rev Left members Spartan on a gathering of WN in America.

Red Radical
Posted: August 28, 2007 02:09 am

CompañeroGroup: MemberPosts: 22Member No.: 23856Joined: August 23, 2007

“i live in a small town (18000 in 20 cities on this mountian)and i recently dicovered that a group of nazis and a local white supremacy faction have joined and mostly old men but about 20 teenagers from my school are also involved and they are asking around the school for donations and such im not sure what to do there is only like 5 people at my school that share our beliefs”

Sound dangerous don’t they folks. Don’t we all feel sorry for this bloke? These people he accuses of being Nazi’s have not broken any laws or hurt anyone but they must be crushed. I think we all get the picture. So what advice does he get in confronting these old men and 20 teenagers?

Red Scare
Posted: August 28, 2007 03:50 am

“just because they outnumber you doesn't mean you can't outmanuever them, post up TONS (and I mean TONS) of flyers all over your town and school to make them think that you guys have a lot of people on your side, and plus the flyers will probably get more recruits, adding to your side. then molotov cocktail the bastards from behind”

Sounds typical of a FDB tactic so far but hang on what’s this violence he is suggesting? Our Aussie commie has some ideas also.

Posted: August 28, 2007 12:43 pm

“move carefully here! if they dont know your a leftist then dont let it be known for you are outnumbered. do what marxistleninist1 said and put up loads of posters and flyers to make it look like there is a much bigger left wing movement then there actually is. if they know your a leftist then you have got nothing to lose so ATTACK! a nice premptive strike should sort them out”

Ok a preemptive strike hey; trust an Aussie to suggest this. No guts no glory I suppose.

Red Radical
Posted: August 29, 2007 01:04 am

“there are lots of bigots up here but in general the public is not racist or nazi where should i attack them im thinking i take them no 1 by 1 but like a 5on 1 fight and just beat them senseless”

Come on son I’m sure your mates can come up with something more interesting than that?

Red Radical
Posted: August 29, 2007 01:06 am

“im willing to take any nessecary action”

“Any action” sounds familiar

Our Aussie lefty offers more help, this guy must advise FDB’s agent Gerbil?

Posted: August 29, 2007 12:45 pm

“attack some of their members individually. know there territory and where they go and most importantly when individual members are alone. this way you can attack them without fascist interference. make sure you where dark clothes a balaclava and nothing distinctive which could help them single you out in the future. good luck comrade in your fight against the fascists.”

That’s more like it; hell what sort of lefty uses peaceful methods? But wait we have more.

Posted: August 30, 2007 12:27 pm

“no point in being pacifist now comrade it is now time to attack and with extreme force! let the bastards know that they are dealing with people who are not scared or willing to be bullied by them. for the fascists are bullies and a good show of force combined with a few cracked skulls will scare them off.”

Go you good thing what can he do Spartan?

Red Radical
Posted: August 30, 2007 09:30 pm

“i know the main kid is this asshole named Kevin M*****r he is like super nazi he has a swastika tattoo on his sholder ther meet in his basement sorry about my spelling”

My god a super nazi best step up the campaign. What say you Spartan?

Posted: August 30, 2007 11:11 pm

“molotov his basement and cook the bastards during one of their meetings”

Oh dear this looks bad for FDB, seems you guys are not very bright. Maybe this is what you guys have planned for us all along? You like to name names and pass on private info on anyone you consider being a “fash”. Do you think it’s so wise now to name and shame? Or do you hope deep down that one day a useful idiot from FDB will kill someone. Does this mean that any attack on a WN in this country should be meet with extreme force? Is it self-defence? It would seem logical that FDB and Rev Left make it very clear that the Anti Fa movement is hell bent on killing or seriously wounding us. Lets read on shall we.

Red Radical
Posted: August 30, 2007 11:25 pm

“ummm ok how would you like me to get a moltov in his basement”

Posted: August 31, 2007 12:17 pm

“if you infiltrate their group you will know when they all get together for there meetings. then get your comrade who is infiltrating out and then get the fascists! its easy to molotov them just slip it through their basement window (where you said they meet). make sure you throw it with force so it will smash.”

Ok I do not think you can make that any clearer do you? They have the names the address all they need to do now is incinerate them. Nice bunch of lads fighting race hate in the community. Agent Gerbil you must be proud.

What other suggestions can they come up with?

Posted: September 01, 2007 04:16 am

“burn some houses... im serious burn a couple down and that will hammer the point home just ensure to tread lightly after comrade”

Ahh but the voice of reason from the Aussie Anti Fa take it away Spartan.

Posted: September 01, 2007 02:10 pm

“only burn their fascist houses down.”

Thank god for that Spartan. He may have burnt the whole town down.

But as we all know from what Weezil and his mates tell us they can get away with this type of behavior. The media is onside. They all have connections so they can justify any attacks on WN and patriots. After all they are evil. And FDB is the good guys?

FDB can certainly claim a few friends in the media and the Australian Broadcast Commission.

Posted: September 01, 2007 10:52 pm

“the media could not afford to defend racist nazis! it would make them look bad. you know how politically correct the media is and defending nazi scum is politically in correct something they will not do.”

Colours from FDB has a direct line to the ABC. Mathew Henderson Hau has claimed to have a lot more.

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2007 12:33 am Post subject:

Colours Joined: 14 Jan 2007Posts: 178Location: NSW

I asked someone "in the know" about this; he was incredulous and said it's highly unlikely the Chasers would be calling people up at 4am.

So what have we shown here? We have shown that FDB and Rev Left share the same ideology. They share info and tactics. Donald Oorst and Andy Morgan have often said FDB need to become more radical more violent. How is Kaoos-AF Andy? We have shown that FDB and Rev Left have no problem in releasing people’s names on the Internet or the locality of people they have decided are not worthy of living. They believe the community will support them because they claim to be able to control public opinion through the press.

They have written their own license to kill and maim anyone who stands in the way of their sick ideologies.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Mathew Henderson Hau Hypocrite!

Well it would seem the not so brave individuals at FDB namely Brian Stokes and Mathew Henderson Hau once again have suddenly grown some balls. Strange that Mathew Henderson and old Stokesy just couldn’t find them once again for the Sydney Forum. Yes folks even though the Forum was held in his backyard at Eastwood Football club old Mathew and his criminal mates at FDB have been very cagey about the FDB non- appearance.

Saying that, I would wager that Mathew Henderson Hau has been abusing the hell out of the Footy Club and making all type of threats. Threats are what this sad excuse is good at. Oh the embarrassment, having the evil “fash” hold the Sydney Forum in his neighborhood.

Could this explain the latest attempt at inspiring his merry men of FDB followers all six of them with stories of legal action? Do you get the feeling that once again FDB have been “owned” by the Patriots of this country. We sure as hell do.

Lets have a look at the shady past of Fight Dem Back. In 2005 Mathew Henderson using his now long gone media contacts threatened via email the following people, Trevor Lewis, Jim Perren, Peter Campbell and whole host of others. In these emails Mathew Henderson explained that he would arrange to have these people named and shamed by his media contacts because of their political beliefs. He promised that if they turned their backs on their Brothers and Sisters in the WN movement and stopped all street and net activities he would go easy on them. These men ignored the threats from Mathew Henderson Hau but kept his emails and other evidence that was posted on the net.

Although initially Mathew Henderson had won a small victory by using the media to pursue his victims in 2005 and once in 2006 he soon found out that he will now have to reap what he has sown. If you keep hitting a Hornets nest you are going to get stung.

Since 2005 Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB have lied and cheated in an attempt to destroy hard working Aussie families. They have exposed family members of these people to possible violent attacks from Non Whites and accused their children of being involved in attacks on Sudanese refugees. They have disrupted the education of these children by naming their parents in local news print forcing them to change schools mid term for there own protection. FDB have sent threatening and abusive emails to family members who are not even involved with WN politics.

FDB have also been implicated in Terrorist organizations such as Class War, the Red Anarchist Action Network and Direct Action Collective. White Law Staff showed proof of this with the exposure of Rollo and Kaoos- Af who were members of FDB from Queensland. Rollo infamously once threatened to poison the Toowoomba water supply.

Rollo, the same man who handed out Mr. Perren's teenage daughter's phone number on MSN. We all remember Rollo from FDB? He was last heard to be moving to Sydney to get closer to Mathew Henderson? Here are a couple of comments from Rollo last year.

Rollo commenting on getting together with Kaoos- AF and confronting Jim Perren.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
yeah, get the DAC involved (direct action collective Kaoos AF group)

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
RAAN have guns now, I wanna get on there good side

Rollo on women.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
speaking of which, I've been getting some french canadian chick to flash her shit on webcam for the past week

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
she was very flat chested tho

Rollo and his neighbors.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
My neighbours wrote me a letter

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
because I had 3 crucified cane toads on the front lawn

Rollo on Asher FDB core member.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
talking to one of the FDB guys right now?

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
ah, he's having a whinge about something I said like a month ago

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
he's trying to be intimidating

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
and telling me about security culture

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
lol, I just shrugeed everything he said off

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
now he's claiming FDB isn't pacifist

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
I find it funny asher is telling me about not mentioning things illegal on the net when him darp and FDB mention death and the like on the internet
Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
asher complained about my bragging and exxageration on the internet

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
he said it's not helping anybody

Rollo on setting up Mr. Perren with fake number plates.

Rollo Hebrews Stole My Children says:
should've gotten his plates. Would put them on the torrie and run some red lights

FDB have engaged in collecting personal information on Australian citizens without a PI license, they have impersonated a member of the Special Air Service and also stalked people via the Internet using the alias of (Tim Heggarty/Banna). They have somehow collected personal details on spouses of these men including private details on social security information. Mathew Henderson Hau himself has emailed false claims that Jim Perren is a heroin addict a vandal and an illegal gun dealer to members of the Greens and god knows whom else. All of which has been documented and handed onto the specific authorities.

In an attempt to clean up his profile he is now removing incriminating evidence from the net namely off his personal web blog. It is reasonable to suggest that any one who had read his blog would consider Mathew Henderson Hau as a violent child abuser whose past is tainted with drug abuse and illegal activities. All the things that he would have you believe his sworn enemy the “fash” are. Is it not reasonable to suggest that anyone who may have read his dribble may be concerned enough to contact authorities and make a complaint about his illegal activities and his claims as an urban terrorism expert?

It’s to be expected that a concerned citizen may be a little uneasy knowing that he may one day in the future be a solicitor or hold down a job as a legal adviser for a Government organization or non-Government org?

Ask yourself what sort of society do we live in when someone who brags about how they masturbate or indecently exposes himself in public could be allowed into a position of authority? What sort of legal advise can he give to a cocaine dealer where he himself has abused this drug.

Are we all expected to believe his personal blog that was filled with stories from when he attended school and other truthful personal detail’s ( re- masturbation) was just a tongue and check poke at himself? A reasonable person would read of his mates at school and then find themselves reading how he himself had destroyed a hotel unit by urinating and defecating in the room. Where does the truth start and stop.

Are we expected to believe that everything he wrote was just a joke? Well we don’t and neither will his future employers. Like we have said FDB just get the ball rolling, we have so much information on your illegal activities that any case you may make up against us will be laughed out of court.

Mathew you are not a victim so don’t pretend to be.