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Marcus the magnificent masturbator

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters' Forum:
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duck monster wrote:
I reckon it'd be better if TT dragged old darpie out of study hermitting (Sic) and into debate with saleam. He'd run rings around the racist old bastard.

The thing about that, is that many folks can and do read such a debate as implicitly suggesting a merely intellectual conflict between two diametrically opposed legitimate positions.

Now who’s been to University (Stupid School)? Only an academically lobotomised imbecile, trying way too hard to convince others he is “educated” could murder the English language in such a fashion. This Marcus’ posts read like prescriptions or coroners reports. How mind numbingly boring must he be in real life? By comparison his sterility makes the illiterate Darp appear like the poet laureate.

This is exactly why Richard Dawkins and most other noted rationalists refuse to engage in formal debate against creationists.

Is this statement meant to impress us?

The debate itself elevates the perpertrators (Sic) of the myths and lies you're trying to debunk to the status of peers, and carries with it the suggestion that the issue is unresolved and that the jury is out etc.

Well there’s nothing quite like hiding your head in the sand and chanting the mantra of “I can’t SEE you!” is there?

So no matter how much you intellectually slap them around,

Oh dear, one has to wonder just how deluded and divorced from reality a person has to be to claim intellectual and moral superiority while being utterly incapable of stringing a decent sentence together in written English.

the boneheads and ignorant freaks of this world already have their victory with the legitimation (Sic, not a real word)

A Lefty pervert, a deviant, a misfit talking about “freaks”? Now that is classic.

brought about by their presence at the debate in the first place.

No, I reckon the FDB policy of "No platform for racists" is a sensible and practical one.


Absolutely gold plated classic stuff.

So, let’s see if we have this right, the summary dismissal of any viewpoint contrary to Multi-Cult Globalist dogma is a “sensible and practical” policy?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

No, no, on second thoughts perhaps I should not mock our Marcus. After all, if YOU were totally bereft of talent, wit or charm with no class at all and miserably incapable of mounting a decent, logical and valid argument against White Nationalism then it might indeed be “practical” for you to avoid debate at any cost. Although isn’t mentioning FDB, sensible and practical in the same sentence an oxymoronic statement?

Further, because the imposed tyranny of Multiculturalism just happens to have become the prevailing ignorance of our day does not validate its lies nor make its resultant legislation true law. It is a willfully blind dogma requiring Orwellian ‘Doublethink’ to maintain in the tiny minds of its advocates. In this sense it is no different from any other religion, and a faith untested remains nothing more than a belief, an idea or a theory.

Just because Marcus and idiots like him have created, within their cloistered clique, a ‘consensus reality’, rejecting natural law and common logic, the World and the inconvenient facts of existence do not change. They live in a World of make-believe and insist we all play along with their game or else be rejected and vilified as socio-political pariahs. This is pure ‘Planet Bizarro’ stuff where all is turned upon its head.

Well, White Nationalists will not be intimidated and, proud of their status as dissidents, will maintain their resistance until Multiculturalism is nothing more than a very bad memory condemned to the dustbin of history.

Fuck off and die Marcus.

Australia First, Luke McIlveen and Good old Fight Dem Back!

Well I thought I would never say this, but Luke McIlveen makes Greg Roberts of The Australian look like an amateur. This piece of work whose best man at his wedding was charged with Fire Arm Offences takes the award for the most hated Journalist in Australia.
Yes folks even the Loony Left hate this man unless he writes some shameless piece on Australia First.,23599,20824909-2,00.html
Talk about hypocrites.

duck monsterRemember,remember, the fifth of NovemberJoined: 14 May 2005Posts: 2031

hahaha. As much as I loathe the daily terror, that article fucking hammers them.

It would seem at first that this sad excuse for a journalist would be a great friend of FDB, hey he is a good mate with the one and only FDB star journalist

What’s this Joe and Luke praising each other?
Friday, September 01, 2006 at 10:29pm

Posted by Luke McIlveen on Tue 05 Sep 06 at 10:23pm
Joe is the best bloke around town
Joe says: I was just saying the same thing about you Luke

But sorry folks don’t confuse old Luke with the likes of Joe and Greg. At least we know what the agenda is of these two hard-core FDB junkies. Old Luke doesn’t care whom he writes about or what the issue is he is a far Dinkum “If it Bleeds it Leads journo”.

So what do the commie’s think of our new found friend? Well Donald Oorst will have to agree with the International Socialist Organization with this article from the ISO web site.

Bigots play the race card
6 November 2006

Last month, Sydney's Daily Telegraph attacked housing and welfare provided for Australians forced to flee war-torn Lebanon through no fault of their own. In one article, staff writer Luke McIlveen argued that Rhonda Taylor a poor single mother, was being denied access to priority public housing because of this

McIlveen wrote that Lebanese Australians were returning to a "a welfare smorgasbord - but for Ms Taylor there is nothing but forms and a string of empty promises that her family will be given a new home".This is an example of how the system uses racism to divide working class people and their families.Our rulers and their apologists in the media whip up lies about a particular ethnic or religious group to divert the anger and bitterness of workers and the poor, like Rhonda Taylor, away from the real culprits - government cutbacks, low wages, and job insecurity

Gee what a surprise. The only problem FDB subscribe to this type of journaism. Look at the Racist hysteria FDB has whipped up with its media puppets to make old Mathew Henderson Hau feel all brave and tough. Toowoomba is a great example of FDB stirring racist tensions.

So what about the media? What do the esteemed colleagues of Luke McIlveen think of him?

Media Watch

When The Daily Telegraph pursued former NSW Opposition leader John Brogden with new allegations of sexual misconduct, everyone was shocked by the events that followed. A Media Watch investigation of the Tele's story has found that it was little more than unsubstantiated slurs being spread by Brogden's political opponents.

Oooh conspiracy? What’s this, is Luke one of those evil Neo Cons FDB?
John Laws 2ue

LAWS: A few emails here: Hi John, I wish to say how disgusted I am with the events that led to John Brogden’s current situation. I think the media should hang their heads in shame for the disgraceful way they've reported and distorted the whole issue.CALLER: I mean the moral of the story is don’t trust a journalist if you are going to fraternise with them. They’re always out to get you.

Media Watch again
— Channel Nine, Nightline, 30 August 2005This was the next morning’s press. The front page of the Daily Telegraph’s first edition:Brogden’s Sordid PastDisgraced Liberal leader damned by secret shame file ExclusiveBy Luke McIlveenJohn Brogden was forced to quit the NSW Liberal leadership because a raft of fresh allegations of sexual misconduct was set to destroy his career.They include propositioning women for group sex and harassing Opposition staff at State Parliament. — First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005There’s more to come, but first let’s just see what Luke’s got on that group sex. It’s good salacious stuff, though a little bit old:It has now emerged that Mr Brogden suggested that two women have sex with him during a boozy Christmas party in his parliamentary office in 2003.It is understood Mr Brogden propositioned the young women on the couch of the leader’s office in Parliament.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1Luke doesn’t name the women, but tells us they were a TV and a radio journalist, he even has a quote from one of them."He jokingly made this suggestion about threesomes" one of the women said yesterday.The women yesterday revealed details of the night on the condition of anonymity.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1 and pg 4The rumour mill means that many people know the names of the women journalists that Luke is referring to.We’ve spoken to both. They say his account is a lie. Neither wishes their name to be public, but one woman told us:I would like to put on the record that I never came forward to the Telegraph with these accusations, never spoke with the Telegraph about these accusations, and certainly never gave quotes. What upsets me most is at no point did the Telegraph attempt to call me to give me a chance to set the record straight.— Email from anonymous journalist (2) to Media Watch Read the email to Media Watch in full here

The other women told us that Anna Patty from the Telegraph did ring the day before the story for details about what happened.She had heard the rumours. She said do you want to make a comment, and I said "No". So for Luke McIlveen to be publishing that story including quotes - They are completely and utterly fabricated.— Statement from anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch Read the statement to Media Watch in full here

And what about Brogden’s behaviour? Which Luke describes in detail:He began by complimenting the women … and told them they were so attractive they should be kept in a nunnery. Mr Brogden then suggested the trio should have sex.— First edition, Daily Telegraph, 31 August 2005, pg 1The women deny that this happened.John Brogden has never propositioned me. I have a respectful professional relationship with him. Nothing he has ever said to me socially has been taken as anything other than being in jest.— Anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch, EmailRead the email to Media Watch in full here

If I had ever felt sexually harassed by any public figure … I would have told it myself, not ‘given’ it to another media outlet and not waited two years!— Anonymous journalist (2) to Media Watch, EmailThe editor of the Daily Telegraph David Penberthy, told us that he stands by the Tele’s story and the quote. And goes on to say of the women:I have heard unconfirmed reports that these reporters may now be denying that they spoke to our reporter but there is no doubt that our reporter spoke to both of them, and that they revealed details that were the basis of this aspect of our story.— Email, David Penberthy, Editor, The Daily Telegraph to Media Watch, 3 September 2005But the women are unmoved.These statements are completely false. I never revealed details to The Daily Telegraph.— Anonymous journalist (1) to Media Watch, Email

Oh boy this man is a King Maker. Folks this is exactly the type of behaviour that is common to arse wipes like this. But More.
Our friends at Media Watch again.

CORBY DRUGS WERE MINESydney man named as star Bali witnessExclusiveby Luke McIlveenA Sydney man has made the explosive claim that the drugs seized from Schapelle Corby's luggage were intended for him.— The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005This week's joke is that Daily Telegraph front page 'exclusive'.A story that no paper with any self respect would give any credibility at all.Welcome to Media Watch, I'm Liz Jackson.Reporter Luke McIlveen's 'exclusive' was based on the word of William Miller, a self-confessed criminal whom Luke tells us:...demanded $250,000 for his story.—

The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005, pg 2 A man whose lawyer had told Luke McIlveen He doesn't know anything...— The Daily Telegraph, 27 July 2005, pg 2Later that day after the lawyer spoke to wire service AAP, the News Limited web site carried an even blunter assessment of William Miller:...a total bullshit artist who had tried this before… He will say anything to make a buck and this will devastate the Corby family… The bloke sits around reading newspapers and concocting false stories so he can try to sell them to the media.—,10119,16063087,00.htmlAnd Luke should have known this.

Well Luke you truly are a piece of Shit.
What of Darps mate and hero Mark Latham? Gee Mathew whose side is this bloke on?

Public Lecture by Mark Latham at the University of Melbourne, 27 September 2005

The commercial media do not like my book because it exposes them for what they are: voyeuristic and unethical. For some journalists, the problem runs even deeper. One of the telling aspects of the John Brogden tragedy in New South Wales was the involvement of the same group of media men who took such an unhealthy interest in my private life, namely Glenn Milne, Luke McIlveen and David Penberthy from News Limited and Damien Murphy from Fairfax. Quite frankly, Freud would have a field day with some of these characters.

Come on Darp FDB should expose this Journalist go for it.

How could FDB have missed this great bit of Journalism?,20867,20615816-7583,00.html

Classroom conspiraciesLuke McIlveen - The Daily TelegraphCONSPIRACY theories over the tragic sinking of the Siev X were being rekindled as part of a trendy campaign to hijack the Year11 modern history curriculum, chief reporter Luke McIlveen wrote.

The black-armband brigade wanted permission to give students a 35-page case study that included asking them: "Was the sinking of the Siev X and subsequent loss of life preventable?" There was too much conspiratorial claptrap drifting into NSW classrooms. The Sydney Church of England Girls Grammar School English faculty tried something similar recently when teachers decided that Shakespeare's Othello should be interpreted in a Marxist, racist and feminist context. "The obsession with left-wing causes is the reason our universities have largely become refuges for the welfare-dependent and socially inept ... Education is supposed to arm students with the facts and teach them the powers of reason. Only then can they make an informed decision to identify with the Left or Right or eschew politics altogether. Schools and universities should not be a vehicle for postmodern thinkers to use their positions as a means of replenishing the ranks of the Socialist Alliance." ( I call Nazi, what do you reckon Wezzil)
So what of the Banks and Lawyers at the Daily Telegraph?
EMBARRASSMENTS: Bangalore beat-up

While the rest of the world's media was bringing readers the chilling news that North Korea had set off a nuclear bomb, the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday devoted most of page 1 to a "special report" about how Aussie call centre jobs were being exported to India. The main target of the Terror's wrath was the ANZ bank, which the paper claimed was employing 1300 Indian call centre staff to service customers back home. Trouble is the report was completely wrong. And yesterday, in what must rank as the longest apology in Australian newspaper history, the Tele took out most of page 5 'fessing up that the ANZ did not have a call centre in India at all. The office pictured on page 1 was in fact a data processing centre.
But the apology wasn't enough. ANZ had on Monday repeatedly told the Tele what it planned to publish the next day was wrong, but not allowing the facts to spoil a good story, the Terror went ahead anyway (well, the paper had gone to great expense sending reporter Luke McIlveen to Bangalore for the beat-up.)

Crikey this guy is good.Dividing Australia: it ain't Muslims doing it

A few days later, News Limited launched a campaign against ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Mamdouh Habib. Luke McIlveen’s story was based on Mamdouh Habib running in Sydney’s City to Surf fun run while claiming a disability pension. To say it portrayed Habib in a negative light would be an understatement. It was a shame for McIlveen that he hadn’t got his facts right, with Centrelink claiming the Habib’s had not received a disability pension for seven month. It was a bigger shame for Habib who was stabbed by three masked men a week after a sustained campaign on talk back radio based on McIlveen’s story.

Whats this Luke got someone stabbed, a Muslim to boot. Bit like old Darpy getting Jim Harper bashed in Crwos Nest because of misleading info from FDB to The Australian. I don’t know what you think readers but Mathew Henderson Hau and FDB have a lot in common with Luke.

What about the NSW Privacy Commission$file/ReprtEd.doc

Office of the Privacy Commissioner

Special Report to NSW Parliament under section 65 of the
Privacy & Personal Information Protection Act 1998

Complaint by Student A and his father against Hon John Aquilina MP Mr Walt Secord Mr Patrick Low

7 May 2002

In the 60 Minutes interview Mr McIlveen said that the information about the alleged access to a gun seriously “magnified the story”. Mr Kelly also stated in that interview that the information about the alleged access to a gun “turned a good story into an extraordinary story”.

This information about Student A’s alleged access to a gun was later proved to be false and the question therefore follows, who was the source of the incorrect information about the gun and what steps were taken to verify it before it was made public? On 5 May 2001 Mr Luke McIlveen, political roundsman for the Australian newspaper, alleged in an article that a representative from the Minister’s office had confirmed the name of the school on 10 April to Ms Megan Miller, a journalist with Channel 7 (tab 3). On TCN 9’s 60 Minutes program Mr Luke McIlveen stated that on the day of the Minister’s statement he was given certain information relating to the matter by staff from the Premier’s office. I asked Mr McIlveen to describe the nature of the information provided and to identify the individual who provided the information. Mr McIlveen declined to provide a response. He said that he gave the 60 Minutes interview on the proviso that he would not reveal his sources.

Well we all know Luke’s mate knows all about weapons charges.

So FDB I give you Luke McIlveen Nazi Neo Con, go for the gold.

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Donny boy bars up big time…

Splash guard on standby...

duck monster
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“hahaha. As much as I loathe the daily terror, that article fucking hammers them.”

duck monster
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“And theres (Sic) more

From the ABC

Print-friendy versionPrint Email this storyEmail
Last Update: Monday, November 27, 2006. 3:45pm (AEDT)
Australia First stands for extremism, racism: Iemma

New South Wales Premier Morris Iemma says the extreme right-wing party Australia First has no credibility and will not attract many votes at the next election.

The party is standing a candidate in Cronulla, south of Sydney.

John Moffat is planning to run in Cronulla against Liberal MP Malcolm Kerr.

On Australia First's website, Mr Moffat says he is opposed to the "lunacy" of multiculturalism, which he describes as a "loathsome experiment" and the riots of last December were "correct."

Australia First was partly blamed for fuelling the riots.

Mr Moffat says he will mobilise the people of Cronulla to see their will implemented.

Mr Iemma says while they are entitled to stand a candidate, their support will be negligible.

"The overwhelming majority of voters know what they stand for and that's extremism and racism of the worst kind," he said.

Mr Iemma has again warned that police will take tough action against anyone causing trouble this summer.

duck monster
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Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:12 am
Post subject:

Anyone got a photo of this guy?

"I reckon it'd be revealing to go thru (Sic) the archives of cronulla (Sic) footage and see if he turns up."

WE reckon it’d be “revealing” if the World could observe little Donny Oorst masturbating furiously over his P.C. monitor.

Dear little Donny just luuurves beatin’ his meat over photos of “Neo-Nazis”

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

There are liars and then there are LIARS!

What did ‘raz’, close friend of ‘Rollo’, have to say on the latest smear piece in the Daily Terrorgraph?

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Posted: Sun Nov 26, 2006 8:33 pm
Post subject: article in the Telegragh on AusFirst Cronulla candidate

“Not bad at first glance. He lays into Moffat and Saleam and has a go about their "secrecy"

Even for a reporter with his notorious “attack dog” credentials, our Luke’s piece is particularly nasty and loose with the truth so it should come as no surprise that ‘raz’ likes his style. One might suppose a big liar would indeed be impressed by the magnificent achievements of an even greater liar.

From: The Daily Telegraph

November 27, 2006

White supremacists 'whipping up ethnic tensions'

By Luke McIlveen

WHITE supremacists are whipping up ethnic tensions in Sydney's Cronulla a year after the race riots, handing out hate pamphlets and plotting anniversary protests in a bid to cause a repeat of the December 11, 2005 violence.

White Supremacist is a meaningless term and is so hackneyed it should make even the dullest punter cringe with embarrassment. Where is our Luke getting all this? What are his sources? All this nonsense is pure bluff and the claim that the Australia First Party is planning to provoke violence is openly defamatory. The entire article is a scurrilous and grossly irresponsible piece of filth intended to cause alarm and provoke pre-emptive action against Australia First members by Islamist thugs. This is all part of the terror campaign the Multiculturalists will wage against White Nationalists using their lackeys in the Controlled Media.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the extreme right-wing Australia First Party - blamed for fuelling last year's riot - has found a local candidate to stand in the March state election.

“Extreme right-wing” is also a nonsensical term that should be treated with utter contempt. It reveals the writer as an immature and ill educated imbecile totally lacking in writing skills.

And who, precisely, “blamed” the Australia First party for “fuelling” last year’s “riot”? This writer would suggest it was only extreme Left Wing Marxists and Anarchists like the FDB Criminal Gang who have perpetuated this ridiculous myth and ensured it gained unwarranted currency through their contacts in the Controlled Media. This tactic of circular “sourcing” and self-referencing is endemic in the Multi-Cult Globalist clique and, due to its ham fisted ineptitude, fails miserably to lend credibility to their lies.

John Moffat, an aged-care worker who moved to the Sutherland Shire from the Eastern Suburbs five years ago, will stand against Liberal MP Malcolm Kerr.

Mr Moffat has promised to ban immigration and remove police from Cronulla.

"There is a hidden depth of anger in the Shire - multiculturalism is not working and we want to turn back the tide," Mr Moffat told The Daily Telegraph in a rare interview.

"A lot of white Australians turned out to celebrate their culture on December 11 last year but unfortunately, with the flow of suds, things went awry."

With financial backing from Australia First, Mr Moffat is letterboxing pamphlets promising to rid Australia of non-Anglo immigrants if he is elected.

The fanatical pamphlets warn that Australia has given in to "Asianisation" and brand Police Commissioner Ken Moroney a "multiculturalist" who persecuted white youths in the "civil uprising of December 11".

“Fanatical” eh? Hmmm, an interesting, as well as lurid, term. Most Australians are pretty much up to speed on who the true “fanatics” are. They haven’t seen too many examples of White Nationalists burning flags and effigies of political figures (oh, and the Pope), shrieking and pulling their hair out while chanting hateful slogans, spitting at Police, threatening Police and members of the public with assault, doing drive-by shootings on Police stations, turning gang rape into a sport or even shooting AK47’s into the air or strapping explosives to their backs. They have however witnessed many “people of Middle eastern appearance” performing these acts.

"Under Malcolm Fraser, the Liberal government imported supposed 'refugees' from Lebanon; these 'refugees' went on to form the Muslim enclave in Lakemba," the pamphlet adds.

I cannot fault this statement. Why was it reproduced? Does our Lukey boy seriously contest its truthfulness?

Bizarrely, the pamphlets also call on the Labor Party to explain whether its branch members were among the Middle Eastern thugs behind the revenge attacks which followed the riots.

Bizarre? I’ll tell you what’s “bizarre”. Enforced Multiculturalism, the euthanasia of the White Australian Culture and the expectation that there will not, and indeed must not, be any resistance whatsoever to this criminal creed of White Genocide!

Mr Moffat said he had received a wave of public support - but then admitted the response in the Shire was "fifty-fifty".

Despite claims of widespread support, Australia First goes to extraordinary lengths to protect its members, who can be contacted via post-office box and an anonymous mobile phone number.

After the harassment and physical assault that befell certain members of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party should it even be worthy of comment that Australia First endeavours to protect its membership? Apart perhaps that it is a disgrace that this should even be necessary. But this is the grim reality of Multicultural Australia for most Whites.

The Daily Telegraph met Mr Moffat in Cronulla yesterday. He was joined by notorious right-wing activist Jim Saleam, who heads Australia First.

Now that’s a good word, “notorious”, it covers a multitude of sins without offering a single fact.

Mr Saleam said: "Sydney is ethnically ghetto-ised and Cronulla has become a place that showed resistance to pro-immigration."

Nope. Can’t see any problem here either. Does our Luke actually HAVE a point?

In July, Mr Saleam was accused of trying to intimidate Sydney lawyer George Newhouse, a leading advocate for asylum-seekers.

Now this is priceless. The masters of intimidation accusing others of the same offence. Awww! Poor widdle George. Our Luke sounds more like an FDB member with every sentence.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

The Australia First Party is not registered in NSW so will sponsor Mr Moffat as an independent to run in the March election.

Asked if he was an unashamed racist, Mr Moffat said: "Racist is such an outdated word, I can't believe it's still being used.

"I'm doing my best to provide a lightning rod. Outsiders question why Cronulla is so white but they never ask why Lakemba is so Lebanese."

Damned fine point John!

Shrill hysteria pieces like this are sadly typical of the gutter journalism we have come to expect from our Multi-Cult Media and serve only to support increasingly draconian knee-jerk legislation from cynical career politicians whose tenure is largely dependent on the “ethnic vote” as well as lending tacit approval for more Anti-White hate crime. After all, the drooling imbeciles who believe these clumsily contrived urban myths are also slavishly credulous enough to believe those “rednecks” and “haters” and “neo-Nazis” deserve everything they get!

If this writer were a member of the Australia First Party or even simply a resident of The Sutherland Shire and suffered physical assault from “Men of Middle Eastern appearance” sometime over the next week or so he would hold Luke McIlveen personally responsible for sowing the seeds of pre-emptive Anti-White violence.

As for “whipping up ethnic tensions” this writer believes nothing achieves this more efficiently than shipping in boatloads of Black African primitives and dumping them in outer Western Sydney’s already struggling Working Class suburbs. The only “opportunities” this tactic offers to the wretched Negroids is opportunity for honing their criminal skills as they prey on the host society.

White Australia is being sacrificed on the altar of political expediency to please the little tin gods of Multiculturalism who bestow upon their worshippers the benefits of a meekly compliant, electronically lobotomised populace and a cheap labour force.

Do a Google search on our Luke and you’ll find some quite scathing criticism for his sensationalist, make it up as you go along, gutter tabloid journalism, much of it coming from his own Media peers. Even in an industry where credibility is not considered to be important at all it would seem the sheer degree of his lack of credibility is worthy of note. Interesting that the System still employs expendable stooges like this to do their hatchet jobs.

Jews Hack Storm Front!

Well they also used ddos attacks on the Left Wing nuts at Rev Left, and plan on shutting down Islamic sites also. At any rate you can't keep a good White Man Down.

Hackers group attacks American Neo-Nazi web site, and plans for more
Unidentified hackers staged distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack against Hackers claim to follow the guidelines set by Obadiah Shoher. denies affiliation with hackers, but lauds their job. More attacks to come.
Fed up with the government’s impotence in cracking down on Neo-Nazi and Islamist websites, international group of hackers decided to take the things in their own hands. Using nominally illegal but popular Internet technique of simultaneous pinging from millions of computers infected by otherwise harmless virus, the hackers will be shutting down hostile websites one at a time.
The attack against was launched today at 10a.m. EST, and within minutes brought the site down. The subsequent targets will be chosen based on ADL and MEMRI reports. The hackers aim at eventually crushing one anti-Semitic site a day.
Controversial Zionist hardliner Obadiah Shoher earlier justified lynching of Islamist mass media, “Enemies should be dealt with reciprocally, not liberally… If Islamic aims are unacceptable to the West and worth fighting, then propaganda supporting them is unacceptable… Neither the Israeli nor the American government would care if Shiites published a newspaper in London calling for overturning the Sunni regime in Afghanistan in the name of Islam, but they do care when the attack is aimed at them. There is no obligation to protect an enemy’s freedom of expression.”
For more information, contact the hackers at the anonymous address

PS do not email these Racist Jews unless you want to spend a week fixing your PC.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Donald Duck Monster the master Terrorist.

Yes folks WhiteLaw Towers staff thought, hey we have just about broke the back of FDB why not have some fun. Our target today will be…The one and only Duck Monster AKA Donald Oorst from Western Australia.

Our dear little Donald thinks himself to be a bit of a Revolutionary. Lets see who is Donald’s Hero? Gee what a surprise! His hero is not only a traitor like our little Donald but also a good Catholic Boy to boot.

Yes readers our Private Schooled Catholic educated punter from Fight Dem Back has a fetish for Terrorism. How you may ask? Donald’s little ditty under his Avatar explains all.
duck monsterRemember,remember, the fifth of November

Now many here are well aware of the last words spoken by Donald’s hero Guy Fawkes. For those of us who are not aware Guy Fawkes and a few of his buddies back in 1605 attempted to carry out the first Terrorist Bombing in recorded history. The cunning plan was to detonate an awful lot of Black Powder under Parliament House in Good Old England. Thus killing the then King James VI and his Protestant supporters. Not nice.

(Those bloody evil Catholics Donald. One must wonder if Dr Mark Copland went to the same school as Ducky Duck Monster? Hey it may have been the same Fascist Nun that abused them?)

Anyway just like FDB they were doomed to fail. It would seem that the conspirators and supporters Trusted The Wrong People, as they Could Not Keep A Secret. They thought God would ensure they would succeed. Talk about blind faith sound familiar Darpy? After Guy Fawkes was caught red-handed (pardon the pun) the other conspirators fled from the inevitable consequences. (Yep history repeating itself FDB, hey what has happened to Darp and Weezil?). In typical FDB logic the Traitors decided to make a last stand in Staffordshire. Unfortunately the gunpowder they had taken with them for the brave last-stand got wet. So they decided to dry it out in front of a large open fire. Well what do you know, the powder caught light. BOOM! By the time the Sheriff arrived the burnt and beaten traitors had no fight left in them. (A bit of a bastard when you find out that the main weapon to fight the enemy with is Null and Void. Bit like having the media turn its back on ya because you are nothing but dip shits with no jobs no credibility no bloody hope)

What became of Donald’s heroes?? Well they got the Traitors Death. Traitors Death you ask? Yep! First you got hung till near death. Then you had your balls cut off. Once you stopped squirming from that you had a small nick put in your side so they could pull your intestines out. Then they shoved their hand up into the chest and pulled out your heart. This was followed by a good old beheading. Once every one stopped cheering about the slow and agonizing death of a Traitor they cut them into sizeable chunks spreading these bits and pieces all over the country. Crikey, a bit rough by our standards?

So next November the 5th to be exact, help celebrate the death of Traitors and the demise of FDB.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Surprise, Surprise!

G20 violence 'surprised' Victoria Police

They’ve just got to be kidding, right?

Victoria Police chief Christine Nixon said the level of violence during the G20 demonstrations in Melbourne exceeded all expectations.

Sounds like Chrissy has been taking lessons from Kenny Moron(ey). You remember him dontcha folks? The Hero of Macquarie Fields? Our own home- grown NSW buffoon. Next she’ll be calling it a “disturbance” and condemning critics for daring to even question her obvious ineptitude.

Ms Nixon said nine officers were injured and seven people arrested during the mass rally with more arrests expected over the coming days.

“It was one of the most violent protests we have seen in Victoria in the last six years,” Chief Commissioner Nixon told ABC Radio.

All over the World there has been a steadily mounting increase in the viciousness of Leftist protests yet this Police Commissioner is “surprised”? Does she walk about with her eyes closed? Does she not read the news? She needs to get up to speed REALLY quickly. The normally very effective Victorian Police Force (their ‘one shot one kill’ statistics are quite impressive) appear to be going soft due to the debilitating effects of Leftist P.C. dogma.

If I were a serving Police Officer I would be lobbying my Union to lodge a complaint against the Police leadership for failing in their duty of care to their frontline officers who are constantly sent into battle zones such as this physically under-equipped as well as being at a severe tactical disadvantage due to the constraints of politically correct operational procedures.

Where were the whirling batons we saw at Cronulla? Where were the ruthlessly harsh tactics the NSW Coppers used on White protesters? I wonder how many of those handful who were arrested will actually serve custodial sentences. Not fuggin many methinks.

Also, hands up anyone out there who can name the last time we saw a violent Right Wing protest and no, the Cronulla People Power Protests do NOT count, they were the actions of a community under siege defending itself, only the gutless Islamist retaliatory attacks.

“The level of violence that we saw was not anticipated, we understood it was to be a peaceful protest.”

Well, I don’t know about you but I ALWAYS believe Anarchists and Trotskyites when they say they’ll behave. Bwahahahaha!

“We knew there was a fringe element but some of the violence ... and some of the emotion behind that, was above what we imagined.”

I for one am grateful this imbecile is not in charge of our Defence Forces.

Ms Nixon said police had been watching a number of known agitators who had flown into Melbourne for the demonstration but were unable to take action against them until they were seen to have broken the law.

She said the first priority of the police patrol was to protect the G20 conference and make sure people could not get through the barriers.

“The key issue was not letting the demonstrators through into the G20 and that's clearly what happened, they were really only at the outer barriers so we did the job we were asked to do,” she said.

Who, precisely, “asked” you to do anything this specific and limited? What about the job the law abiding Australian Taxpayers EXPECT you to do? Like round these FILTHY wasters up and prosecute every single one of them! Don’t go thinking you did a good job because you barely justified your existence on the weekend.

Ms Nixon said police were hindered by the location of the summit and make-up of protesters which included a large number of families.

So why is it any surprise the filthy Reds are using “Human shields” by dragging their kids along? They’ve been employing this tactic for decades now. Even the Trade Unions do it now with monotonous regularity.

Protest organiser Marcus Greville said the media focus on violent incidences during the rally was disappointing.

Oh, that’d be right, wouldn’t it? Chrissy’s “surprised” and he’s “disappointed”. Meanwhile the loony, and increasingly violent, Left would be “relaxed and comfortable” that they’ve got away with it yet again.

On ABC Radio, Mr Greville refused to condemn the violence.

He “refused”. Righty-ho then.

“The rally we organised was non-violent. I'm disappointed these people decided to embark on these things, but I don't think it should be detracting from the key reasons we were out there,” he said.

And here comes the rub…

“(But) I'm not prepared to outright condemn the violence,” he said.

Now that folks, as they say in the classics, is a mouthful!

Earlier reports said 10 police officers were injured during the protest on Saturday.

Friday, November 17, 2006

FDB and democracy - oil and water.

DuckMonster, aka Donald Oorst on fightdemback says, in relation to a planned Bikini march on Brunswick mosque to protest against the misogynist Religion of Peace and the attitudes of it's adherents in regards to women:
A couple of stages.

A) The FDB way. Who the *fuck* are these people. I want names, addresses, phone numbers, background checks the lot. *DONT* post that to this forum. Are there links to organised nazi groups like Australia first.

If we can show that this is linked in any way to the likes of Jim Saleam or whatever, its a no-show. Most people are disgusted by the likes of Saleam/van tongeran/weerheym and the more batshit neo-nazis, particularly in this climate of uncertainty over terrorism and the like, so anything associated that way is going to be an utter failure.

B) Get in contact with womens groups and put the argument forward. That this is a nazi inspired racism rally, and that women need to be taking the lead in shutting this shit down. The proof of all this is in the pudding. The only places so far that are aware of it are the nazi websites. If you look at the memetics of all this, and the fact that for instance we know they have spoken to Ben Weerheym, it is clear that its not just a redneck influence, but a criminal influence here. Point out the sort of stuff we found earlier, the rape sympathism of the movement, and get the girls to shut this shit down.

C) Talk to the council. This is a bullshit rally, that seeks to harass and intimidate the completely innocent muslim community of melbourne as collective punishment for some dopey old sunni guy in sydneys idiotic comment. This has potential for the sorts of anti-migrant violence other similar intentioned events such as the blood and honor gig. This cant go ahead unless with council aproval.

D) *IF* It gets to the media, answer it. Call them up and point out that its a racist and anti-woman affair, that theres genuine concern for the safety of people, considering the backgrounds of the melbourne nazi scene (ie Dane Sweetman, etc), and that it should be abandoned and condemmed as attempts by a crackpot minority to stir up race hate.

Just go for it.
If you didn't realise by now Donald, you fascist piece of shit, Australia is a free liberal democracy, where such expressions of political will are permitted. What exactly is FDB going to do with people's names and address'?, why do you need to know where people live? and FDB once again shows it's utter ideological myopia about what Muslims believe, they do hold the sentiments of Al-Hilali to heart. And what the hell does Dane Sweetman have to do with anything? , it amazes me to no end how on one hand fucktards like Donald can get so upset when somebody generalises about his pet minorities, but has no hesitation in doing the same thing himself, I guess though, that doublethink applies to all leftist toilet bowl scrappings that inhabit the cesspit that is FDB.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Mathew Henderson Hau the great pretender

Below is a well documented lie created by Mathew Henderson Hau in an attempt to smear Mr Jim Perren. In this totally fabricated story Mathew Henderson Hau used scraps of information supplied to him by people and persons known to WhiteLaw Towers Staff. In this shining example of FDB logic Henderson or another member of FDB try to impersonate a local resident of the Darling Downs.
How do we know this?

Clydesdale Joined: 13 Aug 2005 Posts: 4 PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote “I am a local resident of the Darling Downs”

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am

“Jim is well known in Crow's Nest for being somewhat strange. A nutcase is the better word. He once formed a community group opposed to the construction of 75 wind towers on properties surrounding the town. Whilst many people admired Jim for taking a stand, the group quickly fell apart when it became apparent just how loopy Jim is and the extent he was prepared to go to in order to stop these windfarms from happening. Though it still can't be proven and seen as I'm not using his surname here I suppose it doesn't matter. There was talk of people having their livestock poisoned if they accepted the wind towers on their property”

Well funny how old mate missed this one. Hope Jim Harper does not get attacked by anti fa terroists because of this. Whoops he did!

Crows Nest residents unhappy with wind farm mediation

Crows Nest Shire residents say developers have not produced the information needed to reach a compromise over a controversial wind farm development.

The Crows Nest and Rosalie Shire Councils, developers Energreen and six residents are in mediation over a plan to build 75 wind turbines.

The No Wind Farm group's Jim Harper says the developers have a lot more to do to make the talks succeed.

"The mediation process, which is a court-ordered process, brought to light a lot of the failures in the early processes this company was supposed to go through," he said.

"The industry-generated rhetoric makes a lot of outlandish claims and now they have been found wanting."

The ABC tried to contact Energreen for comment but was unsuccessful.

Oh please how dumb are the followers at FDB? My guess very dumb. Anyway some more from the so called Crows Nest local, clydesdale.

“Do the people of the Darling Downs support men in balaclavas roaming the streets of Toowoomba and threatening Sudanese refugees? NO.”

After months of investigation by local and federal authorities not one, I repeat not one single white person from the Darling Downs has been questioned or arrested from this false allegation used first by Dr Mark Copland.

In a letter dated August 23rd 2005 Dr Mark Copland makes this claim.

“I have personally witnnessed racist attacks upon the peace loving people in their homes in Toowoomba. Last week (note this would be the same week that clyesdale joined fdb) a widow with children was forced to move house due to aggressive approaches from a number of individualls wearing balaclavas.”

What conspiracy?

So during July/August 2005 the same month that Greg Roberts and the Toowoomba Chronicle write a complete pack of lies about Mr Perren and the WPCA we have Dr Mark Copland witnessing the above crime. Gee, talk about coincidence.

So do we ask Dr Mark Copland if he is clyesdale or do we let Mathew Henderson Hau explain these strange coincidences? While we are at it Mathew how about your claims of stolen firearms in THAT EMAIL? What about your claims in THAT EMAIL about poisoined cattle and the destruction of Wind Mills? Funny how that email pre dates clyesdale joining fdb. Nahh we will let the lawyers kick that one around.

Lets do a count down using the media and FDB to highlight what exactly happened in Toowoomba and how FDB ran the show with Dr Mark Copland.

Racial hatred, direct to you

12th July 2005

EXTREME right-wing racist propaganda, linked to a Harlaxton post office box, is being circulated in Toowoomba.

Social campaigners are considering whether the material should be referred to the police.

Material includes brochures promoting white women as an "endangered species" and a pamphlet, The Nationalist, subtitled "The Voice of the White Pride Coalition of Australia".

It contains a Harlaxton PO Box as a contact, along with an off-shore web site.

Disability Advocacy and Support Centre barrister Dan Toombs yesterday said the material was a clear contravention of Section 18c of the Racial Vilification Act.

The section states: "It is unlawful for a person to do an act if it is reasonably likely to offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate another person or a group of people, if the act is done because of the race, colour or national or ethnic origin of another person".

Mr. Toombs and Catholic Diocese executive officer Mark Copland are appalled.

Both are members of the Social Justice Commission and will consider the best course of action at its next meeting.

"The views of extreme right-wing groups such as the White Pride Coalition of Australia have no place in a modern society," Mr Copland said.

He recalled an African refugee family, newcomers to Toowoomba, driven from their Harristown home in fear last year after being the target of a "strategically" placed letter-box drop. (crap)
"I have personally witnessed the fear and disruption that racist attacks have had upon families living in this city," he said. (Then how about you report it to the police, they sure as hell would like to know)
The White Pride Coalition website states its aim is to achieve "a Globally United White Front to combat the lies and bring down the Jewish/Zionist Government and Media Establishments and restore Whites to the positions of power that they are rightfully entitled to. Uniting many Organizations under the one banner of ‘White Pride’!"

But Mr. Copland said: "Thankfully the sentiments of this lunatic fringe have little sway with the broader Toowoomba community." (Wonder what he thinks of intelligent statements made in the FDB forum)
Harmony Day events are embraced throughout the city and schools across the region recently celebrated the National Week of Reconciliation and National Aboriginal and Islander Day of Commemoration (NAIDOC) Week.

"The best thing that we can do to combat this pathetic campaign of hate is to go out of our way to celebrate our diversity, throw down the welcome mat to each other and gain an insight into the beauty of the human family," Mr. Copland said.

Now this is about the time old Mathew Henderson sticks his head in to share info with our friend Dr Mark Copland.
FDB was alerted to this story using information from SF Down Under then contacts Dr Mark Copland and Jason Purdie editor of the Toowoomba Chronicle.

Net closes on racists


NAZI hunters are using the Internet to track white supremacists and believe Toowoomba’s hate mail campaign is the work of a Crows Nest man.

The online hunt has unearthed an Internet alias, an age, occupation, and personal detail down to a swastika on his motorcycle and a curious affiliation with a Returned Services League. (Hey what Swastika on what bike? Someone is confused. Interesting to note that a SF Down Under member back in 2005 by the name of Ship Wreck did have a Motor Bike with a swazi. Hey he even used it on his avatar)
Mat Henderson-Hau, the campaign co-ordinator Fight Dem Back!, is missing one key element in exposing the culprit — the man’s name. (No he had it, just needed to make up some more bs oh that damn email again)

His group’s focus stems from the distribution of a brochure promoting white women as an endangered species and attached pamphlet, The Nationalist, subtitled The Voice of White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA). (No charges have ever been laid)
A Harlaxton post office box and an offshore website are the listed contacts.

"Our specialty is the online surveillance of neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan and yes, the WPCA is one of our main focuses. They make a habit of stickering my street and surrounds on a regular basis," Mr Henderson-Hau said. (Do they now? I thought Darp blamed it on the PYL)
Most recently the 29-year-old man’s car was extensively vandalised. Death threats, he says, are not uncommon. (Oh no someone snapped his car arial in Sydney, how about that. Mathew Henderson has even spoken about this heinous crime)
"We don’t want these people thinking they can go around putting things in people’s letter boxes, or putting up posters, and for there to not be a reaction to it. (Yes like putting bombs in Karl Thompson’s mothers letter box early this year, yep the same guy that Henderson tried to have killed)
"We’ve already got them online bragging about what they’ve done in Toowoomba," he said.

The WPCA yesterday deactivated access for new members to prevent infiltration of its website.

Advocacy and Support Centre barrister Dan Toombs ruled the material was a contravention of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Executive officer of the Social Justice Commission for the Catholic Diocese of Toowoomba Mark Copland was appalled.

And the pair have been pondering the next step. (Yep I’m sure Dr Copland will regret this)
Meanwhile, Mr HendersonHau, and his band of 300 Fight Dem Back! surfers, are trailing footprints over the Internet. (300??? Come on!)
"The Internet changes everything — he’s up there is South-East Queensland, I’m down here in Sydney — I can still have an effect on what he does and these people need to realise that," he said. (Really? You had your chance to have an effect this year at the Sydney Forum)
He says he is aware of a KKK presence in southern Queensland. Any information can be submitted anonymously via the Internet site (Lovely the lawyers just loved this one)

Mmmmm interesting what does FDB say about this?

Fight dem back has fast become an invaluable resource in the fight against race-hate organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

The first we knew about the Toowoomba incident was when some concerned locals came to us via Google and asked for our assistance.

We've done what we can.

How about lie, create media hype and generally be a bunch of losers.

What can they do next, one must ask? Ohh I know bring in the HREOC and harass the RSL.

Group to examine race hate claims


By Susan Searle A COMPLAINT has been lodged with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission, just two days shy of a planned gathering of white supremacists in our midst.

Executive officer of the Social Justice Commission of the Catholic Diocese Mark Copland yesterday complained to the Federal authorities about offensive material, linked to a Harlaxton postal box and the White Pride Coalition of Australia (WPCA).

"The material is clearly defamatory and racially vilifying people...we will now follow the processes," he said.

Barrister Dan Toombs earlier this week deemed the brochure and a copy of The Nationalist subtitled The Voice of WPCA circulating the city, was a breach of the Racial Discrimination Act.

The letterbox drop also coincides with an alarming escalation in racist stickers in the CBD, according to Mr Copland.

Online anti-race hate surveillance group Fight Dem Back! yesterday continued monitoring the white supremacist groups.

Co-ordinator Mat HendersonHau claimed to be closing in on a Crows Nest man who could be responsible for the action.

He said the WPCA website featured the Internet alias planning a meeting "here in Red Neck country" tomorrow.

"We have been generously donated an industrial site to hold the meetings out here. With all the modern conveniences for the city folk," it said.

A cautious Mr Copland does not want to generate any fear in the community. (Yes he sure does)
"Let’s keep it in perspective. With the majority of people this doesn’t wash at all," he said.

"In Toowoomba we’re proud we’ve got diversity and we support it."

Crows Nest police officer Sergeant Neil Gilloway said he was unaware of any meetings planned for this weekend.

But if anyone has any information, he said, they could contact the police station on 46981420 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Meanwhile, Crows Nest RSL president Neville Kleidon yesterday sought to defuse any links between his members and white supremacists.

"There is no room in our organisation for that type of rot," he said.

"As president I would pull anyone up very quickly."

About now Mathew Henderson is really onto something here. I wonder who he can find to peddle his BS. Looks like the Chronicle doesn’t want to get caught up in his experiment to defame. Step up to the podium Greg Roberts.

Neo-Nazis target refugeesBy Greg RobertsJuly 23, 2005

RIGHT-WING extremists in Australia with strong ties to the international neo-Nazi movement are targeting refugees from Africa in a new race-hate campaign.A group called the White Pride Coalition has established a cell in the Queensland city of Toowoomba, where 750 Sudanese refugees have been resettled.

One family was forced to leave its home after being harassed, and people have been pelted with rotten eggs and potatoes.

Gee what happened to the Balaclavas?

About now after listening to all BS from FDB the Toowoomba Editor Jason Purdie steps up to the plate and publishes a PRIVATE letter marked CONFIDENTIAL.

MY MATES from the White Pride Coalition of Australia dropped me a line this week over our coverage of their Harlaxton PO Box (which seems to belong to a Crows Nest man).

I should say from the outset the envelope had a return PO Boxto Wentworthville, NSW, and was stamped `CONFIDENTIAL' on both sides. However, anyone who sends me venomous, racist propaganda should be aware that such confidences won't be respected particularly if the author is too gutless to back up their position with an actual name.

He thinks he’s on a winner here. But alas to the disappointment of FDB, Dr Mark Copland and Jason Purdie the readers of the Toowoomba Chronicle do not give a toss. Must be all those arm chair racists on the Darling Downs you mention Mathew in that email?

Lots of laughs going on at FDB. Gee fellas they were the days. Good times, good times.
Things get very sloppy here, not so private emails from Mathew, and much more that White Law staff do not wish to reveal at this time. Needless to say that FDB and the crusaders of Multiculturalism must be drunk on victory. Hey they nailed these guys good and proper. No one is going to give a damn that it’s all BS. Anyway on with the FDB BS machine.

Bring in the big guns. Well at least a paper that people read.
From the Sunday Mail.

Visit defuses race tensions

By David Murray and Jessica Lawrence31jul05

A FEDERAL Government Minister has visited Toowoomba in a bid to defuse simmering racial tension in the city.

Multicultural Affairs Minister John Cobb's visit follows the circulation of racist material in the city, home to 750 Sudanese refugees.

Toowoomba's leaders are furious that the actions of a few have tarnished the city's refugee success story.NSW National Mr Cobb blasted "idiot" right-wing extremists who claim to be on a recruitment drive in Queensland, saying it was them – not the Sudanese refugees – who were not welcome.

Interesting in the light of this?

How things change in 12 months. I doubt any one from the office of Multicultural affairs gives a rat’s bum about the victim who has been raped.

Again FDB in particular Mathew Henderson try to expand on the fear and hatred they have fabricated with this gem. No wonder he needed to clean his pants out when confronted by QLD White Nationalist a few months ago.

"Last week we reported that a slightly unhinged member of the White Pride Coalition of Australia was heading to Sydney to settle a few scores."

"The latest update on this slightly frightening situation is that 'Stug111′ left his home town of Crows Nest in southern Queensland four days ago en-route (allegedly) to Sydney."

"Both the Queensland and NSW police services are attempting to ascertain his whereabouts."

Yes folks another lie. No Police were looking into anything. Just another BS story to rally the troops and show the FDB members how brave Mathew Henderson is. He risked his life for this you know.

In reality this is what happens when someone would like to meet up with Mathew.

Interesting to note that Mathew Henderson Hau falsely claims that Mr. Perren now threatened him. More lies. But what do you expect from these creatures. What’s that more defamation?

Back to 2005.
What next can they do to stop these evil bastards in QLD? No wonder Mathew said this in a private email. “ He is the most dangerous and evil Nazi in Australia”
Crickey he even believes his own lies.

Race-hate campaigner unmasked

Greg RobertsAugust 22, 2005

THE man behind a race-hate campaign in southern Queensland has been identified as a professional kangaroo shooter from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest.

Police are tracking the movements of Jim Perren, 38, after anti-racism campaigners contacted them to register concern about his activities.

This fabrication is worth noting. It will be the downfall of many. Not only do they attack Mr. Perren but use false info from the likes of FDB. Dr Mark Copland, Albino Thiik Sudanese Community Leader from Toowoomba used this story in an attempt to have the real victims Darren Abbott and Jim Perren brought in front of the HREOC. More on that can be found and here and here

That leads us to the current climate in Toowoomba. No arrests of Nazis, no arrests of Fascists, no burning crosses. Nothing at all from these dangerous elements of society. Is the pro white message getting out in Toowoomba? You be the judge.

And what’s the talk of the street in Toowoomba? Is it evil Nazis? Or maybe about roaming mobs of white youth attacking refugees? Nope. The exact opposite. People are seeing for themselves the wonders of Multiculturalism.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Time to apply the whip, Weezil.

Sadly, old Darpy boy (Remember him, kiddies? He actually founded FDB) has lately become about as relevant and meaningful as those silly little Chinese symbols young fashion victim White Women get tattooed on the napes of their necks or those extra packets of bolts & nuts you get with flat-pack furniture kits. I believe the appropriate terms are redundant and surplus to requirements. Don’t bother trying to understand because there is no meaning anyway.

Perhaps Weezil, the ruthless and self appointed FDB Party Whip, needs to do a little less head kicking of his own membership (Hello Cam!) and concentrate on teaching his minions a little about spelling and grammar or at least how to run a spell-check. FDB is starting to look very tatty round the edges of late and distinctly low-rent in the intelligence department.

After all, he is a qualified ‘journalist’ you know.


Oh, he’s got a ‘machine gun keyboard’ alright. The incompetent buffoon uses it to shoot himself in the foot (both deformed, crippled feet actually) on a daily basis. I expect sitting in your bedroom all day sniffing your own farts will do that to you. But seriously folks, dear Donny would benefit the most from some careful tutoring. He really has let the standards slip over there at Flog Da Baton.

Let’s examine one of his most recent posts. Just for a laugh. And remember folks, this is a (supposedly) university educated person (certified idiot) who constantly sneers at White Nationalists for being “dumb”, note the “mouth breathers” (yes that’s two words Donny) slur which he stole from old Kromlek anyway, truly Pathetic.

duck monster
Remember,remember, the fifth of November
Joined: 14 May 2005Posts: 1997
Posted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 8:21 am
Post subject:
Its (Sic) a fucking shame that these mouthbreathers (Sic) probably havent (Sic) got a nickle (Sic) to rub between them. Darp could make a an (Sic) absolute fortune off sueing (Sic) the fuck out of krombo and jim (Sic) for defamation. No Jim, calling the police and reporting comedy blog entrys (Sic) and just plain making shit up wont get darp arrested, it'll get you done for hindering police whith (Sic) vexatious libelous nonsense. Fact: The Australian police have NEVER investigated FDB, because they dont (Sic) have a reason to.The simple fact we retain a good working relationship with them post cronulla (Sic) should indicate somethig. (Sic) If you are just going to make shit up Jim/Krombo, at meast (Sic) make it plausible, you dickhead.

Phew! Kyle Chapman, eat your heart out. There’s simply no excuse, particularly with modern technology, for incompetence of this abysmal level. Donny boy must try harder.

Perhaps try typing with both hands Donny boy? Yes, we know that means letting go of your tossle, but it’s the only way ahead ducky.

Ha ha ha

Hypocrisy Inc

Next time you hear a typical, retarded Leftist Multi Cult advocate whining on about how “un-Australian” and “hateful” it is to celebrate White Australian Culture and to wish for a viable future for our White children in a morally fit and healthy nation, just take a good look at them because you might just see them again in the not too distant future in very different circumstances.

Next time you read one of these Leftist misfits banging on about the basic “reactionary” nature, selfishness or “immorality” of Nationalism, Patriotism and racial pride just think about what was recently revealed regarding a certain Mr. Milton Orkopoulos’ activities.

This was the very same creature who not all that long ago was in the media for some very different reasons when, as an honoured speaker, he attended a so-called “Women’s peace rally” at Cronulla on Sunday 26th March 2006 and railed against what he referred to as the racists, rednecks and haters of the Sutherland Shire.

Just think that while he was spouting this Multi-Cult Globalist dogma this faggot filthpig was violating the arses of little boys. Just picture in your mind, if you will, the conga line of Leftist swill that make up the Australian Multi Cult lobby, including FDB, all hanging out of each other’s arses like the septic shit-dicks they are. What a typical Lefty swine. Orkopoulos should have been a senior patron of FDB like Andrew Bartlett, but hey, perhaps he was!

Well, who is immoral now? Who is the criminal in need of the “harshest possible punishment” now? Who should be hunted down and “shown no mercy” now? Who needs to be “taught a lesson” now?

So yet another Multi-Cult criminal has been exposed. So what is the greatest lesson we White Nationalists can learn from this? These scum, these filth, these vermin, these slime, these scum sucking bottom feeders are nothing. They are less than nothing, so how come they seem to have everyone bluffed? Our duty? To challenge these bluffing buffoons at every opportunity, resist, and resist often. Go hard!

Despite all their vile propaganda directed against the Right by the likes of FDB it is actually the Left that is literally rotten, and always has been, with Sodomites, Pederasts and any number of other predatory criminal types. It goes with the very nature of permissiveness rampant in so-called “progressive” politics. The Left despises normalcy of any kind and, just like rust, their corrosion never sleeps.

All White Nationalists know if the politician in question had been a conservative, the Fight Dem Back loons would have been crowing and strutting about like Rhode Island roosters but don’t expect more than deafening silence on this one. As with all things of an embarrassing nature to the Left, the FDB comedy troupe go into deep denial mode but if you listen very carefully you can still hear their ring-pieces twitching with the abject terror only certain knowledge of impending defeat can invoke.

Christmas is coming girls, and with it a nasty little surprise (or two) for FDB.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Toowoomba Race Hate Rape Update

From The Toowoomba Chronicle:

Man, 20, refused bail in rape case


A 20-YEAR-OLD man dragged a woman off Ruthven Street into a car park where he sexually assaulted her, police alleged in Toowoomba Magistrates Court yesterday.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Morrie Turner told the court the man was not known to the 22-year-old woman who was saved only by the intervention of two passers-by.

Sergeant Turner said identity was not an issue as the man had allegedly admitted the act to police, but had claimed the incident was consensual.

Police allege the man attacked the woman in a car park at the corner of Ruthven and Joseph streets in the early hours of Saturday and ran off after two people answered the woman’s cries for help.

The defendant, who by law cannot be named unless committed to trial on the charges, was of Sudanese background and in Australia on a humanitarian refugee visa, Sergeant Turner said.

When arrested early Saturday morning on a traffic matter, he had allegedly threatened police and bitten an officer when being processed through the watchhouse, he said.

Police objected to the man s application for bail on the grounds of the seriousness of the charges.

The man, who followed the court proceedings via an interpreter on a telephone hook-up, has not been required to enter pleas to charges of rape, indecent assault, assaulting police, contravening a police requirement, obstructing police, and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

Duty solicitor Isaac Munsie said his client had no previous criminal history, had a home in Toowoomba at which he could reside and would comply with all reporting conditions if granted bail. His client would seek a full brief of evidence from the police to view the allegations.

Magistrate Greg McIntyre refused bail and remanded the man in custody to appear back in the same court on January 9 for committal mention.

And so now a White Woman, on top of her humiliation, waits to find out exactly which exotic disease she’s undoubtedly contracted from this African cultural enrichment ambassador.
Will it be the big one HIV/AIDS or will it be Tuberculosis, Hepatitis or some other wretched disease endemic to these Black Africans?

Police Nab rape Suspect.

Police Nab rape Suspect.

BY Peter Hardwick Toowoomba Chronicle.
A 20-YEAR-OLD man charged with rape arising from an incident in Toowoomba s CBD at the weekend appeared briefly in the city's Magistrates Court yesterday.
The man, who cannot be named at this stage, is charged with the rape of a 22-year-old woman in a car park at the corner of Ruthven and Joseph streets in the early hours of Saturday morning.
Officer in charge of Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch, Detective Senior Sergeant Graham Hall, said police would not be releasing detailed information on the matter because it had only just come before the court.
However, it is alleged the man had first approached the woman outside the CBD Tavern earlier in the evening.

A short time later, two people on Ruthven Street said they heard a woman's cries for help and went to investigate.
The two people who came to the woman's aid told police they found the man and woman in the car park and the man had then run off.
Police found the man later in the morning after he was stopped for a traffic matter.
Detective Senior Sergeant Hall said the man became agitated with police and, while being processed at the watchhouse, allegedly had bitten a policeman.
During his appearance in court yesterday, the 20-year-old was not required to enter pleas to charges of rape, indecent assault, serious assault (biting), contravening a police requirement, obstructing police and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.
Duty solicitor Isaac Munsie told the court the defendant came from a Sudanese background and that he was having trouble obtaining proper instructions from his client.
Mr Munsie asked for an adjournment so an interpreter could be arranged for his client.
There being no application for bail yesterday, magistrate Greg McIntyre remanded the man in custody to reappear in court this morning.

Yes readers not exactly the story we at Whitelaw Towers are happy to report. But I think a huge I told you so is in order. As we have already spoke about at length on this Blog and the Victor Whitelaw Blog, Toowoomba is under attack. The genius of this attack Dr Mark Copland is not exactly knocking at the door of the editor this time around.

Unlike the past Dr Copland is very quiet about this. No matter how much spin the good Dr puts on this it reads bad news for the Multi Cult Nazis and groups like FDB.

What we can guarantee is that this story will not be covered in The Australian or the Courier Mail in Brisbane. We can also assure our readers that Greg Roberts from the Australian will not track down Sudanese community spokes person Albino Thiik . On top of this no Federal Ministers will fly into Toowoomba to offer help to the victim or crisis talks with the White Community.

What can we expect from this story? Sadly not much. In the same paper on the same day we have Dr Copland pleading for the life of Saddam Hussein. The same man who falsely accused White Supremists of attacking Sudanese. The same man who organised meetings with Dr John Casey to silence critics of the Sudanese refugee problem in Toowoomba. The same man who sourced lies from agents of hate FDB. Such a good Christian?

Will he now come out and say this is an isolated incident? The Toowoomba Chronicle reported the day before the above story broke that. “rapes in Toowoomba had increased 84% (81 rapes reported, up from 44 in 2004/05) and other sexual offences were up 12%.

The one time editor of The Toowoomba Chronicle Jason Purdie had a well-known policy of killing stories that mentioned Sudanese crimes. In fact a reporter from the Chronicle was heard to say that this was an every day occurrence. How many other crimes have gone unreported? Why would Dr Mark Copland say publicly that groups such as the White Pride Coalition would need to be countered with positive news stories about the Sudanese?

The bottom line is that people such as FDB and Dr Mark Copland would destroy all before them rather than admit that Multiculturalism is a disaster.

Lets Talk Defamation Mathew.

Yes folks our old friends at Fight Dem Back have taken a few hits of late. In typical FDB fashion, that is non-intelligent gibberish, Mathew Henderson who is reportedly being investigated by Law Enforcement has decided he wants to play. Yep our brave friend who declined to meet with White Nationalists in Sydney this year has now come out swinging. Well, waving his limp wrist anyway.

In a feeble attempt to defuse the latest news from The Queensland Free Press FDB have gone a bit strange. Lets have a look see.

Mathew Henderson aka Darp.

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2006 3:50 am Post subject: The NEW Victor Whitelaw

Just something that needed a little bump.

Clydesdale Joined: 13 Aug 2005 Posts: 4 PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2005 1:54 am Post subject: Reply with quote I am a local resident of the Darling Downs and I would like to take issue with "Kromleks" claim of support for the racist WPCA campaign in our local area. Do the people of the Darling Downs support men in balaclavas roaming the streets of Toowoomba and threatening Sudanese refugees? NO. In one instance a widow and her three children were threatened with a beating if they did not get out of town. Do the people of the Darling Downs support racist literature being posted about the area which claims that Jews are responsible for all the world's ills? NO. Whilst I presume that the WPCA have been contacted by a handful of One Nation supporting morons throughout this campaign of theirs, they should not interpret pats on the back from these people as a go ahead to continue their campaign of violence and bigotry. I would also like to take issue with Kromlek's claim that "Stug" is a law abiding white man. I will call Stug by his real name of Jim for the time being. Jim is well known in Crow's Nest for being somewhat strange. A nutcase is the better word. He once formed a community group opposed to the construction of 75 wind towers on properties surrounding the town. Whilst many people admired Jim for taking a stand, the group quickly fell apart when it became apparent just how loopy Jim is and the extent he was prepared to go to in order to stop these windfarms from happening. Though it still can't be proven and seen as I'm not using his surname here I suppose it doesn't matter. There was talk of people having their livestock poisoned if they accepted the wind towers on their property. I don't believe that Jim is a law abiding 'white man' either. A number of years ago, a family friend of ours (who is a gun collector) got in contact with Jim regarding the sale of a very old Australian WWII pistol (or WWI, I can't remember). Jim was in possession of this artefact and he sold it on to our family friend. Now our friend is very well versed in military lore and guns and upon inspecting the weapon uncovered the fact that the gun was in fact property of the Milne Bay Military Museum in Toowoomba, a place where Jim worked part time at the time. Our friend returned the property to it's rightful owner and didn't make a big fuss of things. However, Jim no longer worked at the museum after that. During the transaction process of buying the gun, Jim also invited our friend to a Cross Burning celebration. Our friend declined. I raise this issue here because I am curious as to what Jim's cohorts in the white pride movement would think of such a person who stole Australian military artefacts, stole the property of our diggers who fought and died for this country and sold it on for personal gain? That is probably the most un-Australian, un-patriotic thing I've ever heard of, it's disgusting and based on those facts alone, Jim deserves everything that is coming to him. Back to top View user's profile Send private message

As has been mentioned at length by the founder of White Law Towers this complete thread has been proven to be a total work of fiction. Not a single scrap of it is true. Mathew Henderson knows this. In fact the QLD bureau of White Law Towers know exactly who Clydesdale is. Ever wondered why he no longer posts on FDB? Unlike our pet Law Student, Mathew Henderson, old Clydesdale understands the true meaning of defamation. Lets see whom else Mathew Henderson has put in firing line when it comes to defamation up in QLD. Here is one, Mark Copland. Yes darpy boy because of your false and misleading BS from FDB other fellow travellers of your crusade are going to have to make a few apologies. I would guess the first person they will say they sourced the info from would be you old son. Wonder what the briefs at The Australian will say about all this?

Yes readers, one thing the staff have at White Law Towers has is real Lawyers. Hey they have been going hard collecting info since 2005. The problem is that FDB keep making more work for them. Don’t let us stop them from shooting themselves in foot.

Further to this FDB, we understand every time you threaten anyone with legal action it is common knowledge that this is code for we do not know what to do, lets hope this stops them. As you know the Whitelaw Towers do have legal advice, just ask Greg Roberts. Oh that’s right he has already told you. So keep up the good work FDB. In the end the person who will be responsible for all the silly remarks from other members at FDB will be the founder.

Be sure Darpy we will let Clysdale, Mr Jim Harper along with Mr Perren know that you have decided to bring this thread back. We will also contact the Museum in Question and the Army. Lets see what they think of you defaming them?

While we are on the same subject lets have a poke at the Minister for talking rubbish Donald Orst AKA Duck Monster. In another thread started by FDB to try and boost morale we get this gem.

Its a fucking shame that these mouthbreathers probably havent got a nickle to rub between them. Darp could make a an absolute fortune off sueing the fuck out of krombo and jim for defamation.

Now only a simpleton would believe this. Law enforcement and lawyers know that you guys at FDB have no credibility at all. Even the staunchest FDB supporter must be starting to question the complete operation. Maybe Donald should ask Mathew Henderson about the not so private email he sent last year concerning Mr Perren? And how Darp in a panic later contacted the original recipient of that email asking for a copy. To bad Whitelaw Towers have the only existing copy. Nasty stuff, and of course complete and utter lies. Fancy putting your name to that? Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed our Mathew.

I’m afraid readers that when it comes to high IQ’s the Ring Leader and his stage clowns are lacking. The total FDB forum reads like a bunch of High School kids talking at Schoolies week.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Race Hate Crime in Toowoomba

From the Toowoomba Chronicle:

Police nab rape suspect


BY Peter Hardwick

A 20-YEAR-OLD man charged with rape arising from an incident in Toowoomba s CBD at the weekend appeared briefly in the city's Magistrates Court yesterday.

The man, who cannot be named at this stage, is charged with the rape of a 22-year-old woman in a car park at the corner of Ruthven and Joseph streets in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Officer in charge of Toowoomba Criminal Investigation Branch, Detective Senior Sergeant Graham Hall, said police would not be releasing detailed information on the matter because it had only just come before the court.

However, it is alleged the man had first approached the woman outside the CBD Tavern earlier in the evening.

A short time later, two people on Ruthven Street said they heard a woman's cries for help and went to investigate.

The two people who came to the woman's aid told police they found the man and woman in the car park and the man had then run off.

Police found the man later in the morning after he was stopped for a traffic matter.

Detective Senior Sergeant Hall said the man became agitated with police and, while being processed at the watchhouse, allegedly had bitten a policeman.

During his appearance in court yesterday, the 20-year-old was not required to enter pleas to charges of rape, indecent assault, serious assault (biting), contravening a police requirement, obstructing police and failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis.

Duty solicitor Isaac Munsie told the court the defendant came from a Sudanese background and that he was having trouble obtaining proper instructions from his client.

Mr Munsie asked for an adjournment so an interpreter could be arranged for his client.

There being no application for bail yesterday, magistrate Greg McIntyre remanded the man in custody to reappear in court this morning.

Well it had to happen, didn’t it? Despite all the hand wringing apologists locked in their spasms of denial and the best efforts of the Multi Cult activists to repress whatever negative information they possibly could (hello Jason Purdie) the dreadful truth has finally got out.

How many more violent crimes, including rape of our White Women, have to be endured before the general population wakes up to the fact that these retarded ape-men, with surplus adrenaline and testosterone raging in their veins and little to zero impulse control, are simply inassimilable into our society?

This writer has absolutely no doubt this story would never have seen the light of day at the Toowoomba Chronicle, regardless of whether the perpetrator’s ethnicity was revealed or not, on Jason Purdie’s watch. Oh, by the way, how’s Tassie, Jase? Under precious Purdie’s editorship the Chronicle became known as the graveyard of truth among certain contributing journalists whose stories were shot down the memory hole.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal’s Forum:

Darp Hau
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Posted: Sat Nov 04, 2006 10:35 pm
Post subject: Who is the better Victor Whitelaw?

“With Jim, you get someone who is actually deluded enough to think that Australian society actually gives a fuck what some bloke shooting roos out the back of buggery actually thinks about things.”

The asinine nature of this recent statement by Mathew Henderson-Hau is highlighted by the fact that many months ago, the White Nationalist and proud Aussie Patriot, Jim Perren, warned of the terrible certainty this precise crime would happen and was sneered at and derided by the mob of moral cowards, deviants and perverts at Fight Dem Back. Despite the fact it is a hollow victory to be proved right by such a vile crime and at the expense of an innocent victim, Jim and his loyal comrades feel they have been fully vindicated.

The criminals of Multiculturalism, aided by their willing lackeys in the controlled media and FDB, have been working around the clock to suppress bad news stories like this about their precious program of White Genocide but now the truth is beginning to prevail.

Further to the subject of rape. Rape is not a sex crime. It is a hate crime. It is a violent statement of power by a male against a female. It says, through my superior strength I totally own you. I can violate your body and there’s not a damned thing you can do about it.

With the actions of the primitive Negroid the gross act of interracial rape goes one step further with its shocking impact. It is the highest hate crime of all, the greatest taboo. It is also the ultimate political statement against White Humanity. Your Men are weak. They cannot protect you. I can enter your body and deposit my filthy, diseased seed deep inside you just as a mangy tomcat takes a female in the alley.
Also, there could indeed, as suggested elsewhere, be a case for legal action against the Australian Government agencies responsible for bringing these creatures into the country for failing in their duty of care to its citizens.

I suggest someone also look into the feasibility of a class action. God knows there have been enough victims of Black African crime, intimidation and violence. The mere handful of reports that make it into the controlled media are barely the tip of the iceberg.

Civil suits might also have some chance of success against refugee advocacy groups such as the (so-called) Catholic Social Justice Commission if the various victims could be networked and were resourced adequately. The time is long overdue that these anti-white racists were brought to account for their hate crimes.

I think I speak for all White Nationalists when I say we will rejoice when the smarmy grins are wiped off the faces of all these self appointed one world, no borders social engineers. All it needs is determination, willpower and some legal people with more than simply dollar signs in their eyes, willing to fight for real justice.

Wake up White Australia!

All hail Brian Stokes - chief defender of the Jews.....

Unless they contradict him, that is:

political tar baby

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 9:21 pm Post subject:

raz wrote:
Feel free. Somewhere else

No doubt, my opinions on religion- which certainly are 'hardcore' considering the little note on my front door aimed at religious canvassers- are generally off-topic for FDB. PIMJ just needed a little consciousness raising; freedom of religion entails freedom from it, as well.

Regardless, given my mindset, I'm generous to a fault defending Jews daily on FDB. All the same, I won't be spat on, particularly not by those I defend.
Weezil is of course, Brian Stokes, and that last statement sounds perilously close to "some of my best friends are Jews....", and seems to be said under ideological duress, but 'Bwian' is just a naughty boy really, crashing through the FDB forums like a human wrecking ball.

It's also interesting to note a few other things about this thread, nobody quite seems to know what anti-semitism is, it's also interesting to see the lack of outrage by FDB and the media over a board game [being sold from Lakemba mosque no less!] whose goal is the destruction of Israel and presumably the Jews who are living there, compared to the orgasmic burst of outrage over the Cronulla boardgame, which didn't call for the destruction of anybody or anything and wasn't being sold at the local Presbyterian church.

On a final note, from a post by H.Blackrose, we witness first hand with absolute clarity, the incredibly deluded utopia leftists live for, on the other hand, perhaps Blackrose has her meds mixed up:

Sorry for any offence. I suppose I'm still a bit nervy after that article smearing Socialist Alternative was posted. I say as clearly as possible that I see the State of Israel as an illegitimate, racist entity like the pre-1992 Republic of South Africa, and I want to see it meet the same fate - to be dissolved and replaced by a single, secular, democratic, non-racist state in all of historic Palestine. I never want anyone to be able to accuse me of Jew-hatred for that.

eh?,WTF?, dude, do you have any idea what South Africa is like today? crime and murder have risen to astronomical proportions, the SA government has also started to appropriate land from successful white commercial farmers and we all saw how well that worked in Rhodesia didn't we kiddies?. It's difficult to imagine how one can get though life being so vacant, it must suck to be you dude.


Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!