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more fun with fdb

What ever happened to darp being back in his old suit and tie? We thought he didn’t have time to chase fuck wits any more. Has he lost his new job? Maybe he’s seen what a shambles fdb turned into when he wasn’t around to keep the girls in line.

We had to laugh too when we saw him talking about some storm fronter making threats and being shown up as gutless. How about his own total non appearance at the Sydney forum?

Seems like aussie utes arent the only targets eh

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Post subject: Racist car?
“Today while I was driving to work down Seven Hills Rd, Seven Hills NSW; I was driving behind a white Valiant. On the back window of the Valiant were stickers of two white swastikas (the Nazi variety - not the Hindu/Buddhist one) and in the middle of the two swastikas written in Old English style font the word 'Gestapo'. Is this car and the owner racist or just fans of the Nazi secret police? More importantly, is there anything people can do about something like this (taking into account freedom of speech and all that)?”

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“Key the car?”

So Marcus is keen to see someones car vandalized for having a swastika sticker? Well this writer knows where he can find several heavily customized Harley Davidsons with swastika logos on their tanks. Only trouble is they’re ridden by members of the Rebels MC who also have swastika tattoos. Will he and his friends be brave enough to attack these vehicles and their operators?


Somehow we don’t think so.

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To Paris with love, @ndy.

I wonder if Andrew Morgan, aka @ndy, will be writing another letter of 'solidarity' to his comrades in Paris, you know the "youth's" that torched 1400 cars and bashed an elderly man to death as he tried to protect his car:

Open letter to the gangs of youths who have been torching
cars in France


done! Give them hell! Do not be intimidated by the fascist police!

and solidarity,


"Gangs of youths"?, I think it can be more accurately described as the French-Muslim intifada. According to the latest reports from Al-Reuters, this year's riots are being lead by 'vandals', they torched a bus with a passenger still inside. I'm sure they'll appreciate another message of support for their efforts from @ndy this year. Don't worry about the women who was severely burnt in the bus they torched, she's just another bowl of cats meat. ahhh, multiculturalism, can you feel the love?. Go @ndy, you crazy l'il anarchist you!.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Toowoomba, Media and Sudanese Spin Doctors.

Thomas Thiik seen here sitting with his friends. Note the traditional African clothing? In a story run by the Toowoomba Chronicle last year young Thomas explains that they are not criminals they are just misunderstood. “They look at us and think we are gangsters” Give us a break.
Above, Charles and Rita Sula with their children Jerry and Connie.

In the latest PR spin released by the Australian media, staff at Whitelaw Towers will endeavour to cut through the BS and tell the truth on the Sudanese Refugee take- over of a Rural Queensland City.
The following article was written by Frank Robson and published in the Good Weekend October 21 2006.

Good Weekend October 21 2006.

“Much has changed since Sula and his family became the first to settle here under Australia’s humanitarian refugee program in 1991. Charles Sula, “There was no support structure then,” he says.

There is no bitterness in Sula’s tone, only weariness so pervasive it crushes the inflection from his words. As he describes his family’s flight from the horrors of Sudan’s civil war, and the years they spent in neighbouring Kenya before coming to Australia, my visitor’s misery seems to seep through the room like gas.”

As many will recall November 22nd 2005, Toowoomba was shocked by a murder suicide. This was later played down by Queensland media and local Toowoomba media as a Tragic House Fire. It was revealed by Albino Thiik spokes person for the Sudanese community on WIN TV Ch 9 on the 23rd of November, he suspected that White Supremacists might be responsible for the deaths of Rita Sula and young daughter Connie.

At the same time Dr. Mark Copland and Dr. John Casey called a meeting in Toowoomba to formulate a plan on how they may be able to put a positive spin on this tragic story. This meeting was attended by concerned patriots and was later exposed by Australia First in a web article…

The truth has finally been published in a story by a Southern Newspaper. It tells a different story than the one readers from Queensland have been told.

Good Weekend October 21 2006.

“On November 22 last year, Sula’s wife Rita bashed their 21 year old son, Jerry senseless with an axe, then used it to kill their daughter, Connie, 15 before dousing the house with petrol and setting it a light”

“At first when members of Toowoomba's 1000 strong Sudanese community gathered to grieve outside the charred remains of Rita’s Sula’s house, whispers spread that it was the work of racial extremists.”


Comments made by Albino Thiik on Win TV in this day and age would be considered as incitement, unless you are inciting hatred towards a White Patriot.

It is interesting to note that the Sula family was the first of many thousands of Sudanese who wish to call Rural Queensland home. Rita Sula was reported in the local press as one of the most highly respected members of the Sudanese community, yet she could kill her own family.
This writer understands that some of the readers of this document will say, but they are the victims of war and famine. They have emotional problems from being persecuted. This writer would agree. But I also feel that bringing in refugees who have no respect for human life because they are scarred by war not only puts the Australian people at risk, it invites all types of criminal behaviour. As we shall see this is a common factor among the Sudanese community.

What was the underlying reason for this woman to kill her own family? Was it because racist literature had found its way into her letterbox? Was it that some hooded Klan’s Men pelted the house with rotten fruit and vegies? No, the answer as explained by her husband is because of Sudanese Tribal differences and Racism in the Sudanese community.
Good Weekend October 21 2006.


“There was a clash of values, he says, and competition over who should be the (support groups) leader. The majority (Dinka) group wanted to lead and many women in the growing Sudanese community started calling my wife Black-White because we’d been here longer.”

Sadly readers, this sad tale is going on all over Australia. The Australian Government that is so concerned with the ageing population of Australia is hell bent on bringing these people to our shores. The Sudanese refugees whose average population is under 25 will be the cheap labour of our future. They will also fill the pews of many failing churches such as the Catholic Church.

Albino Thiik is the Community spokesperson and Chairman for the Sudanese community Toowoomba.

Albino’s close relationship with Dr. Mark Copland cannot be understated. With assistance from Mr. Copland, Albino Thiik submitted a complaint to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commission on Armistice Day 2005. The basis of the complaint was from a newspaper article written by Greg Roberts from The Australian that smeared two men from Toowoomba and is currently still in the hands of lawyers.

All cases against these men have since been dropped by the HREOC because claims made by The Australian cannot be substantiated. Other words it was all lies. It is well known that Greg Roberts a reporter from The Australian is a consistent liar whose occupation is to create news, not report it. Some of this mans fictional stories include
Neo-Nazi 'circulated bomb-making manual'

Greg Roberts August 22, 2005
Race hate campaigner unmasked

"THE man behind a race-hate campaign in southern Queensland has been identified as a professional kangaroo shooter from the Darling Downs town of Crows Nest."

December 23: Greg Roberts of The Australian newspaper is working on a new smear of Australia First and other patriotic people.

As reported in Good Weekend October 21 2006 Mr. Thiik has some curious beliefs. As a community leader this man sets the example for his people and their behaviour in our country.

Mr. Thiik on women and domestic violence in the Sudanese community:
“Thiik is more concerned about the erosion of male dominance within the transplanted yet still fiercely patriarchal community. Our culture is that the man is supposed to work and bring home the bread, and the women are supposed to look after the children, he says. But here because of this misunderstood word equality the wife will tell you, we’re in Australia now it’s your turn to cook.

And with the obvious consequences of this misunderstanding of equality, Mr. Thiik has contacted Toowoomba police.

“So the chairman met with senior Police officers and reached an agreement that they would not attend domestics unless violence occurred.”
It would seem that after all the money the government has spent on making people aware of domestic violence issues and explaining that you do not have to be hit to suffer from it, the Sudanese community especially the women are not protected by the same laws that govern the wider community.

Mr. Thiik a Dinka speaker from the Southern Sudan explains his views on the Murder Suicide in Toowoomba. You will note this is not the same explanation he gave on Win TV last year:


“Thiik arrived in 2004, and is in his second year as chairman of the support group started by Charles and Rita Sula.”

“It was a very unfortunate case because the Sula’s were isolating themselves he says. We know the Madi tribe- they always like to do things for themselves, he says”

Tribal conflict? I thought they came here to escape this type of conflict.

Mr. Thiik explains his beliefs on Australia First and trouble with the Indigenous community.


“Thiik says fights between the Sudanese and aboriginal youths are “just kids mucking around” and are usually sparked by girls or soccer matches. But there is a group the Australia First Party exploiting this to try inflame the situation.”
This writer is not sure if Mr. Thiik understands the situation. White Law staff believe that Mr. Thiik is being lied to by his close advisers such as Dr Mark Copland.

Mr. Thiik’s own son was quoted in The Australian after his release from prison. He went on to say that violence between Aborigines and Sudanese was common place. Australia First has only agreed with his comments.

Mr. Thiik who failed his driving test repeatedly until he swore he would never try again is aware of the appalling driving record in the Sudanese community. Of 800 Sudanese who are able to apply for a QLD driver’s license only a handful have managed to pass. One must question whether the Sudanese seen driving around in Toowoomba in near new cars have a license? Or has Mr. Thiik arranged that with senior Police also? Mr. Thiiks role as a spokesperson and a role model must be questioned. His failure to pass a QLD driving test and his refusal to try and pass has been duly noted by his son Thomas. In 2005 Thomas was jailed for 3 months after being continually caught driving without a license

Bigotry in the Toowoomba Oxygen Café.The Oxygen Café is mainly staffed by Sudanese and is a meeting place for many Left Wing and religious people from the Toowoomba district. Owner Michael Pleming, originally from Sydney (no surprise here) says, “sell-out lunches have become a bit of a political statement in a town that abhors change. There’s a lot of goodwill here, but also a lot of entrenched racism.”

“Those who attend support the Sudanese community, those who don’t have openly told me they won’t come near the place and I say fine, I don’t want you in my café anyway.”


So folks, is it not the same News Print media that keep telling us that the People of Toowoomba are fully accepting of the refugee influx into this rural city? Is it not the same media who also tells us that Nazis are behind all types of racist incidents in that town? Looks to me like the only bigot so far is Michael Plemming?

Some comments from a couple of Sudanese while eating at the café will surely make you all laugh:
“Mary Makuei and her two daughters consider whether one of the girls might one day marry an Australian. Makuei suggests that for a dowry of “50 or 60 cows” such a union may be possible.”

Yes folks take the piss out of us that’s fine. Make a joke like that about them bang HREOC here we come.
This brings us to the end of this post. But before we go let’s have a good look at the claims of racism supposedly carried out by groups such as the now long defunct WPCA and the Toowoomba branch of Australia First.

It is widely known by the Local and Federal Police that not one instance exists of a racist attack on any ethnic minority in Toowoomba. Yet the media would have you all believe that this is not the case. Stories involving the Sudanese in Toowoomba have also included claims that the WPCA or some other White Pride group have, Fire Bombed the house of a Sudanese woman and her children, rotten eggs and fruit have been thrown at the houses of other Sudanese plus many other BS stories such as Sudanese Business man being forced from town.

All these stories are nothing but lies from the left in Toowoomba. In all the cases mentioned above the crimes once investigated have shown that it was not evil whitey but local Aborigines or the Sudanese themselves. This is never reported. People such as Mark Copland from the Catholic Social Justice Commission have lied and misled the people of the Darling Downs.

Staff at White Law Towers have unearthed recent revelations of an attempt to bribe and black mail people via smear by Copland. This letter dated Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005 was addressed to a volunteer organization in Toowoomba. It is damning, and exposes the lengths these people will go.
It was noted that the Media had played a large role in this letter. It must also be noted that the sourced information from the story by Greg Roberts was supplied to him by Mathew Henderson-Hau and the Fight Dem Back Terrorist Gang.

Staff at Whitelaw Towers would like to thank the brave patriot who supplied us with this letter. And to you Dr. Copland we wish you the best of luck in your next appointment in some Third World country.

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Staff at Whitelaw Towers QLD will be updating this blog. So if you enjoy watching members of FDB squirm stay tuned.