Saturday, December 30, 2006

Excuses, excuses, excuses…

There is quite simply no excuse for the woeful predicament FDB now finds itself in regarding some of its members being caught out engaging in serious criminal activity. The leadership was put on notice many months ago about ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘Rollo’ yet they did absolutely nothing to either discipline or disown these FDB members.

Instead they continued to cynically rev these young thugs up and incite them to go after the White Nationalists. They were exploited as nothing more or less than FDB’s attack dogs. In fact if one traces their posts you will often see Weezil and other so-called “core” members patting their heads and slipping them a treat.

And now that these nippy young pups have shat on the FDB carpet Darp and Weezil want to disown them and treat them like unwanted Christmas present pets. It’s off to the pound for young ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’. They can make their own arrangements.

Shame on you Darp and Weezil.

Is FDB’s ‘Mensi’ showing out?

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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:33 am
“I think the real clencher (sic) here is that Stuggy's only way of linking any of Rollo's EXTREME stupidity (if the convos (sic) are indeed real) to FDB is by going "Rollo FDB MEMBER/Rollo SENIOR FDB MEMBER/Rollo/FDB/ROLLO/FIGHTDEMBACK CRIMINAL GANG/ ROLLO/FDB MEMBER" over and over ...and over ...and over...and over.”

Ooer! It sounds like somebody’s getting a mite tetchy. We must’ve touched a nerve or something. Oh, and no, it certainly is NOT the “only way” ‘Rollo’ is going to prove to be a major ‘albatross’ for FDB.

“I'm going to call a spade a spade. If these convos are real, a VERY STUPID young man, nay ..a fucking CHILD who lives in a fantasy world was suckered into acting tough against the Nazis online (not hard - just approach a lonely kid who has no friends and then offer to be one).”

Is this a Freudian slip? It certainly sounds as if he is speaking from experience. Besides, from our observations it would appear to be stock standard FDB modus operandi, sleazing onto the kiddies then using them as cannon fodder. Coincidentally, according to research, it is also pretty much a standard tactic employed by predatory pederasts. Hmmm!
And I don't know about you but even seeing the words "fucking" and "child" in the same sentence is a little creepy in our opinion to say the least.

“But but but ..Rollo posts on FDB ...does that not make him 'linked' with the group?”

In HIS case OF COURSE you microcephalic imbecile.

“Now, if you look at the amount of posts people like Ben Weerheym and Lilith Petersen have left on this board - which is more than Rollo - how do you apply this logic?”

This shrill act of desperation doesn’t even warrant a comment. The monumental stupidity speaks for itself. But what the hell, we’ll go ahead and comment anyway. It’s just the kind of guys we are.

Okay, for the dummies at FDB who still haven’t got it. The DIFFERENCE between ‘Rollo’ and ‘kaaos_af’ posting on FDB and Benny, Lilith etc is as obvious as Mensi’s mental retardation. One group is AGAINST FDB (albeit only nominally in Lilith’s case) and the other group spent their time sucking up to and actively working for Darp and Weezil and being patted on the head for their efforts.

Phew! If we have to explain this again...

FDB Unity? Where?

Jeezuz! It’s like somebody stamped on an ant’s nest over at Fight Dem Back Terrorist headquarters. They’re backbiting and snapping at each other as only a panicked army of gutless, abject cowards can in the face of an utter rout. The so-called “core” membership, the Illuminated Elders of the Inner Council of Thirteen, *snigger* is openly slagging and attempting to disown most of its own long term support base among the Loony Left. At this rate the ‘inclusive’ Multi-Cult FDB will be more EXclusive than a certain Melbourne club that’s been in the news recently.

Funny, but somehow tragic, no we lied, it’s just tragically funny!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

Darp Hau
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Posted: Thu Dec 28, 2006 2:21 pm
“Erm no Jim, you've got HUNDREDS of pages of MSN convos with complete twats who talk garbage who have no involvement with FDB. Some of em may post here every now and again and make it seem like they actually know their arse from their elbow (and good luck to them).”

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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 2:33 am
“a VERY STUPID young man, nay ..a fucking CHILD who lives in a fantasy world”

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Posted: Fri Dec 29, 2006 4:25 am
“A group of stupid kids in QLD who have nothing to do with FDB wanted to play at being big tough Nazi hunters and they went and shot themselves in the foot.
I just think it's such a pissweak hatchet job on behalf of the fash to turn around and ATTEMPT to call some little toe-rag an 'FDB member' ...”

That’s all a tad harsh wouldn’t you say? Anyway it’s not as if the leadership didn’t fully encourage their youngsters to get medieval on them Nazis’ arses. After all, isn’t “Nazi Hunting” promoted and perceived as ‘de rigueur’ among FDB Members?

Here Weezil lays down one of the very few ‘out in the open’ FDB policies. Go hard and go often on the enemy (White Nationalists and Australian Patriots) but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

political tar baby
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Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 7:34 am
“Greets to the newbs. Remember, never kill more than you can eat.”

Sage words of wisdom from the Weezil the elder. Again, we would suggest “kill” is a strange choice of word for a ‘peace loving, pacifist, non-violent’ old hippy. We’ll file that away with “deadly” in the Weezil collection.

There certainly appears to be a lack of synchronicity in the old policy department over at Fight Dem Back Terrorist headquarters. But I suppose this is to be expected when one has a group that defines itself by what it is against rather than what it is for. Everything about FDB is negative and hate filled. Just read the posts and get a feel for the general mood that permeates the Website. There is a constant, slow burning rage that flares up every so often. These are well balanced individuals, they a chip on both shoulders.

Primarily FDB is simply yet another subversive Anti-White, Anti Western Left Wing hate group shamelessly masquerading as a so-called “Anti-Racist” Multicultural organisation. It despises the establishment because it wants to BE the establishment and there are disturbing signs that this is becoming a reality.

But how long can a purely ego driven political group, underwritten by more sinister and invisible forces, survive? A motley crew of hate fuelled sociopaths can only be effective for those short periods when their selfish, individual motives mesh and this past year has been a miserable series of failures and cock ups for FDB. Their masters must seriously be reconsidering the wisdom of their investment.

This is why we are currently witnessing a last desperate flurry of activity accompanied by a torrent of impotent threats emanating from the FDB Hate Factory. They can see what’s coming on the horizon for them and they are in a frenzied panic to avoid the fate that befell the ‘Revolutionary Left’ gang. Unfortunately for FDB their fates are intertwined.

This will become ever more apparent as Whitelaw Towers releases more material for public analysis. The two groups shared many more members than the two who have featured thus far in the spotlight. Damning information on others, including so-called “core” members, will follow.

Stay tuned folks, there’s more confusing comedy from the wild and zany Planet FDB to follow.

Friday, December 29, 2006

He's a wanky old weezil is Stokesy...

From the Fight Dem back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:


political tar baby

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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:19 pm


“FDB started as a bunch of pissed off residents of a neighbourhood with a high percentage of migrants or ethnic people, which had been targeted with an anti-immigration nazi sticker campaign by the PYL.

Considering all the grief FDB have put the PYL & other nazis through since then, you could call that one VERY expensive PR failure. PR is supposed to get you positive community regard- and the PYL couldn't have gotten anything less resembling good ink, thanks to FDB actions.

At the time of the formation of FDB a few years ago, there was no particular need for a top-down hierarchical structure- and there still really isn't any need for such.

However, recent bullshit out of one or two pathetic nazis, where said nazis were trying to claim some sort of info-war victory through discussions with some non-core

FDB associates, prompted the FDB core to identify some the voting membership, that is those who are authorised to speak publicly on behalf of the group. Krapper & Perrin's recent shyte (sic) is a bit like interrogating a private to find out what the generals are up to. Doesn't work too well, does it?

Mind you, the nazis crowing about what they don't know is actually a fair bit funnier than their usual shenanigans... and I want to thank them all for a good year's-end belly laugh.

While there may be only 13 core, voting FDB members identified, this in no way reflects the total number of people who support FDB, either financially or through other participation. There's quite a few more active FDB associates and core members who prefer to be silent (and thus not named by Darp), but who are really quite noisy in the background. Several don't even post publicly on FDB. To be deadly honest, these are the people that Krapmonkey and Stuggie should be worrying about- not me, Darp or the rest of the identified core FDB membership, though the screen names FDB readers are familiar with will always be the ones responsible for media and other 'official' public contacts.

Despite the identification of some of the voting membership, FDB will remain very ad-hoc and a deliberately 'broad church' with anti-racism as the sole objective.”

Okay, so let’s review the importance of this revealing post by Brian Stokes aka ‘Weezil’. For two years now the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang has sneered at and derided anyone who suggested FDB’s strings were being pulled by more powerful and sinister forces. Any who suggested that FDB was anything more than the front presented to the world through their website were labelled “Right Wing conspiracy nuts”.

People have been openly encouraged to support, join and even donate their money to FDB who are represented in the compliant and complicit Controlled Media as brave and tireless campaigners for truth, justice and the Multicultural way. Yet now we find out this open and honest, law abiding, peace, love and goodwill to all people group dedicated to social justice and Racial harmony has “silent” members. Apparently Darp and Weezil etc are simply…

“the ones responsible for media and other 'official' public contacts.”

So basically the genius that is Brian Stokes, with the obvious intent to further intimidate his victims, has ‘come out’ with this revelation that fully vindicates everything the White Nationalists have been saying all along about FDB’s command structure. FDB is merely a FRONT ORGANISATION.

Let’s run that by again. The public have been encouraged to donate money, via a PayPal account on their Website, to an already proven criminal group who have deliberately misrepresented themselves all along! This is FRAUD, pure and simple. How many of those foolish enough to donate would have done so if they had known there was a secret leadership with its own undeclared agenda? It is comparable to making donations to a secret society like the ‘Skull & Bones’ or the ‘Cosa Nostra’ or, more relevantly, Jemiah Islamia!

They have incessantly accused their political adversaries (their targeted victims) of being devious and too cowardly to stand up in public for their beliefs. So where is the honesty and transparency now in Fight Dem Back? If their cause is so righteous and they truly believe they have nothing to hide why is there now this belated admission to an inner secret order? Who are these dark, shadowy figures who make a lot of noise in the background (push policy?) but are too shy to show their faces? Why are these “silent” members so reluctant to be “famous”?

“FDB started as a bunch of pissed off residents”

This is an absolute lie. FDB started in the diseased mind of Mathew Henderson-Hau aka ‘Darp’ to stroke his own already massively bloated ego. He initiated a very personal vendetta, driven primarily by his feelings of inadequacy and repressed self-loathing due to his mongrel status, and dragged in as many people as he could along the way. This consisted almost exclusively of the cultural detritus of society. The feckless student class, the political dilettante, the n’er do wells, the chip on the shoulder brigade, Trade Union thugs.

It was only after the group gained some momentum that his current ‘handlers’ in the extreme Left political establishment ‘talent spotted’ him and began grooming him as a ‘useful idiot’. He has since been kept on a drip feed of filthy lucre, from the Eastern Suburbs’ Chosenites, with promises of a big pay off once he had “eliminated” certain White Nationalist figures. Also, along the way he has courted and employed for “special missions” the services of militant Islamists, violent Anarchists and Trade Union bully boys.

“However, recent bullshit out of one or two pathetic nazis, where said nazis were trying to claim some sort of info-war victory through discussions with some non-core”

Is that anything like John Howard’s “Non-Core” policies?

“FDB associates, prompted the FDB core to identify some the voting membership, that is those who are authorised to speak publicly on behalf of the group.”

This cynical move was “prompted by abject terror at being directly implicated (too late) in serious criminal activity by their underlings.

“Krapper & Perrin's recent shyte (sic) is a bit like interrogating a private to find out what the generals are up to. Doesn't work too well, does it?”

Yet again he indicates there is a “hierarchy” to FDB after seemingly going to great pains to deny it. Strange

“There's quite a few more active FDB associates and core members who prefer to be silent (and thus not named by Darp), but who are really quite noisy in the background.”

Now if that is not a “thinly veiled threat” then I don’t know what is. Interestingly all this verbal wankery by Weezil is an absolute gift to White Nationalists. He is admitting that his already proven Terrorist group has “silent” or secret members who are a danger to decent Australians like the White Nationalists.

“To be deadly honest, these are the people that Krapmonkey and Stuggie should be worrying about”

“Deadly”? Now that is a strange word, is it not, to employ in reference to “silent” members of a criminal gang if one is hoping to maintain the ‘good guy’ image of FDB? Sadly, for FDB’s propaganda minister, he has stood on his dick with this one. The threat is clear and unambiguous.

“While there may be only 13 core, voting FDB members identified, this in no way reflects the total number of people who support FDB, either financially or through other participation.”

Financially. This means there is a money trail leading directly back to the real villains in all this. So far, Whitelaw Towers have only discovered small traces of this trail. Following this latest shit storm the breadcrumb trails have now undoubtedly been covered, erasing any evidence and maintaining the anonymity of the “silent” members.

Other participation. Well we know what this means. It is ‘services rendered free of charge’ such as their agents who work in the Government bureaucracies with access to people’s personal files and their computer hackers etc.

A story from the Australian Newspaper you will NOT see on FDB

From The Australian Newspaper

Warning on African refugee gangs

Richard Kerbaj

26th December 2006

POLICE in Melbourne fear the emergence of militant street gangs of young African refugees who have served in militia groups in their war-ravaged homelands.

A growing gangster mentality among young African men is worrying community leaders, who blame boredom, unemployment and drugs for turning young immigrants living in Melbourne's inner north towards violence and crime.

Boredom? Try working or doing something useful.

Police sources have told The Australian that while gang-related activity had not reached epidemic proportions, "it is a serious concern".

Young African leader Ahmed Dini said some Somali, Sudanese and Eritrean men, predominantly aged between 16 and 25, felt disconnected from mainstream society and were either forming or joining ethnic groups for protection and also for a sense of belonging.

He said they mainly lived in housing commission estates in the city's inner north - Flemington, Ascotvale and north Melbourne - and some had trained with heavy-duty military weapons while they were serving in militias overseas.

"Some of them have used rocket launchers and grenades," said Mr Dini, who is chairman of the community-based youth network Saygo.

He said the migrants were haunted by childhood images of killings, torture and rape, and were constantly on edge.

"Violence is not something new for these young people," he said. "And sometimes memories trigger them to do stupid things.

"Sometimes they do some bad things ... like probably pick on other people, other groups, pick fights (with other ethnic groups).

"They pick fights with Turkish, Lebanese, even with the African communities.

"You have the Somalians from Flemington usually pick on Somalians from Carlton, so it's like a territorial kind of thing."

Oh surprise, surprise. Primitive Negroids acting tribally, who’d have thought it?

Mr Dini said some of the young men wielded baseball bats during the brawls.

"They do have bats and stuff like that, and when they do hear there's a fight they turn up with their bats."

He said while he was not aware of any structured African community gangs in the city's inner north, he was aware young Sudanese men from the western suburbs were becoming more established and organised in their gang activities.

But a police source told The Australian the street gangs were not usually structured or organised. "There isn't necessarily a leader and so on."

The source said the hierarchy and leadership often comes into play when the gang is faced with some kind of adversity such as a territorial brawl.

Mr Dini, who set up Saygo with 12 other young African leaders in September to tackle unemployment, education and criminal issues being faced by his community, said the state and local governments were largely responsible for the street gangs.

This was because they had for years ignored the problems of unemployment and the lack of facilities, failing to devote enough resources and initiatives towards alternative activities.

"There's (sic) no service-providers that help out the young people in the area," he said.

"And the population of the youth is growing. And the more boys you have doing nothing, just hanging out, the more likely you're going to have problems that are going to arise."

Mr Dini warned that gang and crime-related problems within the African communities would eventually lead to "race riots" similar to those in France if governments continued to ignore the problem.
Is this some form of extortion?
Nice place you've got here guv, be a shame if it burned down or sumfink! Better hand over the cash.

"It could lead to deaths," he said.

Is that a warning or a threat? Nope, it's definately extortion. A little more sophisticated than we're used to from Negroids but extortion all the same.

Strange too, is it not, that an article in a National Newspaper omits to mention, even in passing, how this Melbourne situation is mirrored in the other states particularly Western Australia and its ongoing street battles between Australian Aborigines and Black gangsters calling themselves “The African Kings”. Sydney too and Toowoomba have significant African Gang problems and recently the Tamworth Mayor revealed that out of a population of merely 12 there were no less than 8 Africans on serious criminal charges!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Threats, threats and more threats

Well, we’ve got to hand it to FDB. They are really are masters of self delusion. Henderson-Hau and Humpherys are raving with ‘victory is mine’ type blathering when they have got absolutely NOTHING and they still have barely seen the tip of the iceberg on what Whitelaw Towers has on them.

From the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters’ Forum:

(An extremely ironic pseudonym when one considers Johnny doesn’t HAVE any.)
Joined: 28 Jun 2005
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Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 5:53 am
Spotted out and about on Saturday evening at a very busy and popular Sydney nightspot was none other than every White Nationalist’s most hated traitor dog John Humpherys.

“Oh yeh (sic) well thats (sic) a big call Peter,

Hmmm, puzzling. Where is the name “Peter” mentioned?

“however something still confuses me how can one be traitor exactly if theyve (sic) never been member of a group to begin with you said yourself Asgard,”

Asgard? Where was that mentioned?

“hmm i mean Victor Sorry Peter, thats (sic) i (sic) was never a member yet you seem to just want to have both ways. There is help for MPD you know Peter have you ever sought it!.”

One gets the distinct impression Humpherys is tearing off on a mad tangent here with entirely the wrong script in his hand.

“However I always did want to feel notorious for something what better way than helping to expose the identities of those who would rather hide their hugely unpopular identities and actions.

After the rather brainy motives and behaviour at the Styne (sic) Hotel at Manly sunday (sic) morn there will be nowhere for you turds to hide big bro already nows (sic) full details and your days and hours are numbered so brag about your smalll (sic) victory while you still can your hours and days are numbered Pete and Scott, Alex!.”

“So get ready to prepare your lawyers and your job hunting skills i (sic) suggest you will be requiring both Pete.”

You’ve been reading Darp and Weezil’s posts for too long, it’s back on the medication for you young man. But hey, thanks for that Johnny boy. This blatant threat has been copied, filed and passed along to the relevant people. You just never quite mastered coordination did you Johnny boy? It’s THINK and THEN open your mouth. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Why do you persist in using the name ‘Costa’? We already explained to you that the person you originally wanted to put under suspicion spells his name with a ‘K’. Oh, and HE’S not a happy chappy either since he learned of your efforts to dump him in the shit.

Darp Hau
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Location: Eastwood, Sydney, Australia.
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:22 am
Lemme (sic) just quickly state that I am still (albeit half-arsedly)

Why change the habits of a lifetime now Matty boy.

“investigating this to verify who did what to whom and running it by independant (sic) witnesses (well, someone else is doing that bit - I cannot be everywhere at once)."

Get your hand off it Darp. It’s likely to discharge spontaneously.

"But uhm (sic) yeah. IF the witnesses come through with the goods"

Does that mean “be willing to perjure themselves” to support your ‘version’ of events?

“(and that's an IF), then no amount of bullshitting about one's whereabouts will save Alex and Scotty.”

Now that sounds like another THREAT.

All these THREATS…

“'Reasonable grounds' can have any number of common law interpretations and what the current QLD jurisprudence is on this, I have no effing idea. 'Ordinary community standards' more than likely.”


“I would venture to argue that a person who has A) Sent numerous veiled threats to people over the internet B) Sought to publish names, addresses, maps etc with the clear intent that physical harm be enacted against those persons and C) Left a very 'interesting' voicemail message on my phone stating "You, Mathew, and the Jews - we will wipe you out, there is nowhere to hide etc etc" ....would MOST CERTAINLY contravene ordinary community standards as to whom we see fit to hold a firearms licence.”

A. Unlike FDB threats which are totally UN veiled that is. Also, it’s going to be “fun” to see what ‘evidence’ desperate little Darpy boy can cobble together on this one.

B. Oh, you mean like the MANY attempts Mathew Henderson-Hau has made to have White Nationalists bashed or even “eliminated”? The most infamous being the planned Sydney Forum ‘hit’. As promised folks, there WILL be much more evidence to prove Darp and FDB were involved in these plots.

We will furnish as evidence HUNDREDS of pages of MSN conversations between various FDB members (going back over TWELVE MONTHS), many P.M.’s and E-Mails plus much material evidence including printed matter and photographs.

Face it Darp. You are totally, completely and utterly fucked.

C. Oh, this is WAY too funny. So, let’s get this right. Darp is going to go after someone’s shooter’s licence using for ‘evidence’ a taped phone message from Darth Vader!?!?!!!

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

While on the subject of firearms Darp, and while you’ve got little Rollo tucked under your arm, how about you ask him about his (totally illegal) crossbow and… erm… that 'handy helper' he keeps taped under the dashboard of his car?

Oh dear!

“Evidentiary issues? That's the beauty of Perren using a homegrown ISP (Austarnet), his online footprints and cache are logged within an Australian jurisdiction and can be easily accessed by Australian law enforcement officialdom (unlike the absolute shitfight you have with AOL etc). Is blogger a problem? No, not in the slightest. We currently have a very good relationship with Google Australia NZ. Though they are of course subject to dictum from Mountain View + Sergei and Larry, Google Australia have a strong degree of autonomy when it comes to putting out local spot fires.”

Joined: 28 Jun 2005
Posts: 25
Posted: Wed Dec 27, 2006 7:23 am
"why are us WN's always cast as evil violent morons?"

“Theres (sic) one thing more to add to this when the large Black meat showed up both patrons and bouncers the Nutzis (sic) were seen to scatter out the hotel as fast as there lard whites asses & lards (sic) guts would allow for their velocity in fact they spent whole night in hotel beer garden surrounded by such folks including many of those whites they call lefties, but strangely didnt (sic) have the guts to tell them they where blacks cunts gooks and muslim (sic) filth or commie scum,”

Perhaps, and this is merely another wild, redneck, Neo-Nazi conspiracy theory, you might have been more… erm… ‘interesting’ because it is well known about town that apart from your slagging of just about everone in the Nationalist Patriot scene you are known as the one who supplied lies and false ‘evidence’ to FDB and conspired with Cam Smith and Greg Roberts to have a certain White Nationalist not only defamed and sacked from his job but actually gaoled for “Terrorism”. For what good reasons? There are none.

“like they do on scum front all the time however i seemed to suffice for being black oh well i (sic) guess my bone stucture (sic) facial features”

I believe Neanderthal would be the appropriate term

“could be mistaken for being non white it is the only thing i can think otherwise its got me beat why the visiting Waffen SS didnt have the guts to tell the significantly large enough non white patronage why they shouldnt (sic) be there including questioning the bouncers rights to jobs in Australia such wallflower cowering seems to be the nature of sydney (sic) nutzis (sic) it seems king among these is kraplock (sic) the true stiff up lip style of true englishmen (sic) all piss and no action.”

Ooer! Isn’t that a “Racist” comment Johnny?

Poor widdle Johnny, if there IS a video he’ll be the one with the wet patch rapidly spreading across the front of his trousers, is curiously brave all of a sudden. It must be from basking in the bravado of Darp’s “Maori berserker rage” and the glow of his Trans-Tasman, burnished metallic gonads. You can just picture it now, can’t you folks?

Uncle Darp with his arm around young Rollo’s shoulder telling him to dry his eyes and he won’t let those nathsty, wicked Nazis get him. Then hunkering down in some North Shore hotel to further conspire with the mentally challenged, illiterate buffoon John Humpherys on how to salve their badly bruised egos with yet more mindless revenge.

In response to all this FDB bullshit bravado we say “bring it on”. We are prepared. The stuff the White Nationalists now have on FDB will even scour away Darp’s hitherto impervious Teflon coating. This time the shit will stick.

You sad morons simply have no idea what you are getting yourselves into.

No idea.

To use an FDB phrase “It should be FUN”.

The Plot Thickens

With the recent revelation on White Law Towers of the involvement of Terrorist organizations and their cozy relationship with Mathew Henderson and members of Fight Dem Back, naturally we expected that FDB would cut away any ties to the RAAN and Class War but what has transpired now is truly desperate stuff.

It was considered many times that we would publish the numerous threats made by members from FDB along with the so many threats of legal action from Mathew Henderson Hau. A quick look at the FDB forum is sufficient at this moment to show anyone with common sense that FDB are walking on very thin ice.

Our advice to FDB is put your money where your mouth is. We know one particular White Nationalists in Queensland who would love to once again hand over his evidence to the Police. The experiment to slander and bare false witness is now very well documented by Law Enforcement from QLD to WA.

But this time around we will put up some threats from FDB members that never made it to the Web. We shall prove that these people not only are a threat to law abiding White Men but also their families. One could almost understand why FDB think they are in danger when you read what follows.

Rollo will get mentioned here. He is almost certainly an A grade nut case. His track record of cruelty to animals and total disrespect for non-combatants only prove what staff here has known all along. FDB is nothing more than a Criminal gang of Terrorists.

Once FDB had found out about Rollos Blog it was panic stations. Yes our friend Rollo published photographs that reportedly showed a White Nationalist from QLD with one his Grand Kids along with pictures claiming to be this mans bike.
What does Rollo think will happen? Enjoy.

17:18:35) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: perren sent me this PM on stormfront

(17:18:51) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Mmmm dunno looks like you may be the one and only Rollo, love your blog. Dont bite off more than you can chew old son. I would advise that you stick with playing with kids and not mess with people who can collar you at any time. I will do you a favour and give you a second chance. Unless you wanna end up like Kaaos AKA Mr Morrison? FDB is not only people who can make you famous.

(17:18:55) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Pays not to mess with some people. Yep thats the only warning you get. So go and get all reved up on the Government and protest your heart out. Just dont mess with me

I suppose FDB could call this a threat? Lets hope they do maybe they will ask the Police to Question this man over it, they will want to know why he is so upset. May have something do with this sort of capper from FDB’s Rollo.

(17:21:13) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: gonna put up those pics on my blog

These would be the ones we just spoke about. Rollo has hit the jackpot here. Over to you Rollo.

(17:21:17) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: but do it all inconspicuously

Rollo is going to earn his stripes at FDB with this, so he thinks.

(17:28:20) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: this is gold
(17:28:26) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: get the pullitzer price people in here :P

Rollo lets us in on his plans for next week on his blog. Yep another White Nationalist from SF Down Under will feels his wrath.

(17:31:02) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: adding " Next week: Surfers paradise "

(17:31:12) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: pics of that tattoed_aryan cunt

Back to today’s victim

(17:36:23) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: almost done

Can you feel the excitement, FDB will be so impressed?

17:39:23) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: any second now

(17:39:33) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!:

Now Rollo has published photos of what he claims are a White Nationalists in QLD with one of his grand kids how worried is he about any repercussions.

(18:00:26) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: I hope he does come out here to find me

(18:01:48) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: the chances of him finding me are so bad

(18:01:54) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: I'm not worried

I would be more concerned about what the Police think. I doubt very much a grown man would give a toss about risking his freedom on such a nut case. In any case Rollo you are still a minor all be it a very dangerous one.

So many must be wondering, as we are here what Dick Smiths Electronics think about this deranged person Rollo working for them. What’s that a terrorist working in an Electronic sales outfit?

Unlike FDB we can prove without a doubt that QLD member Rollo has bragged about his bomb making skills. We do not need a deranged fruit loop with a grudge to make this up. It is as they say straight from the horse’s mouth. Hell I would not want to be him when the Feds find out about his plans to poison the Water Supply of a certain Rural QLD city and that of doing the same to White Nationalists own private water supply. As Mathew Henderson knows only to well this could get FDB in an awful lot of hot water.

We are not in the business of getting kids the sack. But I am afraid that the Police may like to talk to his employer Dick Smiths Electronics.

Back to QLD and Mr. Perren.

(18:05:32) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: he's threatening to hurt me and expose me

(18:05:52) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: good luck to him

(18:36:58) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: either way, the nazis aer all talk

Obviously you are willing to take the chance by stalking this man. So much for the FDB lies about Mr. Perren being violent.

Now what will Rollo do now he thinks he has published photos of a WN in QLD?

(18:26:35) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: Might do a crows nest revisited later

And what does he think Mr. Perren will do, track him down and hurt him maybe or just go to the police? Considering Rollo has stalked this mans 16 year old daughter via telephone I would guess he may be a little cranky. Real smart FDB.

(18:41:04) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: well he'll have crying rights once he sees the blog

Sorry Rollo we think the staff here at White Law will have the last laugh.

So what of Rollo’s claims that he did not conspire on SF Down Under to get the RAAN shut down by evil Nazis? This one is for you Kaoos_AF

(17:58:32) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: see my tips for frank?

(17:58:43) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!:

Oh, and this gem.

(18:11:00) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: the RAAN cunts deserve to be exposed

(17:59:30) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: perren obviously doesn't have any evidence that he has my new account

Maybe he doesn’t but we do.

Just in case FDB think we made this up, this one is for you Asher.

(18:38:50) Rollo Mighty Lizard Man!: They added me on MSN and confronted me for saying they are soft

Oh lordy White Law has many pages of this type of dribble from so many of these violent Reds. But we will let the Law play catch up before we reveal all.

We would like to add that all information gained by the staff at White Law was submitted voluntarily. We would like to also add that all Anti Fa gigs we attended and people we have met happened after we had been invited to do so. We have not stalked nor hidden in the bushes. We actually fronted these people.

The sheer amount of infighting and backstabbing that is currently going on must be seen to believe. When I say the information is rolling in on Rollo we mean it.

So Rollo do not fear White law staff, I would be more concerned about your own people. I guess it doesn’t pay to be a big-mouthed Terrorist.

As you can expect many are not very happy with the FDB member Rollo. Let alone people like Mr. Perren and his family who have been threatened with being poisoned, along with his daughter and possibly his Grand Kids being stalked. What sort of operation are FDB running?

In the last 12 months White Nationalists have had their children harassed their parents have had letterboxes blown up, and Mathew Henderson Hau himself has attempted to procure the murder of another via the Internet. We have seen open threats of men having their jobs and life destroyed. They have used the Media and the Police to harass many others. And to top it off they have affiliated themselves with Islamic and Anarchist Terrorists.

Reading the topics on the FDB forum give the public insight to these deranged terrorists. FDB is not an Anti Racist web site. It is nothing more than a meeting place of the most pathetic creatures known to man.

So FDB keep linking us, the more readers here the better. I have a feeling they will not be linking us for to much longer.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

That good old time journalistic integrity

There’s just nothing quite like that journalistic independence, objectivity and professional dedication to the facts, is there folks?

In their ruthless pursuit of the facts they leave no stone unturned and tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


From The New Zealand Herald 25.12.06:

This month marked the first anniversary of last year's racial riots in Cronulla. As New Zealand journalist Jehan Casinader writes from Sydney, tension has abated but the sentiment remains.

"Salaam alaykum," greets Ross May, a leading figure in the Australia First Party, a minor neo-Nazi outfit which has sparked racial debate. A skinhead, he has been a leading figure in the politics of race for three decades. In response to a blank stare, he asks, "Aren't you Arabic?"

When I tell him otherwise, he replies, "Oh well, same thing." The party's leader, Jim Saleam, quickly detracts, but the party's position has subtly been made clear; all ethnic faces are not welcome at Cronulla, especially on the anniversary earlier this month of the day that many call "white pride day".

Both men have chequered pasts. Saleam was jailed for three-and-a-half years for the attempted shooting of an African-American man, while May has admitted to acts of violence on social and political leaders. Their explicit, white supremacist ideology has angered opposing groups.

"Jim Saleam is deluded," says Mat Henderson-Hau of anti-racism group Fight Dem Back. "He literally expected tens of thousands of people to be here today, and that by 8pm they would have overthrown the state government in Macquarie Street. They really expected a similar turnout to last year's riots, and Jim was going to seize the megaphone and rile up the masses."

It did not happen. On the train south, there are no brash, vindictive signs of tension. The carriage only contains a few teenagers, clutching McDonalds in one hand and surfboards in the other. On the beach, there are children on bikes while their parents have coffee.

A man dressed as Santa Claus leads the kids outside the surf club in a giggly rendition of Merry Christmas. For a moment, the beach almost seems idyllic, but then the police helicopter swoops low overhead. Across the road, officers wait, in dune buggies, on horseback and in numerous ground vehicles.

"I see today as white pride day in Australia," says May. "I would like to see white people getting together. I would like to see the Department of Immigration closed down, and for Australia to become a closed society. What's a racist? If a racist is someone who stands up for his own racial kind, then I am one. I don't care who says it; it's a bad I proudly wear. I don't feel guilty."

Local residents, who have had enough of the prying media eye, mouth off at the news cameras, and blame the journalists present for what they see as a media beat-up. What many fail to realise is that by denouncing media attention so explicitly, they are actually perpetuating it.

Local resident Jim Peace, a New Zealander out for a Sunday walk, says that if the press wasn't regularly writing about Cronulla, it would not even be known the riots happened. "Every time you pick up the paper, you see something about it. It's no different to what happens in other suburbs. It's not racial tension; it is youth with nothing better to do than look for trouble," he said.


Australia First's local candidate, John Moffat, is on the beach to campaign and speak to media. Moffat speaks of Cronulla in terms of sun, surf and sand; its carefree atmosphere, and how it is "always like a holiday" on the beach.

Moffat pauses when asked what his main policies are. "We would…" He glances at his party's pamphlets, which condemn multiculturalism, immigration and 'Asianisation'. "Look, I'll tell you what. Our main policy is to keep Cronulla as it is. A lot of people ask me, 'Well, that just means a lot of white people, doesn't it?' I say, keep Cronulla as it is. What is wrong with that?"

Moffat says that while he didn't foresee trouble, he would have liked to see "a few more people" on the beach. When asked if he was simply inviting all good law-abiding Australians to have a pleasant day at the beach, he replies, "On this day, I would rather see my people turn up".

Word has got around the Lebanese community that it is best to stay away from Cronulla, while up the road at Bundeena Beach, a larger group of Lebanese enjoy the summer weather. According to beachgoer Steve Martin, the absence of Lebanese at Cronulla contributed to its stability.

"It's better to have all the Lebs out of here. There are some good ones and some bad ones. We don't want the bad ones. They're scared to come down here now and it's better this way. But if people are just here to have a good time and behave themselves then that's fine."


The day's only confrontation, between Jim Saleam and anti-racism campaigner Mat Henderson-Hau, occurred in front of a few journalists above South Cronulla Beach. While the confrontation was spontaneous, Saleam had hatchet job pamphlets on Henderson-Hau at the ready. Henderson-Hau has been praised by community leaders for his work in fighting racism, and his group, Fight Dem Back, has had a presence in New Zealand for the last two years.

He said they were concerned with claimed links between former National Front leader Kyle Chapman and right-wing activist Kerry Bolton. "Their scene in New Zealand was more united than it was in Australia, and there were more funds for the National Front."
He said he and Wellington activist Asher Goldman "decided to get a group of activists in Australia and New Zealand to work together, to stop the National Front expanding. We take credit for causing Kyle Chapman's resignation."

Many locals believe in the intent of last year's riots, and they're not afraid to say it. But in a charged political climate, they are afraid to say that the riots were anything other than shameful.

"It's about our rights, our liberties, our identity and culture," says Matt Smith. "I'm not proud of what I saw that day, but I can see where it came from. For two decades, we have been copping abuse, manipulation and attacks [from Lebanese]. The blood boils, and eventually enough is enough. No Australian would support what happened that day, but it had to."

On white pride website Stormfront, all discussion and speculation on the forum boards about Cronulla died down after the anniversary. One member, RideTheLightning, wrote: "Don't feel down because things didn't turn out the way we would have hoped...Three years ago I was just your ordinary kid, until me and my mate got ganged up on at school that things started to change…Now me and all of my mates are White Nationalists…The police don't understand what us youth have gone through…If anything, there is a huge support base growing right now."

On Stormfront's forum last week, members responded to the recent news that the Asian community is making up a larger part of New Zealand's population than ever before. "We don't control immigration to New Zealand; our super-liberal, queer government does," said a member by the name of KiwiAryan88. "New Zealand is probably the most open, multicultural country in the world and our government gleefully rolls out the welcome mat to third world immigrants."

Racial tension was stirred up again in Sydney this month, when it was reported that a teacher at Blakehurst High School called a Lebanese student a terrorist, causing an uproar and sparking calls for the teacher's resignation.

Ali Osman, the teen who sparked the Cronulla riots by assaulting a lifeguard, lost an appeal against his conviction. More bad news came the next day when the town of Tamworth declined a Department of Immigration offer to resettle five Sudanese refugee families, fearing it could lead to racially-motivated riots in the area.

"If people don't like our views then don't vote for us," says Jim Saleam. "I'm happy that the Australian state is deeply embarrassed. It's marvellous that those who want Australia to become part of a trade zone in Asia feel uncomfortable. The more damage we do, the better."

It is clear that Australia First's radical ideas have influenced media portrayal of an issue which is thought to be driven by a large, seething mass of disillusioned Australians.

Further, in Sydney, there is strong feeling that the Lebanese community is not entirely blameless; a view that contrasts the way that Australia's race debate has generally been portrayed overseas.

So, in many ways, it is difficult to gauge just how serious Sydney's racial tensions are, and whether they do pose further threat to the political and social stability of the area. If Cronulla Beach last week was anything to go by, the tension may have abated, but the sentiment lies slumbering, for now.

If ever anyone still foolishly doubted the cosy complicity of the Controlled Media and the Multicultural Industry and their willingness to support, protect and promote organised criminal gangsters like Fight Dem back then this article should dispel even the slightest nagging doubts.

A Fourteen Hundred word article, lengthy by today’s lowly tabloid hack standards, with no less than 148 words devoted to criminal pervert Mathew Henderson-Hau of Eastwood NSW and yet not a single one of those words mentioning his poor character IN HIS OWN WORDS. Yet here is a photograph proving that the four page leaflet filled with Darp’s outrageous quotes was received and taken from the beach by this so-called ‘reporter’.

Now I ask you, in all seriousness, what hack could possibly resist throwing in just one of those gems to spice up his story? Well, apparently drug abuse, child bashing, death threats to Federal ministers, vandalism, declarations to expertise in “suburban terrorism” and sexual perversion just aren’t half as interesting as so-called “Neo-Nazis”.

Jeezuz! Have the chip wrappers changed their priorities overnight. Can everyone say the phrases “Vested interests”, “Protected species” and “Useful idiots”?

Well at least now we have put a name, Jehan Casinader, to the weird little black guy who followed Darp around all day like a lost dog. Last we saw of the pair ‘Jehan’s’ tongue appeared to be caught down the back of Darp’s board shorts.
Still it's not surprising when you know that virtually all FBI's like our Jehan enter Australia via New Zealand where it is so easy to gain citizenship and then it's a shoe in to Australia where we have a very slack agreement with the Kiwis. So why would he shit in his own nest? Of course he's going to support the Multi Cult status quo. It works just fine for people like him.
There’s your ‘journalistic integrity’…
Weird little black guy.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen we introduce 'Chimx'

The head honcho of RevLeft, a certain Matthew Brehe aka ‘chimx’, was not a happy camper when he found out ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘rollo’ had severely compromised the security of his group and said as much just prior to pulling the entire site for…erm…house cleaning.

Matthew Brehe is aged 24 and is from Helena Montana. He is currently studying at Carroll College majoring in History. Right at this minute though his arse is snapping open and shut at a rapid rate of knots while he goes into full damage control mode.

Poor bastard. Just like Darp and Weezil it's starting to dawn on him that the White Nationalists know WAY too much about his group and their plans.

We eagerly await the return of the fully cleansed, sanitised, homogenised, pasteurised, sterilised and scrubbed ‘Revolutionary Left’ site.

By the way Matthew, better do the chinstrap up on that helmet. Safety first now young man. A flak jacket might also be in order...

Hey Rollo, you STILL here?

This is way too funny. Talk about deluded...
loves wacky user titles (AND wacky excuses)
Joined: 24 Jul 2006
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Location: Australia
Posted: Sat Dec 23, 2006 9:38 am

“I can comment on what happened to revolutionaryleft.
Malte forgot to pay his hosting bill. I'm sure only 4/400 people on revleft are even aware of whitelawtowers.”

Yeah! That’s right Rollo. That’d be it. ANOTHER ‘coincidence’ just like the ‘kaaos_af’ exposé and Darp’s membership statement.
Santa will be relieved to know you still believe in him too.

Oh and by the way, CB would be well advised to shut the fuck up and disappear while the going’s still good.

Last warning, you little fucktard.

Thanks Stokesy

political tar baby
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Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 8:27 pm

oh, let's see... 2006 highlights...

* Kraplick of Assmunch being caught out distributing bomb-making pamphlets to people he thought were nazi sympathisers in the Sydney area. However, the racism inherent in Australian law enforcement is obvious when you consider that Krapper hasn't yet been arrested for the same crimes that would have a swarthier guy contemplating his navel in a concrete box for a few years.

Highlights for 2007 will include Kraplick getting so famous he'll be completely unemployable.

Watch This Space
Phew! Well, you can't get a clearer satement of intention to stalk, harrass, intimidate, slander and defame than that one. That one's copied, archived and on it's way to the brief today, Christmas Eve or not.
You really are a king sized fuckwit Weezil. You are out of your tiny, crippled mind on this one.
Oh, and we don't have to look for you in 2007. We already know where you are. As we said, it is staggering how much info has rolled into our mailbox recently.
Keep those cards and letters rolling in folks.
Have a WHITE Christmas Brian...

It’s a small world after all

Spotted out and about on Saturday evening at a very busy and popular Sydney nightspot was none other than every White Nationalist’s most hated traitor dog John Humpherys.

Regular readers might remember him as ‘machismo’ from the FDB Forum or ‘Neo01’ and ‘Expose’ from Stormfront.

Sadly, Johnny had a touch of the old Alan Bond memory loss syndrome when an old friend recognised him and reminded him of some of the things he has said and done.

Poor little Johnny was a bit unsteady on his feet and ended up on his arse. He banged his head a few times on the way down also. Nasty.

Very luckily for him though some kindly bouncers rescued him and picked him up off the floor.

There were a few tears and he spilled his claret but he should be okay provided he is a little more careful who he bumps into in the future.

UN lucky!

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Really, what are they ON over at FDB?

It’s difficult to determine whether the blasé attitude over at FDB is drug induced, driven by intrinsic arrogance and imbecility or simply contrived chutzpah in the face of the first blasts of a shit storm that will blow them away for ever.

Darp and his Terrorist gangsters can pretend very bad shit isn’t beginning to fall on their heads all they like but it will not alter the ultimate outcome, extinction for this unique class of political thug. They are going down and they had better get used to the idea. Playing at myopic ostriches is just plain stupid.

This from the illiterate Donald Oorst:

duck monster

Remember,remember, the fifth of November

Joined: 14 May 2005

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Posted: Thu Dec 21, 2006 10:29 am

I might just add something as well.


FDB will support you as much as our modus operandi and individual moralitys (sic) permit us, but you gotta (sic) get out there and fight this shit in and with YOUR community.

But take heed, membership of the forum doesnt (sic) mean your (sic) a member of the core. It means your (sic) probably a good friend.

If you havent (sic) been asked, there might be a few reasons

1) Your too young (I realise thats (sic) a bit ageist, but we cant live with getting a 17yo bashed because of our activities)

2) We dont know you well enough (Hanging out on the forum for six months doesnt (sic) mean we know you. It means we know e-you.

3) We dont trust you. Sorry. Theres (sic) a few folks here whos (sic) storys (sic) just dont (sic) pass the background checks.

5) You have used the icon. Only I may use that.

But that doesnt (sic) mean we dont (sic) like you, or we wont (sic) work with you. It just means you cant speak for FDB.


It also doesnt (sic) mean we dont listen. You guys are our mates, and we give a shit what you say.

And dont (sic) use .

Additionally, Darp might think the smearing and slander of a prominent White Nationalist in a National Newspaper was the year’s “Anti-Fa highlight”, a “real corker” and all a bit “jocular” but he is clinically insane if he believed for one micro-second that this was ever going to go un-avenged. It ain’t over ‘til it’s over Darp.

And what sort of victory was it anyway? Nothing was proven, no charges were ever laid, the victim was not dismissed from his job. So what was so “great” about this moment? They got to keep Brian Stokes’ promise of making this person “famous”. So what?

And the lesson from all this? If, and this is a given, FDB members cannot match wits with you either politically or otherwise they will simply attack you and/or your family personally and attempt to destroy your livelihood. Lacking any real evidence, they will nevertheless conspire to construct a case against you.

The following tripe is my favourite so far but doubtless this will be eclipsed soon enough by the king of the clowns himself, Darpy boy.


Joined: 26 Jul 2005

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Posted: Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:18 pm


Just because someone has an account on a forum does not make them a member, or half of FDB would be members of Duke & Black's little Klavern.

Or to put it another way, just because you are a social member of an RSL, does not mean you are entitled to join the sub-branch.

The ability to have an account on this forum is open to the Joe Public, and his dog.

Yes, but then "Joe Public" doesn't conspire with Darp to bash or even murder White Nationalists, does he?

Got it you nazi boneheads?

BTW, the list of the "IN: crowd forgot Agent Gerbil”

‘BANA’ is quite possibly the only person on the entire planet that could understand, let alone believe, this bullshit. He is, like all of the stampeding FDB cowards, missing the most important point. Why has it taken ‘til now (two fucking years) for this lame arsed excuse for a “membership policy” to be trundled out?

Well we all KNOW why, don’t we folks?

The pressure's on.

Face the facts BANA, you fucktard, and stop lying. Kaaos_af and Rollo are and were every bit a part of FDB as you and Darp and assisted Darp in his plans to commit serious crimes of violence.

One last thing you FDB deadshits. Try Googling up Revolutionary Left and you will see the future. YOUR future. They were ten times bigger than you and Whitelaw Towers delivered them oblivion.

What are YOUR odds?

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Whoops! Oh Lordy. Where is Revolutionary Left?

‘tain’t there anymore. No siree!

Surely old Victor and his comrades couldn’t possibly be responsible for an entire Global Anarchist Criminal network shitting their britches and pulling their site!

Could they?

Ho! Ho! Ho!

And it’s a Merry WHITE Christmas to one and all…

Maps can be very useful things

No Quarter

No doubt many White Nationalists will feel some discomfort at the manner in which the Whitelaw Towers staff made the decision to infiltrate and expose the Queensland Anarchist Movement and its direct connections to the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang. The very underhanded tactics themselves are anathema to White Men who normally take on their adversaries face to face with courage and honour.

Unfortunately this struggle with Fight Dem Back and their associates has never been fought along conventional political lines but rather, at Mathew Henderson-Hau’s own initiation, it has been based totally on personal smear, so-called “name and shame” and dis-employment tactics. To use a sporting analogy, they play the Man and not the ball.

One of the most resilient myths that was created by, and has persisted among, the Leftists is that the White Nationalists started the practice of identifying their political enemies and broadcasting their details. This is an absolute lie. While some groups, such as ‘Redwatch’ in the U.K. might have done this, and this writer has no way of knowing for certain, it is definitely the case that here in Australia it was the Left, and FDB in particular, that initiated the trend just over two years ago. The White Nationalists have merely been forced to fight fire with fire through the mirroring of the Left’s tactics.

Being abject cowards these Reds have no concept of honour. Some White Nationalists foolishly approached this conflict like a Man employing Queensbury rules in a barroom brawl, putting themselves at an immediate and devastating disadvantage. Unlike White Nationalists who are inherently honourable and fair these Leftist creatures are utterly without compassion and their hatred of anything representing decency and normalcy is without bounds.

The Left has shown itself over these past two years or so to have a reckless disregard for so-called collateral damage. The livelihoods of good, decent, law abiding and tax paying White Australian Men have been targeted with the specific intent to cause hardship to them, their dependents and their loved ones. There can be no justification for this disgusting tactic and any claims to be “acting in the public interest” or to “protect the community” are deliberately contrived lies intended to mislead and divert attention from their own criminal activities.

In some cases even the spouses of certain White Nationalists have been named on the Internet regardless of their total non involvement in politics, children have been mentioned, though thankfully not named and companies employing White Nationalists have been vilified in an obvious attempt to intimidate and stampede them into sacking their employees to avoid the unwanted “fame” and “controversy”.

Before the actions of Whitelaw Towers are judged too harshly I urge all White Nationalists to remind themselves of the sheer vitriolic hatred and viciousness with which we ourselves have been pursued. While on one level it might appear tempting to cut them some slack due to their tender years and obvious naivety one must realise these little cowards such as ‘kaaos_af’ and ‘Rollo’ will grow up to be bigger and more dangerous cowards.

On the question of mercy, so far as this writer is concerned, quite simply, there will be none. There will be none because for the White Race to survive there can be none. We are locked in a struggle with an enemy for whom compromise is an alien concept. There can be no deals because they cannot be trusted.

It is only natural and perfectly understandable for those White Nationalists with children of their own to feel a certain degree of compassion or even pity for some of the youngest Anarchists and Communists and to make allowances for their behaviour. They are young and are simply showing the natural propensity for youth to “rage against the machine”. This empathy is however dangerously misplaced and wasted upon these particularly nasty types who have displayed not a shred of common decency themselves. They are moral damage cases who channel their hatred into anti-social behaviour.

What might appear to some as simply crude, tit for tat, revenge motivated by bitterness and a sense of vendetta is really the righteous dispensation of justice in the true sense of the word. This is the first phase, with more to follow, in the lengthy process of bringing these deviant and perverted sociopaths to book for their crimes. There will be no respite from this campaign until every last one of the Fight Dem Back Criminal activists and their supporters are exposed along with the full details of their crimes. This writer will not take another backward step until their all Websites are shut down and their membership prosecuted and gaoled. Take that as a mission statement.

Ultimately, this is but one small, though quite significant, victory on the road to total vindication for the White Nationalists. They will not be resting on their laurels but rather, taking heart from this success, will pursue the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gangsters with renewed fervour.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

The Story Of kaaos_af

“I can almost taste it. It’s the need to see you die.”
‘Sweet Revenge’ by Motörhead

The story (or at least some of it) behind Fight Dem Back member Tom Morrison aka ‘kaaos_af’

Firstly, the Whitelaw Towers staff can now reveal that ‘kaaos_af’ has been a “person of interest” to the Queensland Police for some time and has been subject to discrete, low level surveillance. But recently, thanks to the heroic work of our agents in the field, the Police were provided with the final bits of evidence they needed to pass the case along to the Feds and nail the little prick.

Congratulations to all those involved, and we wish we could put your names up in lights for your Patriotic service to the security of this great nation, but sadly for the physical safety of you and your loved ones you must remain anonymous. Thank you again you are truly great White Men.

Even the name ‘KAAOS’ itself has some quite sinister connotations. Although it appears to come from an online computer game and/or a Finnish Punk band, take your pick, it has also been appropriated by more than one Anarchist. In Anarchist circles it is also a well known acronym that stands for “Killing As An Organised Sport”. Couple that with the ‘AF’ or “Anti-Fascist” part of the name and you have “Killing As An Organised Sport Anti Fascist”, quite a mouthful as a moniker but also very revealing as to the actual intent of the user.

Of course, all these Anarchist activists like to think they’re really tough and “hardcore”, despite the inconvenient reality that most are pencil necked geeks who can barely make it out of their own bedrooms, so they select macho sounding pseudonyms intended to gain credibility on the street.

However, ‘kaaos_af’ the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang member though appears to be a little closer to the real thing and our monitoring and observation of him over many months has revealed a very nasty piece of work with true potential for extreme violence. Of course he is, like all Leftists, an abject coward. For example, even the briefest study of Darp’s C.V. reveals he is one of the worst cowards one could ever encounter and ‘kaaos_af” could almost be his brother.

What sets ‘Darp’, ‘Weezil’, ‘kaaos_af’ and some of the other so-called “core FDB” members apart from the bulk of the hangers-on is their willingness to actually go ahead and DO some of the violence they often threaten over the Internet. These fellas will actually tear themselves away from their keyboards occasionally and go out to cause real trouble for the White Australian community.

Now many reading this will think “So what? They’re just kids acting hard.” but what should be remembered is that people like ‘kaaos_af’ are members of an Anti-Australian group (Fight Dem Back) that purports to hold the high moral ground by preaching cooperation, love, unity etc and most importantly of all…NON-violence!

Many White Nationalist groups have commented about the blatant hypocrisy of Fight Dem Back yet strangely they still appear to hold some degree of credibility among certain sections of the Media. These latest revelations regarding ‘kaaos_af’ and his cadre of violent Anarchists working closely with the Fight Dem Back Criminal Gang should shake a few people’s faith in Mathew Henderson-Hau AKA ‘Darp’ and his entire reputation as a non-violent so-called “Anti-Racist”.

‘kaaos_af’s profile on the ‘Revolutionary Left’ Forum Site claims he is part of a Queensland based group called the ‘Direct Action Collective’ Red and Anarchist Action Network. Among some of his boastful claims is that he and members of this group “broke up a meeting” of National Bolshevists!

‘Kaaos_af’ is also the main fundraiser and logistics manager of the so-called “White Overall Brigade”, those stinking wasters in boiler suits and black balaclavas who recently assaulted Victorian Police and extensively vandalised Public infrastructure supplied by the Australian Taxpayer. Yeah, goodonya lads! He was the one responsible for getting this crew to these recent G20 protests in Melbourne.

Of course most of the funding comes from the International Socialist Network whose money trail leads straight back, via the Chosenites, to the offices of International Finance, the very forces these twits purport to be struggling against. Can everyone say “Useful Idiots!” Whitelaw Towers will have more to reveal about the money trail later, so stay tuned. There will be some very red faces in the so-called respectable establishment by the time we have done with this project.

‘kaaos_af’ and his motley crew of misfits are blissfully unaware of the irony of a group that maintains a vegan diet because they are opposed to killing animals yet freely plan to kill any Humans who oppose their sick and twisted political ideology. They are also opposed to regular bathing and other matters of personal hygiene.

Mr. Tom Morrison can be found at:

** W******** T******
Dutton Park
QLD 4102

Whitelaw Towers will ‘fill in the blanks’ for any interested Law Enforcement agency. It’s all part of our dedication to community service.

His birthday is 1st January 1988

(A photograph will follow shortly. So stay tuned.)

His known associates include Fight Dem Back members ‘Rollo’and ‘Raz’ and known Rev Left maniac Anarchists Subcal and chimx. There will be revealing exposés released on these and other lucky members also just as soon as certain things are verified.

More background info on kaaos_af.

Here he introduces himself on the Australian Anarchy Bulletin Site of which Fight Dem Back’s Andrew Morgan aka @ndy & Slackbastard, Aketus and Donald ‘duckmonster’ Oorst are founding members…

kaaos_afJoined: 02 Aug 2006Posts: 2

Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 1:51 am Post subject:

Hi, I'm from the Direct Action Collective in Brisbane. We are still in the process of forming with a meeting planned for early September to finally get the show on the road. Riko's getting a website together, so you'll be able to read more into our aims once that's up, but at the moment, we stand for, among other things: -having Brisbane permanently re-declared a nuclear-free zone. This may be difficult, as Brisbane Port is sometimes used by warships powered by nuclear reactors and the fact that ports come under the authority of the Federal Government. -ending the City Council's attacks on the Murri community. -ending the City Council's attacks on the homeless. -stopping the use of Brisbane Port by various navies. Earlier this year, we had the USS Ronald Reagan, the world's largest aircraft carrier possibly carrying DU warheads. There have been several warships since, with what I believe is a Taiwanese warship in currently. -shutting down Brisbane arms manufacturers Metal Storm. Metal Storm is developing high-tech weapons, some capable of firing as many as a million bullets a minute, for groups such as the Australian Defence Force and the United States Army. -monitoring Neo-Nazi organisations, such as the Patriotic Youth League, springing up in Brisbane. -assisting in the united left and union effort against the government's attacks on worker's and student's rights. -initiating or assisting efforts to build grassrooots democracy and resistance. -overthrowing the capitalist system and creating a free and equal society

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From the RevolutionaryLeft.Com Forum:


Posted on: November 20, 2006 12:04 pm

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Can a mod please delete all posts concerning ///// Sorry guys, but from what I understand it's extreme security culture in Vic and anything that could allow the cops to identify anyone has to be gotten rid of.He's fine don't worry

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Australia & New Zealand (Pages 1 2 3 ...28 )


Posted on: November 29, 2006 09:06 am

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Jeeeeses christ, BD, sorry to sound like Comrade Chairman MLS, but you have any idea just how illegal squats are in QLD? They have a whole police taskforce to crack down on them! Don't even write what suburb they're in!! Sorry dude, but seriosuly, everyone needs to think security culture.

Forum: Introductions · Post Preview: #1292217925

It’s a real shame he didn’t take his own advice.

Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!


And the loser of the year is?

Who’s going straight to gaol and not collecting two hundred dollars?

Folks, let’s hear a big round of applause as we introduce…


Man of Mystery no more.

Yes folks, senior Fight Dem Back member ‘Kaaos_af’ will be the first of their filthy crew to be taken out and shut down for good. Forever. The staff at Whitelaw Towers will see to it that he never engages in violent behaviour towards members of the Australian White Patriot scene again.

For many months now the staff at Whitelaw Towers have been busying themselves getting invited to all types of Fight Dem Back and so-called ‘Anti-Fa’ gigs and meetings. In fact it has become a bit of a sport for some. In the coming months we will reveal these extremely violent and Anti-Australian Terrorists for what they truly are.

Staff at Whitelaw Towers will also fully cooperate with the Australian Law Enforcement agencies and the Media to finally, and totally, expose Mathew Henderson-Hau and other members of Fight Dem Back.

As far back as July 2005 Whitelaw Towers initiated deep cover operations to expose the so-called ‘Anti-Fa’ group known as Fight Dem Back. Following a rash of false news articles invented by Fight Dem Back to silence the Patriotic voice of Australians, it was decided enough was enough and several Whitelaw operatives were inserted deep behind enemy lines.

Some of the information you will read over the coming months may raise serious emotions amongst the White Nationalist scene. Plans of violent attacks against White Nationalists were, and still are intended to be, the main tool used by these vicious thugs to silence us.

Fight Dem Back’s main role in this is mainly one of “information sharing”. Yes folks, you didn’t really think they just handed over information exclusively to the Media now, did you? The other role of Fight Dem Back was to keep ASIO and the Australian Federal Police busy and wasting their already overstretched Taxpayer funded resources tracking down and chasing innocent people while the Anarchist operations could move forward with impunity. Basically, they have been “running decoy” for some of the nastiest and most violent criminals in the Australian political scene, people even worse than themselves.

The sheer amount of information collected by the Whitelaw operatives out in the field is truly staggering and the massive task of processing it all into legible reports is still underway. The implications of these covert operations by Whitelaw Towers have not been underestimated. We expect to be shown no mercy by groups such as Fight Dem Back. But now that we have seen what the Anti-Australian ‘Anti-Fa’ have planned for us, we are fully prepared and our consciences are clear.

‘Kaaos_af’ the Fight Dem Back Anarchist, Mr. Tom Morrison of Dutton Park Brisbane to be precise, has been chosen to be the first cab off the rank. Why you ask? This man is a clear risk to White Nationalists and to all Patriotic Australians in general. He is the ring leader of ‘Direct Action’ a Marxist ‘Anti-Fa’ criminal gang. He is also a senior member of Fight Dem Back who has worked closely with Mathew Henderson-Hau on more than one so-called “fun” projects.

Mr. Morrison has various plans for White Nationalists in Queensland, included in these plans will be what he terms as “KKK hunting trips” to Crows Nest Queensland. Yes folks, the old Fight Dem Back “information sharing” has no bounds. As many readers know, the intended victim of this “hunting party” has no connection to the KKK whatsoever bar the one Fight Dem Back itself has invented. For a clear link of this information sharing one only needs to look into the membership list at Fight Dem Back. Mr. Morrison is very well known to Mathew Henderson-Hau, very well known indeed.

In the past months Mr. Morrison also wanted to attack a peaceful meeting in the Roma Street Parklands. He also openly admits to stalking Australian citizens and collecting photographs of White Patriots!

Here is what he has to say about it:

Posted on: June 15, 2006 08:15 am
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Telegram me if you're in Brisbane (or interested in linking up efforts in other cities) and want to get involved in antifa actions. We already are planning some initial steps.

Forum: Anti-Fascism · Post Preview: #1292089853
Posted on: June 15, 2006 08:13 am
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In the wake of the Cronulla Riots, the Nazis are becoming a great deal more confident. I don't know about others down south, but I'll give a quick idea of what's going down in Brisbane. A week after the Cronulla Riots, 30 fascists met in Anzac Square, carrying Eureka Stockade and Australian flags. I only found out the day before, and stupidly turned up in my usual clothes (Nausea shirt, patched and studded jack with mohawk , so I couldn't get close and take photos (in any case, I only had a disposable camera, so I couldn't get close-ups). I managed to take a photo of one when he walked past a subway entrance I was hiding in- the usual sort- beefy, with orange moustache, ian Sturt shirt and a third reich flag on a baseball cap w/ celtic cross instead of a swastika. I'll post this photo sometime when I have the film developed.

Forum: Anti-Fascism · Post Preview: #1292089852

Posted on: June 15, 2006 09:28 am
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I was just wondering- we plan to have a website for this new group, with the faces of these fascists on it. I was wondering if anyone knows and free website services that would allow me to put peoples faces on them. Also, does anyone know if there is some law in this country prohibiting us from doing that?

Forum: Anti-Fascism · Post Preview: #1292089882

His intentions on what he was going to do with these pictures are clear. But as we have already said it is more than likely they did not go ahead with this because they did not want to tip off the intended victims.

‘Direct Action’, the group formed by Mr. Morrison, also tried to intimidate a White Nationalist’s meeting at Roma Street with threats of throwing firebombs, he was also present when a group of Muslims threatened violence against these people in Roma Street.

Posted on: July 03, 2006 09:03 am
Nazis at Stormfront have noticed Yeah- they're right- I do feel like a tosser hiding in the hedge to watch a fuckin barbie... (what a waste of time!) Let's hope you feel all 'warm and fuzzy' when I blow you to bits with a 'martini, shaken not stirred' instead of hiding... if you get what I mean Nah man- cider/beer punx all the way. I don't drink that shit. Rollo- you there? someone else (Socialist Alternative maybe ??) was watching 'em but was running all over the place like a fuckin' idiot- I was blown out he wasn't spotted. That you? We should meet or something.
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Posted on: July 31, 2006 08:36 am
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We have been called red thugs by the Nazis! Good heavens! This has been brought on by my 'threats' to 'firebomb these people for attending the BBQ!' guys, if it's this easy to scare the Nazis, why are we so worried???

Forum: Anti-Fascism · Post Preview: #1292129319

Sorry Mr. Morrison, all you did was foolishly OUT yourself. Not too smart at all buddy. You will now have to answer to the Australian authorities for this, that we can absolutely guarantee.

So what was Mr. Morrison doing when the gang of Muslim thugs threatened the lads at Roma Street?

Posted on: September 11, 2006 04:24 pm
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Yeah, I was watching, it was funny. I was chatting with some hip-hop dude who was absolutely freaked out cos the nazis had caught him taping them and he'd had to leg it real fast when we heard some shouting up where they were a-BBQ'ing. So we headed back and there was a bunch of Muslim blokes, all geared up in proper Muslim dress, shouting at the Nazis, who packed up and left in a hurry. The Muslims pissed off after them, so this hip-hop bloke and i nicked the Nazi's beer and tattoo magazines and headed off back to mine. O yeh- had a chat with the Muslims shortly before they went off after the Nazis or away from the cops- i thought they were about to bash me too- they were out for bllod and my head's shaved too they must've thought I was fascisti, but they cool'd down and laughed when I congratulated em for pissing the Nazis off. Of course they denied everything- 'naa man, we're just here to have a BBQ' oooooh yeah....

Forum: Chit Chat · Post Preview: #1292164059

Thank you Mr. Morrison you have given the Australian authorities all they need. Sorry if we do not see the humour in this. I guess you will not either. So here we have it, the Fight Dem Back connections with Muslims and ‘Direct Action’. This little episode caused a lot of eyebrow raising in the Australian Intelligence agencies I bet. I also bet they will want to talk to some FDB’ers again about this stunning admission.

And if you are looking for a perfect example of Fight Dem Back ‘Anti-Fa’ B.S. ops, this example is a beauty. Many will recall the hysteria about the KKK and the local Aborigines in Lismore. Well what do know? Looks like the Fight Dem Back thunder machine has created yet another wild goose chase for the Feds. Fight Dem Back reported this widely. Funny how no one from the White Nationalist scene knows anything about these claims except from what Fight Dem Back has said. Old Mathew Henderson-Hau though has said on the Fight Dem Back site that he is aware of a Stormfront user that comes from Lismore way. Yep, another set up in action.

Coincidence? I truly think not. Read on:

Posted on: October 03, 2006 03:52 pm
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If you're in northern NSW near the QLD border, there's loads going on in Brisbane. I think the communists in the DSP are running an operation is Lismore as well.

Forum: Practice · Post Preview: #1292179855

Yes, I bet they are. Just like the operations in Toowoomba and Cronulla.

Mr. Morrison was a member of ‘Class War’ a notorious international Terrorist organisation. This Anti-Australian hate group that was involved in the Macquarie Fields riots is also well known to Mathew Henderson-Hau. He even personally drove across Sydney at the height of the riots to make contact with its leadership and was furious when he was turned away at the Police cordon. His links to this group and Muslim thugs in Brisbane is a serious threat to the safety of all Patriotic Australians. In Mr. Morrison’s eyes all forms of Patriotism is “Fascism”. This he has sworn to destroy.

Posted on: October 30, 2006 04:19 pm
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Reminds me of at the pub the other night. I was wearing my class war hoodie and some old fart harassed me "rah rah rah, you're too young to understand any of this blaa blaa" kept going on and on til my 40 year old mate arrived wearing his bomber jacket with the big "we have found new homes for the rich" class war logo on the back.

Forum: Trashcan · Post Preview: #1292197456

This is merely the beginning of the end for Mr. Morrison. No point pleading with Rev Left or any other forum you belong to Morry to remove the posts. We have it all. It’s all archived in digital and printed formats. It is now simply all evidence. If you, and others who are about to become famous, want to blame someone you best go talk to Mathew Henderson-Hau. You’ll find him hiding in his mum’s house in Eastwood NSW. How will you all feel knowing that it was all started over one man’s (Mathew Henderson-Hau) sick way of having his ego massaged?

Much, much, much more to come...